Archangel Animal Oracle Cards

ISBN: 9781788170765
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Author: Diana Cooper
Editor: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 1788171683
Size: 16,35 MB
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The first book of its kind on dragon spirituality, by world-renowned bestselling author on ascension and Atlantis, Diana Cooper. Dragons are returning to Earth now to prepare us for the Golden Age - and to help you ascend to the Light! Dragons are celestial beings from the angel realms who have been sent here by Source to assist and protect us. They have been serving our planet since its inception and work with the angels in service for the highest good. In this book, world-renowned ascension and Atlantis expert Diana Cooper shares incredibly detailed and practical knowledge about the dragons and how they can support us. You'll discover: * the history of dragons on Earth, how they came to be here and their mission for humanity * the air, earth, fire and water dragons, and how they act as personal companions * the higher frequency and galactic dragons and the wisdom they bring * how to meet your personal dragon guide and how it can help you on your ascension path Through the visualizations and exercises in this book, you'll learn how to attune to dragon frequencies and expand your consciousness. All you have to do is ask - and watch how the dragons co-operate with the angels to fulfil your soul's deepest desires!

The Miracles Of Archangel Michael

Author: Doreen Virtue
Editor: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 9781401923730
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Archangel Michael is a powerful protector who helps everyone who calls upon him. Inthis enlightening work, Doreen Virtue teaches the many ways in which Michael brings peace to people everywhere. The book includes fascinating true stories of how Michael has protected people while driving, guided their careers, safeguarded their children . . . and even reveals his little-known talents for repairing mechanical and electronic machines! You’ll learn how to contact Michael; and discover ways to work with him for physical and emotional healing for yourself, your friends and family members, or your clients. The stories in this book will open your heart to the amazingly pure, unconditional love that Michael has for anyone who seeks his help. The Miracles of Archangel Michael will help you feel safe, protected, and very loved!

The Female Archangels

Author: Claire Stone
Editor: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 1788173678
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The first ever book exploring the female archangels, known as Archeia, and their incredible ability to lead us on a path of compassionate love so we can manifest and create a life we love. Why are we only taught about male Archangels, and why has no one ever questioned this phenomenon? Claire Stone has communicated directly with angels since she was a child and therefore knows that the Archeia, the female archangels, are really twin flames to the male archangels we already know. The collective suppression of the divine feminine has led humanity to believe that there were no female angels of any kind, but as we start to re-awaken to the wisdom of the Mother Goddess and become accustomed to females in power, the veils are lifted, allowing us to remember and reclaim our lost spiritual heritage. Chapter by chapter, Claire introduces us to the 11 Archeia and offers the chance to work with them on a deeper level using affirmations, invocations, and rituals. For each situation in life, there is an Archeia you can call upon--for example, when you wish to manifest a romantic relationship, invoke Charity to guide you on the path of love. The exercises within will help you develop your psychic abilities, discover your life's purpose, connect with heaven and earth, clear your womb space from past sexual partners, banish negative energy, create a love altar, and much more. This book does not replace the male archangels, but rather complements them, maintaining a healthy balance between masculine and feminine. The Archeia are emerging right now and reaching out to all beings on earth to empower, comfort, and support us through our earthly journey.

Healing With The Fairies

Author: Doreen Virtue
Editor: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 9781401929930
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When a group of powerful fairies contacted Doreen Virtue, her life became an enchanting story of healings, manifestation, and true love. Healing with the Fairies is Doreen's very personal story of how the fairies helped her deal with a divorce and prepare herself for a spiritually based relationship. In this truly inspired book, you'll read how the fairies introduced Doreen to her lifelong soulmate, a man who she later discovered was the boy-next-door she'd had a childhood crush on. You'll also learn, along with Doreen, about the fairies' incredible powers of manifestation. Doreen shares what the dolphins, mermaids, dragonflies, and other members of the elemental kingdom taught her. You'll see that the fairies have the ability to help you create and attract miracles, and this book can teach you how to work with them to empower and heal your entire life!

