A Scandalous Life The Biography Of Jane Digby Text Only

Author: Mary S. Lovell
Editor: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007378440
Size: 10,37 MB
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The biography of Jane Digby, an ‘enthralling tale of a nineteenth-century beauty whose heart – and hormones – ruled her head.’ Harpers and Queen

A Madness

Author: Serge Demyanenko
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462805272
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This romance novel, although fiction, is based on the true life adventures of the author. It is about real life, but a life few people know exists, and even fewer get to experience. The narrator is a brother-in-arms and brother-in-spirit of the protagonist, Nick Malenko, who sets out to tell these scandalous tales for Nick would never do so himself, disdaining publicity and public acclaim. Nick is a young man who happens to be smart, good-looking, a rebel at heart, and self-disciplined because of his upbringing. He is an athlete but also a voracious reader, loves learning and worships at the altar of Venus. He goes to the best schools but he rebels early. He marries a woman of color against the convention of the day. He has decided that his goal in life is to become the commander of a parachute infantry battalion in the Regular Army of the United States, a goal he exceeds in time. He graduates as a distinguished military graduate and is commissioned in the regular army. Because he is quadrilingual and his educaton and training, the three letter agencies become interested in him. He enters the shadowy world of intelligence. And then his troubles begin. He is bright but lacks the experience to be wise. So he mistakes sex and passion for love, learning for wisdom and in order to gain a measure of immortality he plunges into one adventure after another thinking that thumbing his nose at fate will bring him immortality. In both war-time and cold-war settings he plunges from one adventure to another, from one romance to another. The settings are bedrooms and battlefields and the corridors of power in Vietnam: Korea; Washington, D.C.; Germany; San Antonio, Texas; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Los Angeles, California. Many years after he started on his journey he realizes that all he was searching for he has had at home. He finds that he had love all along, and immortality through his loving family and finally, finally, wisdom comes. His long-suffering wife used to say to him: “In your relentless search you create great upheaval and great stress for those around you. Being married to you is madness.” That is why his friends called him “The Mad Russian” or “The Madman.” That is the reason for the book title.

Tallulah Bankhead

Author: David Bret
Editor: Robson Book Limited
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Marlene Dietrich called her "The most immoral woman who ever lived"; Cecil Beaton described her as a "wicked archangel"; but no one better summed up this fascinating woman than Tallulah herself in an unending succession of anecdotes and one-liners, peppered with expletives that became her trademark. Born in Alabama in 1903, she became a big star in London, England in the early 1920's. Branded "an unsafe and unsavory person" by the Hays commission in the 1930's her career went from tremendous stage success in such hits as The Little Foxes and Fallen Angels, to appearances in some of the worst plays ever written, which she turned into triumphs by improvising lewd and outrageous asides to satisfy the cravings of her largely gay audiences. Confessing to over 500 love affairs with both men and women, Tallulah married just once...to a man who divorced her citing mental cruelty. A headline writer's dream throughout her life, at the height of her fame she was said to drink two bottles of bourbon a day, smoke 100 cigarettes and take pills to help her sleep, pills to keep her awake, and pills to help her cope with the pills. But while there always seemed to be someone on hand to record Tallulah's indiscretions, the other side of her personality went largely unrecorded. She raised vast amounts of money for children's charities, delivered stringent speeches against communism and racial and sexual prejudice, and actively supported the presidential campaigns of two friends: Truman and Kennedy. In this highly entertaining book David Bret tells Tallulah's story in the only way it could be told: with shocking honesty and wit. What emerges is a vivid portrait of an immoral and wicked woman whowas every inch a star and remains one of the greatest legends this century has seen.

Rebel Heart

Author: Mary S. Lovell
Editor: W. W. Norton
ISBN: 9780393038958
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Traces the life of the adventurous nineteenth-century Englishwoman, whose divorce made her a social outcast, despite her legendary beauty and intelligence, and prompted her to travel the world in the company of many fascinating men of the time.

American Disruptor

Author: Roland De Wolk
Editor: University of California Press
ISBN: 0520305477
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American Disruptor is the untold story of Leland Stanford – from his birth in a backwoods bar to the founding of the world-class university that became and remains the nucleus of Silicon Valley. The life of this robber baron, politician, and historic influencer is the astonishing tale of how one supremely ambitious man became this country's original "disruptor" – reshaping industry and engineering one of the greatest raids on the public treasury for America’s transcontinental railroad, all while living more opulently than maharajas, kings, and emperors. It is also the saga of how Stanford, once a serial failure, overcame all obstacles to become one of America’s most powerful and wealthiest men, using his high elective office to enrich himself before losing the one thing that mattered most to him – his only child and son. Scandal and intrigue would follow Stanford through his life, and even after his death, when his widow was murdered in a Honolulu hotel – a crime quickly covered up by the almost stillborn university she had saved. Richly detailed and deeply researched, American Disruptor restores Leland Stanford’s rightful place as a revolutionary force and architect of modern America.

Disraeli S Disciple

Author: Mary S. Millar
Editor: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802090928
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In addition to the portrait it paints of a fascinating man whose public life was as earnest and idealistic as his private life was shocking and titillating, Disraeli?s Disciple also provides new insights into the politics of this formative stage in British history.

The Golden Shore

Author: Jo Ann Butler
ISBN: 9780982978047
Size: 17,82 MB
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Rebel Puritan

Author: Jo Ann Butler
ISBN: 9780982978009
Size: 17,61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Thirteen-year old Herodias Long impulsively marries a handsome stranger to escape a life of servitude. The couple flees from Puritan repression in 17th-century Massachusetts, but even in liberal Rhode Island, Herodias lives in a world where her children and inheritance belong to her husband. When she learns that it is easier to marry a jealous man than to be freed from him, Herodias realizes that her troubles have just begun.


Author: Claire Gervat
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1446441636
Size: 17,31 MB
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Elizabeth Chudleigh was one of the eighteenth century's most colourful characters. Born into impoverished gentility, her beauty, wit and vitality soon earned her a place at the centre of court life. When she married the Duke of Kingston in 1769 she had reached the highest rung of the social ladder. But Elizabeth was carrying a dark secret. In 1744 she had secretly married a naval lieutenant called Augustus Hervey, and after the Duke's death her first marriage was discovered. Bigamy fever swept London society and, in a very public trial, Elizabeth was found guilty. But her strength of character ensured that, even when her friends deserted her, her courage and zest for life did not. In an engaging history of this strong and wilful woman, Gervat shows there was far more to Elizabeth than the caricature villain her contemporaries made her out to be.

The Scandalous Life Of A True Lady

Author: Barbara Metzger
Editor: Untreed Reads
ISBN: 1611875188
Size: 11,99 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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He's a master of disguises... but he can't mask true love. Spymaster Harry Harmon's new assignment is to spy on enemies at a country house party. To do that, he'll require a courtesan: learned, truthful, and beautiful... Poor, sensible, smart Simone Ryland has come to Mrs. Burton's bawdy house in search of work. But instead, she finds Harmon in need of her special skills.