American Book Publishing Record

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American Book Publishing Record Cumulative 1876 1949

Author: R.R. Bowker Company. Department of Bibliography
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From Reliable Sources

Author: Martha C. Howell
Editor: Cornell University Press
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A lively introduction to historical methodology, an overview of the techniques historians must master in order to reconstruct the past.


Author: MaryAnn Krajnik Crawford
Editor: Penn State Press
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SHAW 25 offers eighteen articles, thirteen initially presented at the International Shaw Society conference, 17-21 March 2004, Sarasota, Florida. Additional conference and Shaw Festival Symposia information is provided in the Introduction. Stanley Weintraub's conference keynote, "Shaw for the Here and Now," considers modernizing Shaw's plays, validating Shaw's creative force for today and into the future. Dan H. Laurence's delightful "Shaw's Children" shows a warm, caring, playful Shaw--a giver of self. Howard Ira Einsohn's article on gifting brings together Shaw, Ricoeur, and Derrida to explore the ethics of giving "superabundantly" but not foolishly. Jay Tunney reflects on the ways in which his father, boxer Gene Tunney, fits the personal and professional shoes of Shaw's Cashel Byron, with life imitating art. In "Machiavelli, the Shark, and the Tinpot Tragedienne," Bernard F. Dukore delivers a rereading of Major Barbara that highlights characters and traits, revealing an ensnarling web of beliefs, values, actions, and consequences. Sidney P. Albert's essay explores connections between Major Barbara and Plato's Republic. Using a current theoretical lens, Vicki R. Kennell sees Pygmalion as a narrative literary bridge that predicates postmodern critiques. L.W. Conolly's research on Phillipa Summers reveals a model for Vivie Warren and provides insights into women's lives and education at the turn of the century. In "Who's Modern Now? Shaw, Joyce, and Ibsen's When We Dead Awaken," Kathleen Ochshorn looks at the interrelationships of the three dramatists. Miriam Chirico rewrites critical opinion of You Never Can Tell, arguing that the play is a serious social critique, particularly of marriage. Citing two well-documented instances of Shaw-bashing, John A. Bertolini explores Shaw's responses and reveals Shaw's fair-mindedness. Hannes Schweiger's detailed research substantiates Shaw's influential connection to Viennese culture and politics. Valerie Barnes Lipscomb analyzes Shaw's use of age differences to subvert romantic expectations, thereby drawing greater attention to serious sociocultural issues. Part II continues the legacy of Shaw scholarship with Charles A. Carpenter's must-read bibliographic piece, which reads like a mystery and gives a wealth of research information on Shaw. Focusing on the importance and difficulties of cycle plays, Julie Sparks looks at Man and Superman, Heartbreak House, Back to Methuselah, and current offerings such as Kushner's Angels in America. Kay Li, tracing the influence of Shaw on Chinese drama, argues that modern Chinese drama emerged from the failure of Mrs. Warren's Profession. Frank Duba's article analyzes the evolving role of the Preface in Shaw's works, focusing especially on Man and Superman. Coming full circle, the volume returns to Stanley Weintraub's presentation of Shaw and the fascinating story of Lady Colin Campbell--a story that asks us to consider what it means to be endowed with beauty, fame, and ambition, and what it means to finally lose them. Finally, Michael W. Pharand's addendum to SHAW 24 gives supplementary bibliography on Shavian matters related to love, sex, marriage, and women. SHAW 25 also includes reviews as well as John R. Pfieffer's "Continuing Checklist of Shaviana."

