Advances In Applied Microbiology

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From the Reviews of Previous Volumes "No laboratory scientist, field worker or technical administrator can afford to pass it up.2 - ASM NEWS "The topics are well supported by an extensive bibliography and provide a rich source of current information." - BIOPHARM Genetic engineering Genetic manipulation Bioprocessing and fermentation Using microbes for producing

Techniques In Applied Microbiology

Author: B. Sikyta
Editor: Elsevier
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This book offers an exhaustive treatment of the techniques in the multidisciplinary field of applied microbiology, and a detailed survey of recent and important advances. It will be of great value to students and professionals involved in the fields of biotechnology, applied and industrial microbiology, and biochemical engineering.

Applied Microbiology

Author: A. Durieux
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
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This book illustrates the major trends in applied microbiology research with immediate or potential industrial applications. The papers proposed reflect the diversity of the application fields. New microbial developments have been done as well in the food and health sectors than in the environmental technology or in the fine chemical production. All the microbial genera are involved : yeast, fungi and bacteria. The development of biotechnology in parallel with the industrial microbiology has enabled the application of microbial diversity to our socio-economical world. The remarkable properties of microbes, inherent in their genetic and enzymatic material, allow a wide range of applications that can improve our every day life. Recent studies for elucidating the molecular basis of the physiological processes in micro-organisms are essential to improve and to control the metabolic pathways to overproduce metabolites or enzymes of industrial interest. The genetic engineering is of course one of the disciplines offering new horizons for the « fantastic microbial factory » . Studies of the culture parameter incidence on the physiology and the morphology are essential to control the response of the micro-organisms before its successful exploitation at the industrial scale. For this purpose, fundamental viewpoints are necessary. Development of novel approaches to characterise micro-organisms would also facilitate the understanding of the inherent metabolic diversity of the microbial world, in terms of adaptation to a wide range of biotopes and establishment of microbial consortia.

Applied Microbiology Agriculture Environmental Food And Industrial Microbiology

Author: S.M. Reddy
Editor: Scientific Publishers
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The book Applied Microbiology is written focusing on core syllabus of states of India. The content of the subject is simple and lucid with suitable example, and neat diagrams. The book is also useful to students of biotechnology and pharmacy. The book has a part of agriculture microbiology, which deals with soil structure, function in plant growth and development, and plant diseases and management. The part on Environmental microbiology covers the role of microorganisms, their importance in food safety and food production. The final part of the book deals in importance of microorganisms in production of chemicals and medicines needed for man. The contents are updated to make the students aware of the recent developments and acquire knowledge of allied subjects in capsule form. The review questions and further readings are also provided for self assessment and knowledge.

Applied Microbiology And Bioengineering

Author: Pratyoosh Shukla
Editor: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128155485
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Applied Microbiology and Bioengineering: An Interdisciplinary Approach discusses recent advances in microbiology and cutting-edge biotechnology that have generated interest among researchers. The book is divided into several sections, including Enzymes in Bioprocessing, Human Health, Microbial Physiology and Biomedical Applications, and Bioprocess Development. Included are some of the latest developments in the field, like smart actuators for innovative biomedical applications, microalgal antenna engineering for improved bioprocess of biofuel, cell line engineering, and synbiotic foods. It is a useful reference for those in the applied microbiology and biotechnology fields, but will also be useful for practitioners in biotech. Provides insight into the various interdisciplinary research avenues which can be utilized to benefit current researchers and students Covers novel topic areas in the field of applied microbiology, like smart actuators for innovative biomedical application, microbial tyrosinases, production of halophilic alkaline protease, human probiotic applications, and the biotechnological aspects of methylobacterium Reviews innovative bio-processing technologies for horticultural products and the bioprocess development for synbiotic foods

Advances In Applied Microbiology

Author: Allen I. Laskin
Editor: Gulf Professional Publishing
ISBN: 9780120026609
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Published since 1959, Advances in Applied Microbiology continues to be one of the most widely read and authoritative review sources in Microbiology.The series contains comprehensive reviews of the most current research in applied microbiology. Recent areas covered include bacterial diversity in the human gut, protozoan grazing of freshwater biofilms, metals in yeast fermentation processes and the interpretation of host-pathogen dialogue through microarrays.Impact factor for 2003: 1.893

Advances In Applied Microbiology

Author: Geoffrey M. Gadd
Editor: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128176237
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Advances in Applied Microbiology, Volume 109, continues the comprehensive reach of this widely read and authoritative review source in microbiology. Users will find invaluable references and information on a variety of areas relating to the topic. Contains contributions from leading authorities in the field Informs and updates on all the latest developments in the field of microbiology Includes discussions on the role of specific molecules in pathogen life stages and interactions, and much more

Applied Microbiology

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Introduction Methods of Studying Microorganisms Classification of Microorganisms Structure of Microorganisms Soil Microbiology Microbiology of Air Water Microbiology Agricultural Microbiology Industrial Microbiology Environmental Microbiology Food Microbiology Plant Pathogenic Diseases Some Bacterial, Viral, Protozoan and Fungal Diseases Microorganisms Harmful to Human Beings and Animals Immunology Virus Bacteria Control of Microorganisms Laboratory Manual

Recent Developments In Applied Microbiology And Biochemistry

Author: Buddolla Viswanath
Editor: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128167009
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Recent Developments in Applied Microbiology and Biochemistry provides a comprehensive treatment and understanding on application oriented microbial concepts, giving readers insights into recent developments in microbial biotechnology and medical, agricultural and environmental microbiology. Discusses microbial proteomics and their importance in medical microbiology Explores emerging trends in the prevention of current global health problems, such as cancer and obesity Shows recent approaches in the production of novel enzymes from environmental samples by enrichment culture and metagenomics approaches Guides readers through the status and recent developments in analytical methods for the detection of foodborne microorganisms