Il Tassone Vocabolario Del Lessico Di Candidoni

ISBN: 024496002X
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The Languages Of Politics La Politique Et Ses Langages Volume 2

Autore: Marta Degani
Editore: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443857297
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The Languages of Politics/La politique et ses langages provides a multifaceted view of major approaches to the study of political discourse from an interdisciplinary perspective. To date, most contributions to the analysis of political discourse have come from the fields of rhetoric, (critical) discourse analysis, cognitive linguistics, pragmatics, lexicology, lexicography, and, more recently, multimodal discourse analysis. The papers in this volume build their investigations on these perspectives, and provide new and diversified insights into this vast area of research. Besides considering multiple approaches, the book also adds to the current debate on the languages of politics by combining a range of theoretical and methodological considerations, and by featuring contributions in both English and French.

Pseudo English

Autore: Cristiano Furiassi
Editore: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 1501500236
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This volume focuses on how English, through false Anglicisms, influences several European languages, including Italian, Spanish, French, German, Danish and Norwegian. Studies on false Gallicisms are also included, thus showing how English may be affected by false borrowings.

Colour And Colour Naming Crosslinguistic Approaches

Autore: João Paulo Silvestre
Editore: Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa / Universidade de Aveiro
ISBN: 9899866628
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The Colour and Colour Naming conference, held in 2015 at the University of Lisbon, offered a chance to explore colour naming processes from a cross-linguistic approach. The conference was an initiative of the working group Lexicography And Lexicology from a Pan-European Perspective, itself part of the COST action European Network of Lexicography. The working group investigates the various ways by which vocabularies of European languages can be represented in dictionaries and how existing information from single language dictionaries can be displayed and interlinked to better communicate their common European heritage. The proceedings gather together a selection of studies originally presented at the conference. The first section of the volume outlines a Pan-European perspective of colour names; the second section is devoted to the categorisation and lexicographic description of colour terms.

Lo Zingarelli 2017

Autore: Nicola Zingarelli
ISBN: 9788808601476
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Dictionaries An International Encyclopedia Of Lexicography

Autore: Rufus Gouws
Editore: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110238136
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The basis for this additional volume are the three volumes of the handbooks Dictionaries. An International Encyclopedia of Lexicography (HSK 5.1–5.3), published between 1989 and 1991. An updating has been perceived as an important desideratum for a considerable time. In the present Supplementary Volume the premises and subjects of HSK 5.1–5.3 are complemented by new articles that take account of the practice-internal and theoretical developments of the last 15 years. Special attention has been given to the following topics: the status and function of lexicographic reference works, the history of lexicography, the theory of lexicography, lexicographic processes, lexicographic training and lexicographic institutions, new metalexicographic methods, electronic and, especially, computer-assisted lexicography.

Il Devoto Oli 2014

Autore: Giacomo Devoto
ISBN: 9788800500357
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Advances In Italian Dialectology

Autore: Diego Pescarini
Editore: BRILL
ISBN: 9004354395
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This volume is a collection of grammar sketches from several Italo-Romance languages and dialects. Each chapter describes a salient phenomenon for a given language, based on novel data, as well as the state-of-the art knowledge on the phenomenon.

Florence Capital Of The Kingdom Of Italy 1865 71

Autore: Monika Poettinger
Editore: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1350013994
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This edited collection provides the first comprehensive history of Florence as the mid-19th century capital of the fledgling Italian nation. Covering various aspects of politics, economics, culture and society, this book examines the impact that the short-lived experience of becoming the political and administrative centre of the Kingdom of Italy had on the Tuscan city, both immediately and in the years that followed. It reflects upon the urbanising changes that affected the appearance of the city and the introduction of various economic and cultural innovations. The volume also analyses the crisis caused by the eventual relocation of the capital to Rome and the subsequent bankruptcy of the communality which hampered Florence on the long road to modernity. Florence: Capital of the Kingdom of Italy, 1865-71 is a fascinating study for all students and scholars of modern Italian history.

The Many Voices Of Contemporary Piedmontese Writers

Autore: Andrea Raimondi
Editore: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443858420
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What do Cesare Pavese, Beppe Fenoglio and Primo Levi have in common? Apart from their obvious Piedmontese origins, they and other writers coming from this Italian region share a certain tendency towards multilingualism, which is a characteristic that has not been comprehensively investigated over the years. This study presents a linguistic analysis of a group of modern and contemporary narratives written by Piedmontese authors. The novels and short stories here examined are notable for the intriguing way in which they move between a variety of idioms – Standard Italian, regional vernaculars, English and pastiches (with rare excursions into French). With the support of linguistic and philosophical theories on the relation between identity, alterity and language, the book demonstrates how the use of non-standard parlances is fundamental in both reinforcing the sense of belonging to specific social groups and highlighting the presence of dissimilar identities and ‘other’ cultures. A sociolinguistic study and an analysis of the political and historical context of the region are also provided in order to illustrate how the combination of different varieties in literature reflects the region’s peripheral position, as well as the political and social changes that have occurred in Piedmont since the nineteenth century. This book fills a notable gap, and casts new light on Piedmontese literature.