Amongst Women

Author: John McGahern
Editor: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571250181
Size: 20,65 MB
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Moran is an old Republican whose life was forever transformed by his days of glory as a guerilla leader in the War of Independence. Now, in old age, living out in the country, Moran is still fighting - with his family, his friends, even himself - in a poignant struggle to come to terms with the past. 'A masterpiece.' John Banville 'John McGahern is the Irish novelist everyone should read.' Colm Tóibín 'It is compact but not dense, spare yet rich, and brimming with tension.' Observer 'An overwhelming experience.' The Times 'McGahern brings us that tonic gift of the best fiction, the sense of truth - the sense of transparency that permits us to see imaginary lives more clearly than we see our own.' John Updike 'One of the greatest writers of our era.' Hilary Mantel, New Statesman

Transcultural Encounters Amongst Women

Author: Patricia O’Byrne
Editor: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443822396
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Traditionally women have found recourse in artistic means to interrogate change and upheaval. This volume explores the experiences of women from Spain, Portugal and Latin America in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries who themselves have crossed cultural boundaries or have described this experience in their literature and film. Areas investigated in this collection of essays include the experience of the exiled or the immigrant and their personal or collective response to displacement and adaptation: the transcultural potential of cyberspace for women, how patterns and styles of the fashion industry have crossed borders, how women have crossed canonical cultural boundaries in search of identity and meaning, how global cultural influences have manifested in Hispanic and Lusophone cultural practices and production by or about women, and the challenging question of whether canine writing can be considered a branch of feminist theory. Common to most of the essays are the central issues of identity, values, conflict and interconnectedness and an analysis of the patterns that result from the transcultural encounter of these aspects.

Women Are Weak When They Are Amongst Men

Author: David Hemson
Editor: HSRC Press
ISBN: 9780796920836
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Amongst Women

Author: G. Alessandroni
Size: 14,24 MB
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Leninism Stalinism And The Women S Movement In Britain 1920 1939

Author: Sue Bruley
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 0415624614
Size: 15,28 MB
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This book offers a detailed examination of the interaction between socialism and feminism through the lens of one particular socialist organisation, the Communist Party of Great Britain, from its foundation in 1920 until the outbreak of the Second World War. The study of socialism and feminism in the CPGB can be divided into four major areas – the party’s concept of socialism and the role of women in a future society; the party’s relationship to the feminist movement; the work of the party in relation to specific women’s issues; and how the sexual division of labour operated within the party. The author here defines and explains the socialist and feminist traditions in Britain and describes the ways in which they interacted, both at the level of theory and of practice. Sources from party press and reports to interviews with party members and non-party written and oral evidence and accounts feed into this thorough chronological treatment which outlays the changes within the CPGB during the 1920s and 30s in relation to feminism.

Women S Work In East And West The Dual Burden Of Employment And Family Life

Author: Norman Stockman
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1315481073
Size: 20,28 MB
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Unmasking Administrative Evil discusses the overlooked relationship between evil and public affairs, as well as other fields and professions in public life.

Women And The State

Author: Shirin M. Rai
Editor: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1135345945
Size: 16,85 MB
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Offering a wide-ranging selection of case studies, this book evaluates women's political, social and economic involvement in Third World countries. It explores both specific experiences of women as well as common themes such as identity, empowerment and the conflict between tradition and modernity.

German Women As Letter Writers 1750 1850

Author: Lorely French
Editor: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
ISBN: 9780838636640
Size: 10,89 MB
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Examples of women's friendship, as in the letters of Meta Moller Klopstock, Louise Gottsched, and Helmina von Chezy, emphasize the public nature that women's private letters could assume through expansive circles of correspondents. An examination of the varying perspectives in the letters of Anna Louisa Karsch, Sophie Mereau, and Karoline von Gunderrode shows publishing writers who continually repositioned themselves according to their diverse roles in life. Passages from letters by Rahel Varnhagen and Caroline Schlegel-Schelling demonstrate how they granted importance to the trivial and thereby lent aesthetic value to their letters through skillful narration. An investigation of changes that Bettine von Arnim made to original letters when she edited and then published her correspondence with famous writers of her day addresses the issue of publication.

Our Power As Women

Author: Helene Lerner
Editor: Conari Press
ISBN: 9780943233918
Size: 18,85 MB
Format: PDF
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Featuring 75 never-before-published essays from the likes of Marianne Williamson, Gloria Steinem, Maya Angelou, Liz Caliborne, Geraldine Ferraro, and others, this inspirational book reads like a 7 Habits of Highly Effective People--aimed specifically at women. The upbeat tone and motivating stories will provide a call to action for many readers.

The Genesis Of Man

Author: Dr. Hyacinth Hue
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465363300
Size: 18,41 MB
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Dr. Hyacinth Hue had a vision. It was a vision of the Genesis of Man that transcends time, and sees the implications of the choices and actions of man that have resulted in the dramatic events which have formed history over the years. It underscores the fact that linear time is man-made, and not a product of God for whom time bears no constraint.