A Club Of Their Own

Autore: Eli Lederhendler
Editore: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190646144
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Volume XXIX of Studies in Contemporary Jewry takes its title from a joke by Groucho Marx: "I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member." The line encapsulates one of the most important characteristics of Jewish humor: the desire to buffer oneself from potentially unsafe or awkward situations, and thus to achieve social and emotional freedom. By studying the history and development of Jewish humor, the essays in this volume not only provide nuanced accounts of how Jewish humor can be described but also make a case for the importance of humor in studying any culture. A recent survey showed that about four in ten American Jews felt that "having a good sense of humor" was "an essential part of what being Jewish means to them," on a par with or exceeding caring for Israel, observing Jewish law, and eating traditional foods. As these essays show, Jewish humor has served many functions as a form of "insider" speech. It has been used to ridicule; to unite people in the face of their enemies; to challenge authority; to deride politics and politicians; in America, to ridicule conspicuous consumption; in Israel, to contrast expectations of political normalcy and bitter reality. However, much of contemporary Jewish humor is designed not only or even primarily as insider speech. Rather, it rewards all those who get the punch line. A Club of Their Own moves beyond general theorizing about the nature of Jewish humor by serving a smorgasbord of finely grained, historically situated, and contextualized interdisciplinary studies of humor and its consumption in Jewish life in the modern world.

Start Your Own Bar And Club

Autore: Liane Cassavoy
Editore: Entrepreneur Press
ISBN: 1613082568
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An updated edition of the fifth best-selling book of the successful Startup Series, Start Your Own Bar and Club is a comprehensive guide that shows aspiring entrepreneurs how to create the perfect blend of passion and profits within the bar industry. Updated with the latest industry trends, news, and resources, readers learn about the hottest bar and club opportunities including sports bars, night clubs, neighborhood bars, wine bars, and more. The experts at Entrepreneur take aspiring business owners step-by-step through start-up basics including scouting locations, researching their market, and licensing requirements. Eager entrepreneurs learn first-hand from industry experts how to research their market, design an attractive atmosphere, create policies and procedures, woo their patrons and keep them coming back. Also covered is the latest equipment such as new cash register systems and HDTVs, and expanded information on the Special Occupancy Tax, liquor liability insurance, and third-party liability insurance.

Start Your Own Self Publishing Business

Autore: Entrepreneur Press
Editore: Entrepreneur Press
ISBN: 161308174X
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Profits from Pages Self-publishing is a fast-growing industry, and bookstores and consumers alike now acknowledge the value of self-published books. In this valuable guide, industry experts coach you in becoming a player in the self-publishing arena—whether it is self-publishing your own book or providing professional services for others who want to self-publish. Our experts reveal the tricks of the self-publishing trade: how to evaluate book ideas and recognize a hot-seller; how to develop an effective marketing plan; getting books reviewed and landing great publicity; getting books into traditional and non-traditional sales channels; tapping into the potential of online publishing, and more. Addresses dramatic game-changers including print-on-demand and ebooks Reviews industry player offerings including Ingram and Amazon Covers critical marketing tools including author websites and social media marketing Features interviews with industry insiders and practicing self-published authors Plus, a quick-reference guide to every step in the publishing process helps you along your way.

A Room Of His Own

Autore: Barbara Black
Editore: Ohio University Press
ISBN: 0821444352
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In nineteenth-century London, a clubbable man was a fortunate man, indeed. The Reform, the Athenaeum, the Travellers, the Carlton, the United Service are just a few of the gentlemen’s clubs that formed the exclusive preserve known as “clubland” in Victorian London—the City of Clubs that arose during the Golden Age of Clubs. Why were these associations for men only such a powerful emergent institution in nineteenth-century London? Distinctly British, how did these single-sex clubs help fashion men, foster a culture of manliness, and assist in the project of nation building? What can elite male affiliative culture tell us about nineteenth-century Britishness? A Room of His Own sheds light on the mysterious ways of male associational culture as it examines such topics as fraternity, sophistication, nostalgia, social capital, celebrity, gossip, and male professionalism. The story of clubland (and the literature it generated) begins with Britain’s military heroes home from the Napoleonic campaign and quickly turns to Dickens’s and Thackeray’s acrimonious Garrick Club Affair. It takes us to Richard Burton’s curious Cannibal Club and Winston Churchill’s The Other Club; it goes underground to consider Uranian desire and Oscar Wilde’s clubbing and resurfaces to examine the problematics of belonging in Trollope’s novels. The trespass of French socialist Flora Tristan, who cross-dressed her way into the clubs of Pall Mall, provides a brief interlude. London’s clubland—this all-important room of his own—comes to life as Barbara Black explores the literary representations of clubland and the important social and cultural work that this urban site enacts. Our present-day culture of connectivity owes much to nineteenth-century sociability and Victorian networks; clubland reveals to us our own enduring desire to belong, to construct imagined communities, and to affiliate with like-minded comrades.