Oracle Card Journal

Author: Cordelia Blake
ISBN: 9781986927949
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This journal is an empowering tool to record your sacred spiritual journey with the Oracle deck of your choice. Add writing in this diary to your supply toolkit whether doing card readings as part of your spiritual path for daily guidance or meditation, in tune with the lunar cycle, or simply when you feel called. Deepen your practice by journaling this enchanted ritual. On each page document: Card deck used Date Layout Query Thoughts & Notes This book is a wonderful accompaniment to explore messages from any or all of the wonderful decks available such as angel, goddess, shaman, crystal, fairy, dolphin, chakra, gaia, biblical, romance, mermaid, moon, numerology, saints, warrior, sacred geometry, spirit animal, rune, native wisdom and medicine, archangel, and witchcraft. Journaling women, men, and kids will enjoy this notebook as a gift to guide and focus the powerful internal ritual of working with an Oracle or tarot deck. Whether seeking intuitive mystical wisdom, divination, healing, shifting energy, receiving universal, divine, higher self, or angelic guidance, achieving balance, creating abundance, living a more purposeful life, tuning into the sacred magic of the universe, practicing gratitude or working with a card deck for entertainment.

Earth Magic

Author: Steven D. Farmer
ISBN: 1458772187
Size: 19,41 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 990

EARTH MAGIC In this fascinating book, Dr. Steven Farmer offers a unique synthesis of ancient shamanic practices and philosophies that have proven over millennia to help heal the spiritual causes of physical and emotional illnesses, augment personal power, enhance manifestation abilities, and encourage a balanced and harmonious relationship with our Earth. Although the foundation for Earth Magic is universal shamanic wisdom, it's not necessary to have an interest in shamanism to benefit from its contents, as it expands beyond this topic to incorporate processes that are useful for all those with the sincere intention to heal themselves, others, and the planet.

The Crystal Cave Trilogy

Author: Susan Wittig Albert
Editor: Greenleaf Book Group
ISBN: 1952558107
Size: 13,10 MB
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The omnibus edition of the Crystal Cave Trilogy, from NYT bestselling author, Susan Wittig Albert. NoBODY: Ruby Wilcox has always known that she has a rare gift for seeing things that others can’t. But she tries to downplay her psychic gift—until she experiences a horrifying nightmare that just won’t stop. Again and again, she dreams that a woman is abducted on the hike-and-bike trail and knows that the victim is in deadly danger. SomeBODY Else: Ruby is spending the weekend as a vendor at the annual Mystic Creek Harvest Festival, held at a Hill Country ranch. When she begins to suspect that she knows more than she’s meant to know about a murder, she has to decide how to use this dangerous knowledge. Out of BODY: It’s Halloween, and Ruby is planning a busy holiday weekend at the Crystal Cave. But her holiday plans are interrupted when Jessica Nelson, crime reporter at the Pecan Springs Enterprise, shows up with a hard-to-believe story about a serial killer targeting the terminally ill. When Detective Ethan Connors gets involved and Jessica herself is threatened, Ruby’s psychic abilities are put to the test in ways she could never have predicted. Ruby Wilcox can see things that others can’t, but that doesn’t guarantee that she knows her own heart. What would her life be like if she honored her psychic gifts and found powers within herself that she had never imagined?

The Indigo Soul

Author: Arnette Lamoreaux
Editor: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1504342372
Size: 15,42 MB
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When I started my professional career I was told I was tenacious. I had to look up the definition. Determined or stubborn: tending to stick firmly to any decision, plan or opinion without changing or doubting it. The last few years I have been anything but tenacious. I tried one thing, if it didn’t work, I immediately changed course and looked for another viable option. My heart goes out to parents who may find themselves in a similar situation. I had the background. I had resources. More than that, I had an undeniable fear. Fear that my kids would be lost in a world that didn’t understand, nor WANTED to understand. Not everyone can function in our educational infrastructure and how dare anyone pass judgment and say they are inferior in any way. My lesson: to not be afraid of the mandates of this society. This is the true story of a mom, protecting her children, and learning that their true purpose is to not only protect me, but everything else as well. I am again tenacious; for all that is Indigo.

Vaporizing Clouds

Author: Eileen Moore Koenigsberg
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465324976
Size: 16,96 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Vaporizing Clouds: Exploring Mind, Body, & Spirit by Eileen Moore Koenigsberg We all know there is more to this world than meets the eye. We all have a great potential inside. Most of us only explore the tip of our own icebergs, of ourselves. This book will help you to explore further, deeper into the workings of your mind, deeper into the connection to your inner self. It will help you to see how you influence life in a profound way, and how you can become more aware of your whole consciousness. Vaporizing real, physical clouds is something we can all learn to do. This book shows you how. You will realize through doing the various exercises and techniques, how much impact you have on your life, on your environment, on things you would never have imagined. You will be given keys to working with the Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction, understanding and directing your mind, and exploring your inner connection to Source. We all have many different clouds in our lives. We often see clouds as things that are in our way, or in the way of the light. Come with an open mind and heart, explore your mind, body and spirit, and uncover your own light of understanding. Namaste!