The Spirits Are Always With Me

Author: Jane Shutt
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1446458326
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Jane Shutt is a down-to-earth Yorkshire woman who leads an extraordinary life as one of Britain's leading shamanic healers. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual path that exists all around the world; and a shaman uses his or her close affinity with nature and spirits to help those in need of healing. In The Spirits are Always with Me, Jane Shutt explains what shamanism really is, and how it is especially relevant to us in the modern world as we seek to connect with our roots and with our own sense of inner purpose. She shares her own incredible story and the stories of many of those who have come to her for help and healing. Jane reveals the ways in which shamanism can dramatically help people to turn their lives around. She recalls her own shamanic journeys to other levels of reality, including adventures in the Otherworld, spine-tingling visits to the Land of the Dead and other reaches of existence. She shows how shamanism can offer inroads into anything from curing a physical ailment, to dealing with mischievous household sprites, through to healing a whole city.
Always With Me
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Always With Me guides those who have lost a loved one how to discover happiness once again. Losing a loved one to death, especially after a long-term relationship, can be exceedingly painful. The intense emotions can feel overwhelming and even paralyzing at times. The joy one once felt seems to
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He Is Always with Me
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He Is Always With Me is Ms. Howard's first adult book and is a reflection of her life and religious studies. No matter what problems we face the Lord is always with us to see us through. The book deals with emotions that we have all felt at one time
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The circumstances of life may have you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or discouraged. Because God’s love for you is unchanging and his promises are true, you can choose to believe in the steady outpouring of grace he has for you each day. Find the hope, joy, and strength that is abundant