Murder Without Pity

Murder Without Pity

Written by: Steve Haberman

  • Publisher:
  • Publish Date: 2004
  • ISBN-10: 1410740528
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Book Summary

Maturing is difficult in a social world that demands conformity. Many who strive to succeed are often subjected to ridicule and conflict. Yet in spirit they envision a deeper meaning of love and seek a higher plane. Such is the journey upon the wings of an eagle named . . . Eric. In journey, Eric feels lost without sanction from either the world at large or heaven above. The storms seem severe and unending. Due to impatience he learns the hard way that the mere fluttering of wings does not yield purposeful flight. Often the young in life are swept up in storms of peril. Many do not even reach adulthood. Yet, others seem spared as if destined through struggle and blessing to serve a more noble purpose. Upon their wings rests a standard of aspiration for all to follow. Thus while there are many birds of a feather only the eagle is spirited in search of excellence. His flight is not of superiority as a sole utopian vanguard. But rather he identifies with those in life who strive for the treasures of the heart upon the breeze of graceful flight. Each of us attempts to avoid life's storms. However we cannot elude the rains which fall upon all. Yet there are rainbows and love's shining to guide our way. Eric's flight in life ends much differently than it began as an eaglet. Endeavor to learn the true wind beneath your wings.

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