Autore: James Vance Marshall
Editore: New York Review of Books
ISBN: 1590175050
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A plane crashes in the vast Northern Territory of Australia, and the only survivors are two children from Charleston, South Carolina, on their way to visit their uncle in Adelaide. Mary and her younger brother, Peter, set out on foot, lost in the vast, hot Australian outback. They are saved by a chance meeting with an unnamed Aboriginal boy on walkabout. He looks after the two strange white children and shows them how to find food and water in the wilderness, and yet, for all that, Mary is filled with distrust. On the surface Walkabout is an adventure story, but darker themes lie beneath. Peter’s innocent friendship with the boy met in the desert throws into relief Mary’s half-adult anxieties, and the book as a whole raises questions about what is lost—and may be saved—when different worlds meet. And in reading Marshall’s extraordinary evocations of the beautiful yet forbidding landscape of the Australian desert, perhaps the most striking presence of all in this small, perfect book, we realize that this tale—a deep yet disturbing story in the spirit of Adalbert Stifter’s Rock Crystal and Richard Hughes’s A High Wind in Jamaica—is also a reckoning with the mysteriously regenerative powers of death.

Wombat Walkabout

Autore: Carol Diggory Shields
Editore: Dutton Juvenile
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Rhyming text follows six little wombats on walkabout and a hungry dingo following, envisioning them as his lunch until the wombats turn the tables on him.

Gone Boy

Autore: Gregory Gibson
Editore: Anchor
ISBN: 9780385720045
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The father of a murdered eighteen-year-old boy describes the ordeal of his son's death and his research into the culture of violence and incompetence that surrounded the murder. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.

In A Sunburned Country

Autore: Bill Bryson
Editore: Anchor Canada
ISBN: 0385674538
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Deliciously funny, fact-filled and adventurous, In a Sunburned Country takes us on a grand tour of Australia. It's a place where interesting things happen all the time, from a Prime Minister lost — yes, lost — while swimming at sea, to Japanese cult members who may (entirely unnoticed) have set off an atomic bomb on their 500,000 acre property in the great western desert. Australia is the only island that is also a continent, and the only continent that is also a country. Its aboriginal people, a remote and mysterious race with a tragic history, have made it their home for millennia. And despite the fact that it is the most desiccated, infertile and climatically aggressive of all inhabited continents, it teems with life. In fact, Australia has more things that can kill you in extremely nasty ways than anywhere else: sharks, crocodiles, the planet's ten most deadly poisonous snakes, fluffy yet toxic caterpillars, sea shells that actually attack you, and the unbelievable box jellyfish (don't ask). The dangerous riptides of the sea and the sun-baked wastes of the outback both lie in wait for the unwary. Australia is an immense and fortunate land, and it has found in Bill Bryson its perfect guide. In a Sunburned Country offers the best of all possible introductions to what may well be the best of all possible nations. Even with those jellyfish. From the Trade Paperback edition.


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Walkabout Northern California

Autore: Tom Courtney
Editore: Wilderness Press
ISBN: 9780899976594
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Europe is renowned for romantic inn-to-inn vacation opportunities on paths worn by centuries of travelers. Modern-day trekkers can hike the Alps or Southern France, explore the British Isles at three miles an hour, or pilgrimage through Northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela, stopping each night at a hostel or inn. Now adventurers in California are creating a new tradition of multi-day treks from inn to inn in the U.S. Walkabout Northern California: Hiking Inn to Inn describes twelve walks (or "walkabouts") along the wild Pacific Coast, through the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the Cascades and through the parklands around the San Francisco Bay. Each walkabout, organized by individual chapters, contains all the information to create a memorable and invigorating vacation, with a sketch map, recommendations for optional maps, mile-by-mile details of the route, and logistical tips on places to stay and eat. Many trips contain variations for different lengths of time and budgets. With a light daypack and a few reservations, hikers can travel for days on California's breathtaking coastline or in mountain ranges. Each day on a walkabout ends with a comfortable bed, a glass of wine, a good meal and maybe even a hot tub. Some of the hikes can take a week, but many can be enjoyed in a weekend. Some are challenging, but the majority are perfect for the casual hiker. The accommodations for the walkabouts include a B&B perched on the cliffs above the Pacific, a resort on the shore of a Sierra lake, a historic hotel in a coastal village, a hostel in a national park, and a retreat center that soothes the soul.


Autore: Louis Nowra
Editore: Currency Press
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Nicolas Roeg's 'Walkabout' opened world-wide in 1971. It is the story of two white children lost in the Australian Outback. They survive only through the help of an Aboriginal boy who is on walkabout during his initiation into manhood. The film earned itself a unique place in cinematic history and was re-released in 1998. In this illuminating reflection, Louis Nowra, one of Australia's leading dramatists and screenwriters, discusses Australia's iconic sense of the outback; and the peculiar resonance that the story of the lost child has in the Australian psyche. He tells how the film came to be made and how its preoccupations fit into the oeuvre of both its director and cinematographer Nicolas Roeg, and its screenwriter Edward Bond. Nowra identifies the film's distinctive take on a familiar story and its fable-like qualities, while also exploring the film's relationship to Australia and its implications for the English society of its day. He recognises how relevant the film is to the contemporary struggle to try and find common ground between blacks and white.

Walkabout Malibu To Mexico

Autore: Tom Courtney
Editore: BookBaby
ISBN: 0990392619
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Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Leave the car behind and take a walking vacation. Hike from inn-to-inn on the Southern California Coast - a land of sublime swimming beaches, rugged shores with abundant wildlife, inviting seaside villages, great dining, and delightful inns. Walkabout Malibu to Mexico: Hiking Inn to Inn on the Southern California Coast makes it easy to plan and enjoy self-guided inn-to-inn hikes along 200 miles of magnificent coastline from north of L.A. to the border with Mexico. Stroll seductive beaches - Manhattan, Huntington, San Clemente, Carlsbad. Explore wildlife preserves teeming with shorebirds along the Pacific Flyway. Hike the coastal bluffs and rocky shores of isolated Palos Verdes Peninsula. Walk miles of secluded shorelines where your only companions may be migrating whales, pods of dolphins, harbor seals, and sea lions. Discover La Jolla's crystalline coves and pocket beaches. Enjoy the art scene of Laguna; the wild people-watching of Venice Beach; and the nightlife of Santa Monica, Newport Beach, and Coronado. You'll find all the information you need to create a human-powered vacation - a detailed route, transportation information, maps, lodging options with contact information and prices, stories of people and places along the journey, and reviews of restaurants and inns. Explore and savor the Southern California Coast at two miles an hour. Take a walkabout - hiking inn-to-inn.

When We Go Walkabout

Autore: Rhoda Lalara
Editore: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1743314566
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Yirruwa yirrilikenuma-langwa, amiyembena yirrirringka yirruwa? When we go walkabout, what do we see? Up in a tree there is something flapping its wings at us. Duwedirra! Cockatoo! Down in the river we see something staring at us. Dingarrbiya! Crocodile! Back home there is someone waiting for us ... Dungkwarrika! Grandma! A beautiful story for the very young that brings to vivid life the unique world of Groote Eylandt. 'We want our children to hear a story and know where it's come from and where it's travelled.' Rhoda Lalara 'As children we used to go walkabout with our grandmothers and see the animals. Now we take our own kids out.' Alfred Lalara.