Mapa Plastificado U S A Pol Tico

Autore: Michelin Travel Publications
ISBN: 9782061011324
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An annually updated political map of the USA. Beautifully colored. Rolled and tubed, with statistical information including population, surface area, state capital, (40 x 50). Highlights the flags of each state. Scale: 1/3,850,000 - 1cm = 38.5km - 1in = 55 miles. Legend/Key in three languages (English, French, Spanish). Laminated for durable use.

Death In Sardinia

Autore: Marco Vichi
Editore: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480447943
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Florence, 1965. A man is found murdered, a pair of scissors stuck through his throat. Only one thing is known about him—he was a loan shark, who ruined and blackmailed the vulnerable men and women who would come to him for help. Inspector Bordelli prepares to launch a murder investigation. But the case will be a tough one for him, arousing mixed emotions: the desire for justice conflicting with a deep hostility for the victim. And he is missing his young police sidekick, Piras, who is convalescing at his parents’ home in Sardinia. But Piras hasn’t been recuperating for long before he too has a mysterious death to death with . . .

Miami Blues

Autore: Charles Willeford
Editore: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
ISBN: 0307488217
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After a brutal day investigating a quadruple homicide, Detective Hoke Moseley settles into his room at the un-illustrious El Dorado Hotel and nurses a glass of brandy. With his guard down, he doesn’t think twice when he hears a knock on the door. The next day, he finds himself in the hospital, badly bruised and with his jaw wired shut. He thinks back over ten years of cases wondering who would want to beat him into unconsciousness, steal his gun and badge, and most importantly, make off with his prized dentures. But the pieces never quite add up to revenge, and the few clues he has keep connecting to a dimwitted hooker, and her ex-con boyfriend and the bizarre murder of a Hare Krishna pimp. Chronically depressed, constantly strapped for money, always willing to bend the rules a bit, Hoke Moseley is hardly what you think of as the perfect cop, but he is one of the the greatest detective creations of all time. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Hard News

Autore: Jeffery Deaver
Editore: Bantam
ISBN: 9780307569592
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Rune is an aspiring filmmaker with more ambition than political savvy, paying her dues as an assistant cameraperson for the local news. But she's got her eyes on the prize, the network's hot newsmagazine, Current Events -- and she's got the story she knows will get her there. Poking around in the video archives, Rune spots a taped interview with Randy Boggs, who's doing hard time in Attica for a murder he claims he didn't commit. Rune can't say exactly why, but she's sure he's innocent. If she can prove it, Current Events won't merely report the news, it'll make news -- and Rune's career. But what she could be writing is Randy Boggs's epitaph -- and her own. Rune's newly discovered witness soon turns up dead. A hit man from Miami is on Rune's trail, and Boggs is finding prison even more dangerous than before. Someone wants this story killed, and it could be the girl with the camera who ends up on the cutting room floor. From the Paperback edition.

Sad Sister

Autore: Florence Dugas
Editore: Masquerade Books
ISBN: 9781584190004
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First published in France in 1996, Dolorosa soror (Sad Sister), a novel Le Monde called "luminously savage in its beauty, " turned its author, Florence Dugas, into an overnight sensation and focused popular attention on the rebirth of French erotica. The semi-autobiographical story of a sadomasochistic love triangle (between two university students, Florence and Nathalie, and a professor, J.P.) gone awry, Dolorosa soror is the most significant book since Story of O. Compelling descriptions of explicit sex are integrated into a narrative that is smart, meditative, and uncompromising.

Homecoming Ranch

Autore: Julia London
ISBN: 9781611099577
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"After a lonely childhood with an irrespnosible mother, Madeline Pruett unexpectedly inherits a high altitude cattle ranch. Whe Maddie arrives at the ranch, she discovers there are another three inheritors -- her two unknown sisters, and Luke Kendrick, son of her father's partner, and a ruggedly handsome but unpredictable man.

Lebootcamp Diet

Autore: Valerie Orsoni
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 0698191560
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THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER! Valerie Orsoni's French diet sensation comes to America! Discover the food and fitness plan that's changed over a million lives...delicious recipes included. DETOX/ATTACK/MAINTENANCE After a lifetime of insane regimens, weight fluctuations, and feeling utterly demoralized, Valerie Orsoni had enough of the diet scene. She wanted a way to shed pounds, become healthy, and keep to the great French tradition of enjoying food--and enjoying life. The result? A groundbreaking diet plan that, to date, has more than one million members in 38 countries—and counting! Orsoni’s plan, Le Bootcamp, is based on four simple tenets: • Gourmet Nutrition—A long, healthy life can be achieved while eating tasty, tempting meals and snacks from all food groups. • Easy Fitness—A program that will get your heart pumping, your blood flowing, and your muscles moving without having to block hours out of your busy day. • Motivation—Proven techniques to keep you from getting down and help you stay on track. • Stress and Sleep Management—Bringing both the body and mind into harmony to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and even trim down belly fat. Getting fit doesn’t mean a lifetime of deprivation and misery. With the right tools, any food, activity, and lifestyle can be transformed into a healthy one—and Valerie Orsoni can show you how. From the Hardcover edition.

Practice Tests For Igcse In Esl

Autore: Marian Barry
ISBN: 9781873630242
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The Army Of Lost Rivers

Autore: Carlo Sgorlon
Editore: Italica Pr
ISBN: 9780934977623
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A town in World War II Italy receives a shock upon the arrival of a division of Cossack troops. The experience of the inhabitants with these wild allies of the Germans is seen through the eyes of a woman whose villa is requisitioned by their commander. By the author of The Wooden Throne.