Women S Secrets

Autore: Helen Rodnite Lemay
Editore: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791411445
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Women’s Secrets provides the first modern translation of the notorious treatise De secretis mulierum, popular throughout the late middle ages and into modern times. The Secrets deals with human reproduction and was written to instruct celibate medieval monks on the facts of life and some of the ways of the universe. However, the book had a much more far-reaching influence. Lemay shows how its message that women were evil, lascivious creatures built on the misogyny of the work’s Aristotelian sources and laid the groundwork for serious persecution of women. Both the content of the treatise and the reputation of its author (erroneously believed to be Albertus Magnus) inspired a few medieval scholars to compose lengthy commentaries on the text, substantial selections from which are included, providing further evidence of how medieval men interpreted science and viewed the female body.

Women S Secrets

Autore: Jessica M. Houston
ISBN: 9780615951836
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In this book, Dr. Jessica Houston utilizes her past experiences and her passion for helping others to develop a powerful roadmap for women who are seeking to live an extraordinary life. There are issues such as intimate partner violence, child sexual abuse, low self-confidence and depression that affect millions of women daily. However, instead of verbalizing these issues, women are keeping them to themselves and suffering in silence. This book encourages women to stop masking and suppressing their pain. Suppression is not a viable solution, because it does not address the presenting issue at its core. Subsequently, suppression can only serve as a temporary coping mechanism. This book provides an opportunity for women to come to terms with their painful experiences. Moreover, it prompts women to initiate the process of healing and live the victorious life that they were designed to live. After reading this book, women will be empowered to discover and walk in their purpose. Finally, women will be equipped with the knowledge, power, and resources needed to transition from a place of self doubt and pain, to a place of confidence and restoration.

The Little Black Book Of Women S Secrets For Men

Autore: Julia Zed
Editore: Vivid Publishing
ISBN: 0980493471
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"A fifteen minute infusion of essential knowledge for any man who wants to relate better to a woman."--Provided by publisher.

Bountiful Women

Autore: Bonnie Bernell
Editore: Wildcat Canyon Pr
ISBN: 9781885171474
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Offers helpful advice on how larger women can overcome the modern prejudices about weight and beauty to live a fulfilling, satisfying life, presenting strategies for handling such challenges as tight seating on an airline, judgmental comments about one's size, and more. Original.

Women S Secrets Men S Muscles Unveiled

Autore: Harold Schulman
Editore: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595611141
Grandezza: 47,35 MB
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A complex contentious subject laced with humor, literature, and impelling illustrations, from a physician who has spent his life exploring the subject.

Secrets Confidences

Autore: Karen Eng
Editore: Seal Press
ISBN: 9781580051125
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A freelance writer and editor reaches beyond the stereotypes about women's relationships with other women to present their complexities, from young girls using "wealthy" Barbie's to play at being adults, to single adults who navigate through a world that seems bent on procreation. Original.

Sharing Secrets

Autore: Christine Palumbo-DeSimone
Editore: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
ISBN: 9780838638408
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Sharing Secrets asserts that nineteenth-century American women's short fiction cannot be fully understood outside of its cultural context, since the intimate world of women's relationships constituted an implicit body of knowledge that informed both the stories and their reading by a nineteenth-century female audience. While focusing primarily on white, native-born writers such as Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, the book incorporates relevant comparisons between middle-class white women's stories and other women's relationship stories such as African-American and working-class women's tales, presenting a way for today's reader to approach these sometimes puzzling works of short fiction.

Little Women S Secrets

Autore: Live Naturally
Editore: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781544030807
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Little Women's Secrets: Natural And Wholly Homemade Recipes For Body Care Book#1: Essential Oils: 30 Fragrant Summer Body Spray Recipes The origin of most of the essential oils is plants which are aromatic in nature. These plants are having certain types of molecules which are volatile in nature and these molecules then come out with unique fragrance which is an important part of all the aromatic essential oils. That is the reason they are used in making deodorants and body sprays as well. Book#2: Essential Oils: 35 Recipes For Your Beauty + Aromatherapy For Weight Loss In this book, the major focus is to enhance the awareness about the utility of essential oils. These important natural agents serve as the best natural products for catering a number of health related issues. The best quality in these essential oils is that they are free from any kind of artificial addition, thus making them highly useful as well as least impure, at the same time. Being natural, these essential oils possess the highest level of effectiveness in a number of different health and body issues of today's world. Book#3: Essential Oils: 40 Refreshing and Sweet Diffuser Recipes If you are looking for a way that is natural and pure in offering you relief from headaches and allergies, then this book is what you are looking for. It will offer you wonderful recipes that can help to soothe your aches and pains, without resorting to pain killers and other synthetic drugs that are filled with chemicals and many bad side effects. Follow the natural remedies in this book and they will guide you towards the benefits that you are seeking. Book#4: 46 DIY Household Hacks Natural & Homemade Organic Shampoo Recipes for Healthy Hair Why not treat yourself and your hair to some natural homemade organic hair products. Not only can you save your hair, but you can also save a ton of money by making your own hair products. You are going to get wonderful healthy results with your hair by using these natural hair shampoo recipes! Book#5: Homemade Lotions: Say 'Bye' To Dry Skin! 20 Non-Greasy And Fantastically Good Smelling DIY Lotions Having fed you with the knowledge of the signs & symptoms as well as the causes of the dry skin, the author then discusses some of the best natural remedies for the dry skin in chapter three. Some of these include the common aloe vera, avocado oil, ripe banana and milk cream among many others. The natural products are said to have a way of making dry skin softer and suppler. Book#6: Homemade Lotions: Say 'Bye' To Dry Skin! 20 Non-Greasy And Fantastically Good Smelling DIY Lotions This book offers you 30 weight-loss motivational hacks to help you to stick to a diet and fitness program in 7 days. When trying to keep yourself on target of reaching your goals in weight-loss and fitness can be very difficult to stay motivated. We all know that we have experienced this at one time or another in life. Download your E book "Little Women's Secrets: Natural And Wholly Homemade Recipes For Body Care" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!

Woman With A Secret

Autore: Sophie Hannah
Editore: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062388282
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Published in the UK as The Telling Error Lisa Gardner calls it "mesmerizing." Liane Moriarty says it's "unpredictable, unputdownable, and unlike anything you've read before." See for yourself what these #1 New York Times-bestselling authors are talking about. She's a wife. She's a mother. She isn't who you think she is. Nicki Clements has secrets, just like anybody else—secrets she keeps from her children, from her husband, from everyone who knows her. Secrets she shares with only one person: A stranger she's never seen. A person whose voice she's never heard. And then Nicki is arrested for murder. The murder of a man she doesn't know. As a pair of husband-and-wife detectives investigate her every word, and as the media circle like sharks, all Nicki's secrets are laid bare—illusions and deceptions that she has kept up for years. And even the truth might not be enough to save her. For although Nicki isn't guilty of homicide, she's far from innocent. . . . For fans of The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl, and the best of Hitchcock comes an extraordinary thriller—and an extraordinarily unreliable narrator—from an author whose work has been described by Tana French as "like watching a nightmare come to life."

Women Imagination And The Search For Truth In Early Modern France

Autore: Rebecca May Wilkin
Editore: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754661382
Grandezza: 63,56 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Grounded in medical, juridical, and philosophical texts of 16th- and 17th-century France, this study tells the story of how the idea of woman contributed to the emergence of modern science. It challenges scholars to revise deeply held notions regarding the place of women in the early modern search for truth.