Emotional Intelligence and Love Mastery

Emotional Intelligence and Love Mastery

Written by: Steven Miles

  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: 2018-12-14
  • ISBN-10: 1791691870
  • ebook-emotional-intelligence-and-love-mastery.pdf

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Book Summary

★ Bundle -> 2 complete manuscripts in 1 book ★ Do you want practical and effective methods to connect with your significant other better, and better understand the motivations behind why you and your partner behave and think the way you do? Have you ever felt like you and your partner were "not on the same page"? Ever felt distant from your partner? Ever felt like your partner doesn''t "get" you? We all have different personality types, communication styles, and personal backgrounds, making it difficult for us to understand and get through to our partners. Without an understanding of this, relationships can be frustrating and difficult, but with it, you can increase intimacy, trust, compassion, and satisfaction in your relationship, and work through conflict more effectively. To have a successful relationship, you need to get inside the mind of your partner and relate to them in a way that resonates with them. This comprehensive 2-in-1 book contains 2 manuscripts, and covers Emotional Intelligence and the Enneagram, both of which are highly effective tools to unlock the door to self-discovery, personal improvement, and a deeper connection with your partner. This is the ultimate guide to learning your partner from the inside out. Couples Guide to Emotional Intelligence (by Jamie Bryce) All successful relationships are built on a strong core of emotional intelligence. This book will teach you how to build up your EQ, ensuring you have the strong, well-rounded emotional skills needed to address any and all issues that may arise in your relationship.In this manuscript, you will learn how to: ★ Communicate better with your partner, even if they are the type that "shuts down" or is otherwise difficult to communicate with ★ Have the courage to have difficult conversations with ease and calmness ★ See how other people see and interpret your behavior ★ Develop and express empathy for your partner ★ Control your emotions in heated arguments ★ Solve challenging real life relationship problems through practice exercises ★ Carry over these emotional intelligence skills into every type of relationship in your life ★ And more... Enneagram for Couples (by Steven Miles) This in-depth guide to mastering yourself and your relationship provides practical, tailor-made advice based on your personality type and your specific relationship. You will learn all about the enneagram, a tool for classifying and understanding personality types. You will: ★ Learn all about your personality type and how you behave with the other types ★ Understand and use the enneagram as a tool for self-reflection and introspection ★ Learn the pitfalls of your specific relationship and how to avoid them ★ Get practical tips on how to connect with your partner more effectively based on the needs and wants of their specific personality type ★ Learn how to bring out the best in each other, and avoid bringing out the worst in each other ★ Use relationships for what they''re really about--supporting your partner through their growth of becoming the best version of themselves, and having them do the same for you. There is always room to grow individually, and together with the person we have chosen to share our lives with. Whether married, dating, or single, and even if you''ve struggled with communication or relationships before, this bundle will give you practical information you can use and apply daily to improve yourself and strengthen all types of your current and future relationships, both romantic and platonic. Scroll up, and click "buy now" to get this powerful bundle today!

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