Patience Is A River In Egypt

Author: L. R. Woodburns
ISBN: 9781537760780
Size: 13,17 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 660

A plucky pole dancer's gritty account of underground life from the cabarets of Tokyo's Roppongi to Soho, London

A River In Egypt

Author: David Means
Editor: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571354599
Size: 15,42 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In his masterful story 'A River in Egypt', David Means paints a portrait of a moment. Cavanaugh and his young son are suspended; trapped in what a nurse calls 'the sweat chamber', where the boy will be tested for cystic fibrosis. Cavanaugh has brought distractions - spasmodic action figures, malformed toy trucks - but they do little to alter the frustration of the sick child screaming, or to alleviate the anxiety of the time spent waiting for 'some exactitude in the form of a diagnosis'.

Denial Is A River In Egypt

Author: Liberty Hunter
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1503506495
Size: 14,96 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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WHAT is normal? Is it represented by a boring, mundane, grinding routine? An existence many of us take for granted and curse at times for being so predictable? Perhaps. But one day, it is suddenly gone! Young mum Indy had a "normal" life. Through a series of events triggered by the bizarre behaviours of her five-year-old daughter, Indy struggles to comprehend what has happened. She has questions, but nobody seems able to answer them. Struggling to comprehend this detour her life has taken, her journey turns inwards. She questions herself. What destroyed her vision of success is deeply embedded in her past. Bitter with deep resentment, Indy's anger consumes her. Her downward spiral is interrupted by tragic circumstances that numb her and neutralise her self-absorption. She uncovers truths that bring a change to her perspective. The implications of adversity have a profound impact on her outlook. The techniques described and discovered by Indy, inspire her through her darkest days. Dark though it seems to be, light from unexpected places inspires a shift in Indy's focus and brings lessons about tolerance, love and acceptance. Many families face the challenges depicted in this book. How they cope and reconcile the adjustments necessary to accept change is a personal matter. Each person's journey will be unique. Denial Is a River in Egypt shares Indy's. Denial Is a River in Egypt is a real story about an average family and their average life. There are many who endure more than their share of the extremes of challenge and despair in life, and some stumble in defeat. During those lows, it's hard to remember what makes your heart sing. Surprising discoveries arise from the ashes of broken dreams. Life is a personal journey. Only you will be able to find and follow what's right for you. Being open to growth can restore broken hearts. New dreams will evolve. Hearts that dare to dream soar high once again with new hope and renewed freedom. Fear not. Your future awaits you! Stop chasing your dreams. Catch them, and make them a reality! Allow your river of inspiration to carry you towards what brings colour into your world! Look up at the colours around you. Feel them. Live them.

Denial Is Not A River In Egypt

Author: Sandi Bachom
Editor: Hazelden Publishing
ISBN: 9781568381886
Size: 12,22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A collection of humorous sayings and truths about alcoholism and recovery includes quotations on fear, denial, resentment, acceptance, and healing

The River In Egypt

Author: Gay Fifer
Editor: Gay Fifer
ISBN: 1452366594
Size: 15,67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In the years after WWII, even 'nice' people kept secrets of rape, murder, gambling. A small stream the children christen 'De Nile' runs along Little Egypt Road, and the wealthy residents turn away in denial from unspeakable abuse and sorrow experienced in the beautiful homes.

A River In Egypt Out Of Denial And Into Recovery

Author: G. J. Lewis
ISBN: 9781790918645
Size: 10,74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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With it's main focus on alcohol problems, 'A River in Egypt: Out of Denial & Into Recovery' (The Little Book of Recovery) is an informative and entertaining guide to the problem of addiction and how to overcome it. Written for the world of today, it is designed to help anyone who is either directly or indirectly suffering from a substance misuse issue and to provide useful information to health professionals or anyone with an interest or concern in this area. The book is available in paperback and also as a short read e-booklet. The book also features an international index of support with every AA country head quarters and their contact details listed.

And Egypt Is The River

Author: Michael S. Judge
Editor: Skylight Press
ISBN: 1908011270
Size: 13,68 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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...And Egypt Is the River is a collection of mystical prose-poems which the author describes as an attempt, based on the linguistic theories of R.W. Emerson, Ernest Fenollosa, and Hugh Kenner, among others, to trace the evolution of cosmology and myth as derived from a people's immediate sensory experience. In one sense it is an exploration of the genesis of language, the primal utterances that transcend from the physical world of sound denoting object to how images come to bring about self-awareness and fuse shared mythologies; or as the poet would say – “impact that compels words, that collect in fossil tidepools of the skull.”

The Essential World History

Author: William J. Duiker
Editor: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0495097292
Size: 19,37 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 716

Explore common challenges and experiences that unite the human past and identify key global patterns over time with THE ESSENTIAL WORLD HISTORY. This brief overview of world history covers political, economic, social, religious, intellectual, cultural, and military history integrated into a chronologically ordered synthesis to help you gain an appreciation and understanding of the distinctive character and development of individual cultures in society. You can use the book's global approach and its emphasis on analytical comparisons between cultures to link events together in a broad comparative and global framework that places the contemporary world in a more meaningful historical context. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Estimation Of Recent Trends In Fertility And Mortality In Egypt

Editor: National Academies
ISBN: 9780309032384
Size: 16,50 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 913

A River In The Sky

Author: Elizabeth Peters
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1849014558
Size: 13,12 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 540

1910. Having brought Egypt firmly under her thumb, Amelia Peabody turns her attention to a harder challenge: Palestine, a province of the crumbling, corrupt Ottoman Empire and the Holy Land of three religions. Hearing that Morley, an English adventurer, has raised money to mount an expedition to search for the vanished treasures of the Temple in Jerusalem, Emerson and Amelia are persuaded to go after him in order to prevent a catastrophically inept excavation and the possibility of armed protest by the infuriated members of all three religions who view the Dome of the Rock as sacred. The War Office is concerned about increasing German influence in Palestine and insists that Morley is secretly working for German intelligence. Emerson doesn't believe it, but could he be mistaken? In the meantime, their son Ramses has been working on a dig at Samaria, north of Jerusalem, where he encounters an unusual party of travellers. One is a female German archaeologist, and the other a mysterious man of unknown nationality and unknown past. Ramses's insatiable curiosity leads him to a startling discovery about the pair. He must now pass the information on to his parents in Jerusalem - but only if he can get there alive...