Space Nation

Space Nation

Written by: Mike Giesinger

  • Publisher: Trafford Publishing
  • Publish Date: 2010-05-12
  • ISBN-10: 9781426930010
  • ebook-space-nation.pdf

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Book Summary

In a time when much of the worlds nations have become a conglomeration of police states and oppressive regimes, embroiled in counter-terrorism, insurgencies and rebellions, one man leads a group of people from an island in the high Arctic, leading to the orbit of Mars, the wind-swept glaciers of Antarctica and finally, an island-nation in the South Pacific. Marcus Gowan, is in possession of a secret, unknown technology first acquired by his late, adoptive father and after building the spacecraft Destiny, prepares to initiate his dream of gaining a permanent foothold in space to fulfill his ambition to claim Humanitys birthright to the stars. Before Gowan can launch the Destiny, a false-warrant is issued for his arrest on suspicion of inciting an insurgency, domestic terrorism, and violations pertaining to the United Nations UNISPACE 5 Treaty. An elite, anti-terrorist team, lead by the tough and no-nonsense Major Dennis Manning, has been tapped to apprehend Gowan. Adversaries Manning and Gowan must put aside their differences and work together to prevent the technologywhich governments of the world would vie, steal, kill, and go to war to possessfrom being perverted into the ugliest weapons the world has ever seen.

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