Faith In Their Own Color

Autore: Craig D. Townsend
Editore: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231508883
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On a September afternoon in 1853, three African American men from St. Philip's Church walked into the Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of New York and took their seats among five hundred wealthy and powerful white church leaders. Ultimately, and with great reluctance, the Convention had acceded to the men's request: official recognition for St. Philip's, the first African American Episcopal church in New York City. In Faith in Their Own Color, Craig D. Townsend tells the remarkable story of St. Philip's and its struggle to create an autonomous and independent church. His work unearths a forgotten chapter in the history of New York City and African Americans and sheds new light on the ways religious faith can both reinforce and overcome racial boundaries. Founded in 1809, St. Philip's had endured a fire; a riot by anti-abolitionists that nearly destroyed the church; and more than forty years of discrimination by the Episcopalian hierarchy. In contrast to the majority of African Americans, who were flocking to evangelical denominations, the congregation of St. Philip's sought to define itself within an overwhelmingly white hierarchical structure. Their efforts reflected the tension between their desire for self-determination, on the one hand, and acceptance by a white denomination, on the other. The history of St. Philip's Church also illustrates the racism and extraordinary difficulties African Americans confronted in antebellum New York City, where full abolition did not occur until 1827. Townsend describes the constant and complex negotiation of the divide between black and white New Yorkers. He also recounts the fascinating stories of historically overlooked individuals who built and fought for St. Philip's, including Rev. Peter Williams, the second African American ordained in the Episcopal Church; Dr. James McCune Smith, the first African American to earn an M.D.; pickling magnate Henry Scott; the combative priest Alexander Crummell; and John Jay II, the grandson of the first chief justice of the Supreme Court and an ardent abolitionist, who helped secure acceptance of St. Philip's.

A Speech At The Whig Club Or A Great Statesman S Own Exposition Of His Political Principles An Answer To Two Letters Signed Hon St Andrew St John And Rob Adair Published In The Morning Chronicle Of Monday Dec 10 1792 A Consoling Epistle To Mr F On His Late Accident An Admonitory Epistle To The Honourable Thomas Erskine A Postscript To The Admonitory Epistle The Bishop S Wig A Tale All Published Originally In The Sun

Autore: Charles James Fox
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The Club No One Wanted To Join

Autore: Twenty-Nine Authors
ISBN: 9780982250938
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It has been the public's perception that Madoff investors were all extremely wealthy and all belonged to exclusive clubs. This perception has been reinforced by the media and the powers that be. The truth is, with very few exceptions, such as Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Picower and Stanley Chais-most were average, small time investors. They lived an average American life; they worked hard, contributed to society and saved for their retirement years. But in the end that was not enough. No one, it turns out, could protect them from the worst financial criminal in history, Bernard L. Madoff. As a result, they were thrown tragically into one club they never expected to join: the "club" of victims. This is their story. It is the first book of its kind about the Madoff Ponzi scheme, in which twenty nine Madoff investors band together to tell their story. The authors come from all walks of life, from different ethnic and religious backgrounds and from all parts of the country. Baring private details and exposing the truth about who the real victims are, they don't hold back as to who they think enabled the scheme to continue for so long. The readers need to know what the authorities would rather keep from them, or else they are destined to become the next victims. The book's message is: This can happen to anyone. This is a story of financial devastation, of lessons learned, of hope and rebirth. It has been over a year since the fraud came to light and the survivors are ready to share their experience and the hard learned lessons. Though the financial disaster caused major transformations in their lives, their spirit has not been broken. As one of the authors in this book summed up eloquently, "There will always be meaningful work to be done, more fun to be had and lots more people to love." And in the end, it is the message of hope the authors wish to convey.

