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How To Talk To Humans

Autore: Chad T. Dyar
ISBN: 9781944313005
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There is one common thread that runs through the rich tapestry of humanity: the need to communicate. "How to Talk to Humans" is a down-to-earth account that traverses the unique past of Chad T. Dyar, from his boundless creativity as a man of Opera, to his innovative and analytical techniques in the ever-emerging sales industry. This book focuses on specific communication styles and methodology to build stronger relationships with individuals in both the personal and professional world. Chad's attention to emotional articulation and motivation hints of authors who have influenced him: namely Dr. Travis Bradbury and Jeffrey Gitomer.

The Buildings Of Main Street

Autore: Richard W. Longstreth
Editore: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780742502796
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This introduction to intepreting commercial architectural style presents a survey of commercial architecture in Urban America. The author has developed a typology of architectural classification for commercial application in American towns across the United States.

Handbook Of Knowledge Representation

Autore: Frank van Harmelen
Editore: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080557021
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Handbook of Knowledge Representation describes the essential foundations of Knowledge Representation, which lies at the core of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The book provides an up-to-date review of twenty-five key topics in knowledge representation, written by the leaders of each field. It includes a tutorial background and cutting-edge developments, as well as applications of Knowledge Representation in a variety of AI systems. This handbook is organized into three parts. Part I deals with general methods in Knowledge Representation and reasoning and covers such topics as classical logic in Knowledge Representation; satisfiability solvers; description logics; constraint programming; conceptual graphs; nonmonotonic reasoning; model-based problem solving; and Bayesian networks. Part II focuses on classes of knowledge and specialized representations, with chapters on temporal representation and reasoning; spatial and physical reasoning; reasoning about knowledge and belief; temporal action logics; and nonmonotonic causal logic. Part III discusses Knowledge Representation in applications such as question answering; the semantic web; automated planning; cognitive robotics; multi-agent systems; and knowledge engineering. This book is an essential resource for graduate students, researchers, and practitioners in knowledge representation and AI. * Make your computer smarter * Handle qualitative and uncertain information * Improve computational tractability to solve your problems easily

Gold And Silver In Oregon

Autore: Howard C. Brooks
ISBN: 9780984369881
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Vista: 1967
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Gold and Silver in Oregon is the de facto standard on Gold and Silver Mining in Oregon. This rare book was originally published in 1968 by the State of Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Resources and is now back in print from The book breaks the state of Oregon's Gold and Silver Deposits into two parts: Eastern and Western. In depth history is provided on the locations along with numerous maps showing locations of the deposits and mines, schematics on the mines, production histories, geology, and more. Over 300 pages packed full of information.

Selected Mining Districts Of Utah

Autore: Carl L. Ege
Editore: Utah Geological Survey
ISBN: 1557917264
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Whether you are a geologist, history buff, or rockhound, this booklet will be a helpful guide to Utah?s mining districts. The booklet is divided up into three parts: the first part provides general information on what a mining district is, how many mining districts are in Utah, types of mineral deposits found at these districts, and landownership issues. The second part includes individual mining-district discussions containing information on location, production, history, geology, mineralogy, and current/future operations. The third part includes a glossary of geologic terms and other useful resources in the appendices, such as a descriptive list of minerals found in the districts, geologic time scale, and a list of mineral resources of the mining districts.

Rewas 2013

Autore: Anne Kvithyld
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 3319487639
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This volume compiles topics from the REWAS 2013 symposium at the TMS Annual Meeting, focusing on different aspects of sustainability. It discusses how to realize sustainability in such areas as transportation, the built environment, electrical and electronic equipment and infrastructure, energy production, and water systems. Enabling sustainability topics include the use of metals and materials processing, recycling and recovery, as well as process design and modeling. The book focuses on understanding sustainability through life cycle management and analysis, systems modeling and design, and education and consumer awareness.

Bicycling For Fitness

Autore: Gustav Mark Gedatus
Editore: Capstone
ISBN: 9780736807050
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Discusses the health benefits of bicycling as part of a fitness program, and provides information on equipment, techniques, and safety.

Acoustic Properties

Autore: Tom McEnaney
Editore: Northwestern University Press
ISBN: 081013540X
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Vista: 1855
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Acoustic Properties: Radio, Narrative, and the New Neighborhood of the Americas discovers the prehistory of wireless culture. It examines both the coevolution of radio and the novel in Argentina, Cuba, and the United States from the early 1930s to the late 1960s, and the various populist political climates in which the emerging medium of radio became the chosen means to produce the voice of the people. Based on original archival research in Buenos Aires, Havana, Paris, and the United States, the book develops a literary media theory that understands sound as a transmedial phenomenon and radio as a transnational medium. Analyzing the construction of new social and political relations in the wake of the United States’ 1930s Good Neighbor Policy, Acoustic Properties challenges standard narratives of hemispheric influence through new readings of Richard Wright’s cinematic work in Argentina, Severo Sarduy’s radio plays in France, and novels by John Dos Passos, Manuel Puig, Raymond Chandler, and Carson McCullers. Alongside these writers, the book also explores Che Guevara and Fidel Castro’s Radio Rebelde, FDR’s fireside chats, Félix Caignet’s invention of the radionovela in Cuba, Evita Perón’s populist melodramas in Argentina, Orson Welles’s experimental New Deal radio, Cuban and U.S. “radio wars,” and the 1960s African American activist Robert F. Williams’s proto–black power Radio Free Dixie. From the doldrums of the Great Depression to the tumult of the Cuban Revolution, Acoustic Properties illuminates how novelists in the radio age converted writing into a practice of listening, transforming realism as they struggled to channel and shape popular power.