The Oxford Guide To Library Research

Author: Thomas Mann
Editor: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195123135
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Let a general Reference Librarian at the Library of Congress show you the best ways to find the information you need. With all the changes in information storage and retrieval, anyone doing research today may feel unsure of the most efficient ways to use the library. Through clear explanations of nine fundamental methods of searching, Thomas Mann provides an overview of little known but powerful strategies used by librarians and information specialists. These techniques can be applied profitably to almost any area of research, from discovering business records or government documents to unearthing manuscripts in archives or finding genealogical Web sites on line. Chapters explain how to take advantage of controlled vocabularies, browse library shelves systematically, construct keyword searches, use published bibliographies, and even make personal contacts with knowledgeable people. Throughout, Mann enlivens his advice with real world examples, positing along the way some energetic and reasoned arguments against those theorists who have prematurely announced the demise of print. Against the trendy but mistaken assumption that "everything" can be found on the Internet, Mann asserts the lasting value of physical libraries and time tested research strategies, while acknowledging the complementary applications of computer technology. All formats--including books, journals, newspapers, microforms, audiovisual materials, primary documents, bibliographic databases, and digital libraries on the World Wide Web--are considered for their unique advantages, as well as for their limitations. Required reading for students, scholars, information seeking professionals, and laypersons,The Oxford Guide to Library Researchoffers a rich, inclusive overview of the field, one that can save its readers countless hours in the search for information.

Cumulative Record

Author: B. F. Skinner
Editor: B. F. Skinner Foundation
ISBN: 0989983978
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As the title suggests, this book contains articles that Skinner first published elsewhere. The articles range widely in content, from the famous “A Case History in Scientific Method” to “Has Gertrude Stein a Secret.” The book is divided into the following sections: PART I: The Implications of a Science of Behavior for Human Affairs, Especially for the Concept of Freedom PART II: A Method for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior–Its Theory and Practice, Its History, and a Glimpse of Its Future PART III: The Technology of Education PART IV: The Analysis and Management of Neurotic, Psychotic, and Retarded Behavior PART V: For Experimental Psychologists Only PART VI: Creative Behavior PART VII: Literary and Verbal Behavior PART VIII: Theoretical Considerations PART IX: A Miscellany PART X: Coda Published in 1959, 1961, and 1972. This expanded edition was reprinted by the B. F. Skinner Foundation in 1990

Twentieth Century Italian Literature In English Translation

Author: Robin Healey
Editor: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802008008
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This bibliography lists English-language translations of twentieth-century Italian literature published chiefly in book form between 1929 and 1997, encompassing fiction, poetry, plays, screenplays, librettos, journals and diaries, and correspondence.

Research Techniques For Scholars And Students In Religion And Theology

Author: Dennis C. Tucker
Editor: Information Today, Inc.
ISBN: 9781573870894
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Explains and demonstrates six important components required for retrieving data and utilizations skills in the field of religion and theology including the layout of a library, the library catalog, and the reference collection. Also describes the importance of periodical literature and how to use it along with the Internet and the World Wide Web. Concludes with explaining and illustrating a successful method for research documentation.

The Red Sox Encyclopedia

Author: Robert Redmount
Editor: Sports Publishing LLC
ISBN: 9781582610122
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The Red Sox story, notwithstanding the mythic " Curse of the Bambino" is a matter of pride and achievement, and of pleasure and excitement. The Red Sox Encyclopedia is the ultimate Red Sox reference book including eight eras from 1901-1997, moments of glory, greatest moments in Red Sox history, the greatest Red Sox players, Red Sox managers, as well as detailed statistical coverage. Young, Speaker, Williams, Yastrzemski, Evans and many more are included in this magnificent volume.

The Environment Employment And Sustainable Development

Author: Monica Hale
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134679459
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Environmental policies and initiatives have had a significant impact on businesses and employment practices across Europe. The Environment, Employment and Sustainable Development is a wide-ranging collection featuring contributions by academics and practitioners from countries including the UK, Spain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Ireland. Subjects covered include: * the effects of EU environmental directives, programmes and legislation and global conventions and agreements * assessment of environmental training, education and qualifications across Europe * national and international case studies * the commercial logic for businesses in 'going green' * examination of the growth in the public and private sector of career opportunities for those with environmental expertise.