Sacred Enneagram

Sacred Enneagram

Written by: Daniel King

  • Publisher: Creative Minds Publishing
  • Publish Date: 2019-11-28
  • ISBN-10: 1951911229
  • ebook-sacred-enneagram.pdf

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Book Summary

Discover who you really are and awaken to a new world of possibilities. Sacred Enneagram will enlighten your path and bring positive transformation to your life! Ever felt misunderstood while you meant well? Do you want better and more fulfilling relationships with those around you? Ever wondered why some people just seemed to get along with each and everyone so naturally? Well the reason is they are naturally applying the concepts of the Enneagram. The words Ennea and Gram means nine and model respectively. These include: - The perfectionist and the reformer - The giver and the helper - The performer and the achiever - The mediator and peacemaker - The boss and the confronter - The dreamer and the Epicure - The trooper - The observer - The tragic romantic Not knowing your true self means doing more harm than good to yourself and to those around you. Once you apply the power of the sacred Enneagram to your life you will experience great positive changes. Here is everything you will learn in the "Sacred Enneagram" - Chapter 1: The Basics of the Enneagram - Chapter 2: The Enneagram Personality Test - Chapter 3: The Perfectionist Personality Type - Chapter 4: The Giver and Helper Personality Type - Chapter 5: The Performer Personality Type - Chapter 6: The Tragic Romantic Personality Type - Chapter 7: The Observant Personality Type - Chapter 8: The Peacemaker and Mediator Personality Type - Chapter 9: The Confronter or Boss Personality Type - Chapter 10: The Dreamer Personality Type - Chapter 11: The Guardian Personality Type - Chapter 12: Can I Have More Than One Enneagram Personality Type? - Chapter 13: How Can I Use Enneagram to Strengthen My Relationships? - Chapter 14: The 3 Centers of the Enneagram - The Heart, Mind, and Body - Chapter 15: How to use Enneagram to Help with Transforming Your Life - Chapter 16: Achieving Personal Growth with Enneagram - Chapter 17: Tips to Help You Understand Your Enneagram Better Studies shows that most people on their death bed shows regrets about unnecessary grudges. Some people hold grudges their whole life and hurt themselves due to misunderstandings but with the Enneagram you will liberate yourself from such misunderstandings. Understanding yourself and others is the key to long lifetime fulfilling relationships. Unfortunately, without the knowledge of the Sacred Enneagram, most people do not experience this in their lifetime. Don't let that be you and "click add to cart" now! Positive change has never been closer.

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