London Calling

Autore: Barry Miles
Editore: Atlantic Books Ltd
ISBN: 1848875541
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London has long been a magnet for aspiring artists and writers, musicians and fashion designers seeking inspiration and success. In London Calling, Barry Miles explores the counter-culture - creative, avant garde, permissive, anarchic - that sprang up in this great city in the decades following the Second World War. Here are the heady post-war days when suddenly everything seemed possible, the jazz bars and clubs of the fifties, the teddy boys and the Angry Young Men, Francis Bacon and the legendary Colony Club, the 1960s and the Summer of Love, the rise of punk and the early days of the YBAs. The vitality and excitement of this time and years of change - and the sheer creative energy in the throbbing heart of London - leap off the pages of this evocative and original book.

Leagues Of Their Own

Autore: Jon C. Stott
Editore: McFarland
ISBN: 9780786411306
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"This history and analysis traces the emergence of independent leagues and teams and follows them year by year. It profiles in detail one team from each of the leagues operating in 1999: the Bridgeport (Connecticut) Blue Fish of the Atlantic League, the Kalamazoo (Michigan) Kodiaks of the Frontier League, the Tri-City (Washington) Posse of the Western League, the Ozark (Missouri) Mountain Ducks of the Texas-Louisiana League, and the Duluth-Superior (Minnesota) Dukes of the Northern League West. Also included are profiles of individual players, managers, owners, umpires, and fans."--BOOK JACKET.

A Lab Of My Own

Autore: Neena B. Schwartz
Editore: Rodopi
ISBN: 9042027371
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What was it like to be a woman scientist battling the “old boy's” network during the 1960s and 1970s? Neena Schwartz, a prominent neuroendocrinologist at Northwestern University, tells all. She became a successful scientist and administrator at a time when few women entered science and fewer succeeded in establishing independent laboratories. She describes her personal career struggles, and those of others in academia, as well as the events which lead to the formation of the Association of Women in Science, and Women in Endocrinology, two national organizations, which have been successful in increasing the numbers of women scientists and their influence in their fields.The book intersperses this socio-political story with an account of Schwartz's personal life as a lesbian and a description of her research on the role of hormones in regulating reproductive cycles. In a chapter titled “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” she examines the “evidence” from a scientist's point of view for the hormonal and genetic theories for homosexuality. Other chapters provide advice on mentoring young scientists and a discourse on why it matters to all of us to have more women doing and teaching science. She also describes the process of putting together an interdisciplinary Center on Reproductive Science at Northwestern, which brought together basic and clinical scientists in an internationally recognized program of research and practice.

A Game Of Our Own

Autore: Geoffrey Blainey
Editore: Black Inc.
ISBN: 1863954856
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Today Australian Rules football is a multi-million-dollar business, with superstar players, high-profile presidents and enough scandals to fill a soap opera. The game has changed beyond recognition – or has it? In A Game of Our Own, esteemed historian Geoffrey Blainey documents the birth of our great national game. Who were the characters and champions of the early days of Australian football? How was the VFL formed? Why was the umpire's job so difficult? Blainey takes a sceptical look at the idea that the game had its origins in Ireland or in Aboriginal pastimes. Instead he demonstrates that footy was a series of inventions. The game played in 1880 was very different to that of 1860, just as the game played today is different again. Journey back to an era when the ground was not oval, when captains acted as umpires, when players wore caps and jerseys bearing forgotten colours and kicked a round ball that soon lost its shape. A Game of Our Own is a fascinating social history and a compulsory read for all true fans of the game. 'Australians are not only very good at playing sport – we invent it as well. Fans of the game will love this book; it is a great read about a great game and how it all began.'—Ron Barassi

Miscellaneous Publication

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How To Set Up Your Own Successful Football Blog

Autore: David Grimble
Editore: eBookIt.com
ISBN: 1456614274
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How To Set Up Your Own Successful Football Blog is written by the owner of Up the Villa - a blog on Aston Villa Football Club. David set up his blog and this is the story about the journey he went on whilst setting up the blog along with the day to day challenges. David explains how you could set up a blog for your own football team and provides information of great value to any reader thinking about doing the same as he did.

The Home Demonstration Agent

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Indianapolis Social Clubs

Autore: Jim Hillman
Editore: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1439621241
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More than banquet halls, golf courses, and swimming pools, social clubs were a haven for businessmen, politicians, and community leaders, offering respite from public scrutiny. Defining Indianapolis, the clubs were stoic agents of power and segregation, providing clear historical snapshots of Hoosier pomp and circumstance. The clubs did more than produce Olympic swimmers, world-class golfers, and tennis professionals; they were Indianapolis’s multigenerational playgrounds. There were the politics and business dealings at the Columbia Club and the Indianapolis Athletic Club, the golfing, tennis, and formality of Woodstock, Meridian Hills, and other country clubs, and the family fun in the sun at Riviera, Devon, and Olympia. These organizations offered more than magical summers with family and friends; they were the places to be seen.

