Youthful Memories

Autore: Helen J. Bradberry
Editore: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781450258180
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The book begins before my birth in 1942, during World War II on my Dad’s farm in Borden County Texas. We moved many times during the first eighteen years of my life. My family and I have gone through many hardships during those years. We were very poor but did not know it in our younger years. Everyone we encountered was in a similar situation. We soon found out when we started to school. I started to school on a cold winter day in November, 1948. My brothers Richard, Ray and I had to walk a mile to catch the bus. I have never forgotten how cold my hands and feet were when the bus finally arrived. It seemed like hours but it was probably ten or fifteen minutes. Starting late to school was the normal, because farm children had to pick the cotton before winter set in. I never heard of any parents getting into trouble for keeping the children out of school so long. I know Mom and Dad didn’t. We moved five times between 1948 and 1957. We moved to Roswell, New Mexico in 1954. We were fortunate to move within the same school district so we did not have to change schools the next three years. I graduated from the eighth grade in 1957 from Berrendo School. In September I started to North Junior High School my freshman year in Roswell. The first time I went to a city school. The next year I went on to Roswell Senior High School. My dad gave up on farming and worked in a service station in Lake Arthur the next two years. I stayed in Roswell with my three brothers living in a trailer house. My oldest brother JW sold the trailer and married his girl friend Betty in 1959. My mom, two brothers, Richard and Ray, two sisters, Mary Jo and Annie and I moved into a house next door to JW and Betty. My Mother baby sat Betty’s’ two children. I took on clothes ironing jobs, so I would have money for school supplies and spending money. I did not change schools again. However, I did not graduate with my class in 1961. I took a correspondent course and received my diploma and immediately I had to go to work. I worked at a bakery for the next year. I loved to read. I read library books from the time I learned to read. In my younger years I read all to the Canterbury Tales. I enjoyed telling stories to my two little sisters from the books I read. I taught them the nursery rhymes. I told them stories of the many incidents that happened during the moves from three states to the different farms we moved to. I am blessed with two sons. My oldest sons, David Bradberry ask me several times to write down the story of my life growing up. He wanted his children and grandchildren to hear the stories from their grandmother’s generation. I never thought I could write the stories down on paper. Once I started writing the memories started to flow. My youngest son, Steven Bradberry and his wife Jody helped me with the writing. Steven designed this book. I worked five years for the County of San Bernardino in the criminal department and the appeal section of the Superior Court, 1973 through 1978. I went to work for the 4th District Court of Appeal in September 1978 and retired December 31, 1998. I lived 34 years in Redlands, California until I retired.

Tommy Raw

Autore: Thomas Mondello
Editore: Virtualbookworm Publishing
ISBN: 9781589394117
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Sometimes people say and do things that just make you sit back and wonder. Well, this book is definitely three chapters of pure wonderment! It all begins innocently enough within the womb then guides you on a path of fifth grade laughter and hi-jinx. Each tale contains real life situations that will surely bring a smile to your face. In fact, they're almost therapeutic as they confirm the fact that yes, there is actually someone out there in the world more moronic than yourself! Now isn't that a comforting thought! Stories from childhood through high school, to a three-year stint with the United States navy, right up to present day, only proves one thing. That years and experience of life mean absolutely nothing if you can't look back on them and have yourself a good hearty laugh! Hopefully some of the stories within this book will help to stir up a few entertaining memories from your own past. Remember.. memories are the fuel powering our sanity! Welcome to Tommy's world!

Three Men Up A Mountain

Autore: John Furniss
Editore: Memoirs Publishing
ISBN: 1861516398
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John Furniss and his friends took every opportunity to escape from their work and studies and go climbing together, first in England, Wales and Scotland and later tackling the more challenging peaks of the Austrian and German Alps. Adding the vertical metres together, they scaled more than 13 times the height of Mount Everest.

My Strange Pets And Other Memories Of Country Life

Autore: Richard Bell (of Castle O'Er.)
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Camouflaged Memories

Autore: Eric D. Shaffer
Editore: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1450086446
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A native of Ohio, the author joined the U.S. Marine Corps in May of 1965 and completed his boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island. Following boot camp and specialty training, he joined Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 542, the Flying Tigers, in Chu Lai Republic of Vietnam for his first tour of duty. Completing a successful tour with the Flying Tigers, he was selected to participate in the Enlisted Commissioning Program, ultimately commissioned as a second lieutenant in early 1968. He was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment of the 1st Marine Division in the Republic of Vietnam at the completion of officer training. During his duty with the 3rd Battalion, he was awarded the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, a Navy Commendation Medal and the Purple Heart for service during 1968?1970. He completed tours of duty on staffs and unit command following the years after 1970 until retirement in June of 1988. He matriculated from Park College in 1976 as part of a service program to ensure that officers commissioned from the ranks had an opportunity to complete their college degrees. Graduation in 1976 with a GPA of 3.96 satisfied that requirement, and he moved on to other duties, seeing duty in the Far East and around the nation.

Reflection Of Memories

Autore: Tesa Jones
Editore: Archway Publishing
ISBN: 1480847518
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Richard Malone and Caroline Sue Miller are born on the same day to parents who live on opposite sides of the societal fences in a small coal-mining town of western Pennsylvania. Despite the economic differences between their families, the two children become best friends, and their unexpected friendship eventually blossoms into forbidden love. In order to be together and escape their bleak, small town opportunities, they leave the security of their homes and settle in New Jersey where their future is a blank slate. As Richard and Caroline make their way through life, their choices often veer their love off course, but the bond they share has deep roots that continually pull them together again. This tale of family, friendship, and love incorporates the historical events and cultural changes of the tumultuous 1900s while following the course of one couple whose connection is stronger than class or circumstance. Whether youre sailing through youthful days or enjoying your golden years, Reflection of Memories will capture your heart and remind you of what is truly important in life.

Memories Of The Moderns

Autore: Harry Levin
Editore: New Directions Publishing
ISBN: 9780811207331
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Part criticism, part memoirs, selected prose pieces--including reviews, essays, lectures, introductions, personal reminiscences, and epistles-explore the concept of modernism within the international frame of comparative literature

House Not Made With Hands

Autore: Jane Bennett Gaddy
Editore: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595894143
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I was born in the flat fertile Mississippi Delta in 1940. I grew up in a white clapboard plantation house on the heels of the Great Depression when cotton was still running the show in the south and well before the Civil Rights Movement. Love took me out of the Delta, and it was love that brought me back, for there are some things that cannot be forgotten or left behind. So, here it is. After all the years that have come and gone, here is a Delta girl seeing the grand old South through a window, all but closed now. There were days hot enough to melt lead and bitter winters that tested and forged the human spirit. And in a way, that's how I felt looking back on it. There we all were, scratching at the ground for our white gold and imagining the world beyond the cotton rows. It's my life and a heritage of pride in my homeland, my view of America, of family, of love, and ultimately of the House Not Made With Hands.

How To Strengthen The Memory Or Natural And Scientific Methods Of Never Forgetting

Autore: Martin Luther Holbrook
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