1960 Wow What A Year

Author: George Wilson Morin
Editor: Author House
ISBN: 1491830778
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1960 Wow! What a year is the eyewitness account of a year viewed by a newly minted college grad who wanted to see what life was like beyond his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Leaving his longtime girlfriend before the altar was even reserved, he headed west armed with little cash and loads of hope. The hitchhike produced not only miles of travel but a long and winding collection of the curious and remarkable – from the devout Benedictine monks to the down-and-almost-out drifter relentlessly searching for a wife he could call his own. The journey starts at the outskirts of Pittsburgh. It coils its way across the continent to the fog-shrouded hills of San Francisco, then returns across parched rattlesnake country and rolling highway to the smoke-wreathed hills of home – and a first job – just in time to witness the Pittsburgh Pirates' 1960 World Series miracle.

Corpus Linguistics 25 Years On

Author: Roberta Facchinetti
Editor: Rodopi
ISBN: 9042021950
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This volume offers a state-of-the-art picture of work undertaken in the field of computer-aided corpus linguistics. While the focus is on English, central insights can be generalised to other languages, as well. As a work intended to mark the Silver Jubilee of ICAME, the International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English, the book combines surveys of the discipline by some of its major pioneers, including founders of ICAME itself, with cutting-edge work by younger scholars. It is divided into three sections: “Overviewing years of corpus linguistic studies”, “Descriptive studies in English syntax and semantics”, and “Second Language Acquisition, parallel corpora and specialist corpora”. The book bears witness to the impressive advances that have characterised the development of corpus linguistics over the past few decades – from terminological issues to practical applications, from theoretical and descriptive research to applied approaches, from monolingual to multilingual and specialist corpora, from corpus design to corpus exploitation tools.

Down And Dirty

Author: Mike Quarles
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 9780786462575
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Taboo breakers and trendsetters, shameless hucksters and famous directors. Exploitation filmmaking has seen it all. Fred Olen Ray made his first movie for $298. In 1936 Marijuana-Weed with Roots in Hell showed drug use and nudity on screen in an effort to “educate the public.” Kroger Babb, the man behind Mom and Dad, spliced color medical footage of a baby’s birth into his black and white “classic.” Russ Meyer, John Waters, Andy Milligan, Doris Wishman, and many others are covered. “Classic” films such as The Immoral Mr. Teas, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Nude on the Moon are examined. Production techniques and innovations are also discussed.

National Genealogical Inquirer

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L Chaim A Zayde Adventure

Author: Tamra Dollin
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 059548302X
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This moving memoir chronicles the fifty year career of an American Reform rabbi. Written together during the final stages of his terminal illness, father and daughter give voice to one man's magic touch with people, his sense of adventure and fun, and his life's pursuit of being a blessing to others.

The Wow Climax

Author: Henry Jenkins
Editor: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814743110
Size: 14,46 MB
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Henry Jenkins at [email protected] (video) Vaudevillians used the term "the wow climax" to refer to the emotional highpoint of their acts—a final moment of peak spectacle following a gradual building of audience's emotions. Viewed by most critics as vulgar and sensationalistic, the vaudeville aesthetic was celebrated by other writers for its vitality, its liveliness, and its playfulness. The Wow Climax follows in the path of this more laudatory tradition, drawing out the range of emotions in popular culture and mapping what we might call an aesthetic of immediacy. It pulls together a spirited range of work from Henry Jenkins, one of our most astute media scholars, that spans different media (film, television, literature, comics, games), genres (slapstick, melodrama, horror, exploitation cinema), and emotional reactions (shock, laughter, sentimentality). Whether highlighting the sentimentality at the heart of the Lassie franchise, examining the emotional experiences created by horror filmmakers like Wes Craven and David Cronenberg and avant garde artist Matthew Barney, or discussing the emerging aesthetics of video games, these essays get to the heart of what gives popular culture its emotional impact.

U S Census Of Population 1960

Author: United States. Bureau of the Census
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Speeches Of Mr Brougham Mr Denman And Dr Lushington Containing The Defence Of Her Majesty The Queen

Author: Henry Brougham Baron Brougham and Vaux
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791 Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn

Author: George DiGuido
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781462841684
Size: 11,40 MB
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A kid of Italian immigrants grows up in South Brooklyn and Flatbush during the 20s, 30s, and 40s, playing Johnny-on-the-Pony, Ringalevio and Spin-the-Bottle. Life was simpler then, before the breakup of Ma Bell, the corporate takeovers, and junk mail. His generation was deeply affected by the Great depression; the Big Band music of Goodman, Dorsey, Ellington; movies of Cowboy and Indians, Fred and Ginger; Mickey and Judy; the New York Worlds Fair; and Pearl Harbor, which forced them to leave home and go to war in places they could hardly find on a map. REVIEW What great fun! Ive never been to Brooklyn, and I feel I know the old place - and love it. Although those simple, innocent, carefree, halcyon pre-war days of 50, 60, 70 years ago are long gone, they surely come alive in this charming, laugh-out-loud poignant memoir of Brooklyn. DGuido writes as if hes talking to his reader over a beer, making the story both appealing and very accessible - a la Neil Simon, in tone and the story itself. Thanks to the author for recapturing a kinder, sweeter, gentler time with such wonderful recall. Id love to send this book to several former Brooklyn-ite friends. I cant imagine anyyone from that era or place whod not enjoy this breezy, good read.