Handbook On The Economics Of Sport

Autore: Wladimir Andreff
Editore: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1847204074
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The editors should be commended for taking on such a big task, and succeeding so well. This book should be in the library of every institution where students have to write a paper that may be related to sport, or on the shelf of any lecturer teaching economics or public finance who has even a remote interest in sport. The material is very accessible, and useful in many different settings. Ruud H. Koning, Jahrbücher f. Nationalökonomie u. Statistik Edward Elgar s brilliant market niche is identifying a topic in economics, finding editors who know the area backwards and challenging them to assemble the best cross-section of relevant articles either already published or newly commissioned. Handbook on the Economics of Sport is Edward Elgar at its very best. If you love economics you ll find many fascinating insights here; if you love sport but know little economics then this book is mostly accessible and will teach you a lot; and if you are a sports-mad economist then you will be in hog heaven. Furthermore, if, like this reviewer, you are broadly very sceptical about the reports consultants produce for governments on the supposed economic windfall from hosting a big event or subsidising a stadium then you will get a lot of good counter-arguments in this volume. Indeed there are several chapters on the above theme that I m sure I ll be copying frequently to government officials in years to come. . . The demand for sport is a fascinating subject and it is hard to pick out just one chapter from the second section. Read them all they make a wonderful 65-page treat. . . Part VI was a real feast, a smorgasbord. . . This is a magnificent piece of work and the 36-page index rounds it all off splendidly. John Blundell, Economic Affairs The book covers the most important areas of research of an emerging economic sub-discipline spanning the past half a century. It serves admirably the purpose of an introduction into the rich and growing area of reflection for all concerned. . . the editors and authors of the Handbook have done a commendable job of accumulating sophisticated material for many economists, managers, politicians and self-conscious fans, who are sure to find excellent training ground for the whole heptathlon. . . This book will be invaluable for advanced students investigating professional sport. From the point of view of lawyers, particularly those engaged with the relationship between law and sports governance, the Handbook offers invaluable analysis of the economic issues that are alluded to in those debates but rarely examined in detail. . . These insights will also prove useful for policy analysts and sports administrators for whom many sections should be considered mandatory reading. Aleksander Sulejewicz, Journal of Contemporary European Research Over 800 pages on the economics of sport. What a feast! What a treat! The editors have done a wonderful job both in terms of breadth from David Beckham to child labour in Pakistan and depth, tournaments and luxury taxes for example. . . The 86 chapters are uniformly of a very high standard and illuminating. And there are real gems in some of the contributions. British Journal on the Economics of Sport This very interesting and comprehensive book achieves its objective, namely to present an overview of research in sports economics at an introductory level. . . [The editors] have produced an excellent reference book that belongs in all academic institutions libraries. It provides extensive introduction to the growing body of literature in the rising field of economics of sport. The book s relevant monographs should be read by institutions, cities and countries prior to their committing major resources towards sports facilities or a sporting event. James Angresano, Journal of Sports Economics One could think of this book as the sports-and-economics counterpart to Joy of Cooking, because it will satisfy the needs of those with a keen interest in such subjects as the

The Club

Autore: Herbert L. Jarrud
Editore: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 146280263X
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Four friends are engaged in adventures that parody science, politics, society and current events. These wandering youth ride a rocket ship to Pluto, the final exodus of mankind, become involved with an ant society that ridicules the lumpen proleterial, and Cretaceous dinosaur races that deride presidential races. A gargantuan pre-historic bird crashes into a government complex onto the horrendous 9/11 incident. A visit to a state hospital pokes fun at the mentally ill in an enduring way. Giant lice are plaguing mankind as the AIDS epidemic vitiates the globe. Extraterrestrial life frequents the planet, a futuristic inevitability.

Write Your Own Poetry

Autore: Laura Purdie Salas
Editore: Capstone
ISBN: 0756535190
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Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Explains how to crafts poems and express thoughts, feelings, and observations through poetry.

Report Of The Proceedings Of The North Walsham Farmers Club From Its Commencement To 1843

Autore: North Walsham farmers' club
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Advanced Leisure And Recreation

Autore: Ian Roberts
Editore: Heinemann
ISBN: 9780435455941
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Formato: PDF, Kindle
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These Student Books, Tutor's Resource File and photocopiable option unit packs provide thorough and up-to-date material for the AVCE Leisure and Recreation and Travel and Tourism awards.