Biodynamic Organic And Natural Winemaking

Autore: Britt Karlsson
ISBN: 9781782501138
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Formato: PDF, ePub
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An award-winning and invaluable introduction to sustainable winemaking for all wine growers.

Natural Wine

Autore: Isabelle Legeron
Editore: Ryland Peters & Small
ISBN: 1788791428
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Find out more about natural wine—made naturally from organically or biodynamically grown grapes – from leading authority Isabelle Legeron MW. Wine-making has become ever-more unnatural, from the use of blanket crop-spraying in vineyards, to the over-use of sulfites and additives in the cellar, but luckily there is another way, as Master of Wine Isabelle Legeron explains. Isabelle, who campaigns for natural wine around the world and runs the hugely successful RAW wine fairs in London, Berlin and New York, reveals why the finest, most authentic wines are those made naturally. While currently not regulated by an official definition, natural wines are made from sustainably farmed, organic (or biodynamic) grapes, with nothing removed or added during winemaking, bar at most a dash of sulfites. It is good old-fashioned grape juice fermented into wine – just as nature intended. If you care about what’s in your glass, want to explore unique flavours, or are keen to support small-scale producers, then you need to know more about natural wine, and where to find it. The second edition of this consumer guide to natural wine has been fully updated, and explains the processes involved, introduces you to some of the growers, and suggests over 140 of the best wines for you to try. “A joyous celebration of all that Legeron believes is good and pure in the world of wine and wine production.” TLS Shortlisted for the André Simon Food & Drink Awards 2015. the Fortnum and Mason Food & Drink Awards 2014, and the Louis Roederer International Wine Writers Awards 2015.

Authentic Wine

Autore: Jamie Goode
Editore: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520275756
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Naturalness is a hot topic in the wine world. But what exactly is a natural wine? For this book, best-selling wine writer Jamie Goode has teamed up with winemaker and Master of Wine Sam Harrop to explore the wide range of issues surrounding authenticity in wine. Sam Harrop initially trained as a winemaker in New Zealand.

Biodynamic Wine

Autore: Monty Waldin
Editore: Infinite Ideas
ISBN: 191090239X
Grandezza: 78,98 MB
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Monty Waldin’s Biodynamic wine is a comprehensive and entertaining guide to the most argued-about green wine-making phenomenon of recent years. It is both an ideal how-to manual for growers and a captivating guide for wine professionals and wine lovers alike.

What Is Biodynamic Wine

Autore: Nicholas Joly
ISBN: 1905570503
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Nicolas Joly is responsible for producing some of the finest and most highly esteemed wines of France at his CoulÉe de Serrant vineyard. Practising the biodynamic method of agriculture - sometimes referred to as ‘premium organic’ - he is at the forefront of a movement to return to the concept of terroir, as full expression and embodiment of a particular grape-growing locality, or appelation. Today even expensive wines, made under strictly regulated controls and standards, are tainted by the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and manipulated in the cellar through the use of osmosis and the additions of aromatic yeasts and enzymes. To counter such trends, a new ‘Charter of Quality’, run by organic and biodynamic viticulturists, guarantees that the appelation comes to full, authentic expression. To aid this process, biodynamic winegrowers like Joly use special planting methods and preparations that enhance and invigorate the soil, bringing it into harmony with the forces of sun, moon and cosmos to embed the vine in a rich, living context.

Wine Unfiltered

Autore: Katherine Clary
Editore: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0762469978
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A friendly, charming, and beautifully illustrated introduction to the world of natural wine -- where to buy it, what it tastes like, how to share it, and why it matters. What makes a wine "natural"? And why does it matter? In Wine, Unfiltered, Katherine Clary, author and creator of the Wine Zine, tackles these questions and many more -- like the difference between organic and biodynamic wines, and whether natural varieties really prevent hangovers -- to give readers a holistic picture of the thriving world of natural wine. From grape varietals to legendary vintners to the best way to navigate an unfamiliar wine shop, this accessible, witty book is an irresistible exploration of the cutting edge of wine. Perfect for both natural wine novices and seasoned drinkers, Wine, Unfiltered offers an unpretentious look at what makes natural wine so special. Sections on growing regions, building your own wine cellar, and how to taste a 'living wine' will impart readers with the confidence to finally explain what natural wine is at a party, ask a sommelier a question at a restaurant, or convince a reluctant family member to make the switch from conventional to natural wine. Vital information and nuanced opinions are broken out into digestible bites, alongside bold illustrations, in this essential read for anyone interested in the rapidly expanding world of natural wines.

Varieties Of Green Business

Autore: Geoffrey Jones
Editore: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1788114140
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This book provides rich new empirical evidence on green business as it examines its variation between industries and nations, and over time. It demonstrates the deep historical origins of endeavors to create for-profit businesses that were more responsible and sustainable, but also how these strategies have faced constraints, trade-offs and challenges of legitimacy. Based on extensive interviews and archives from around the world, the book asks why green business succeeds more in some contexts than others, and draws lessons from failure as well as success.

Which Wine When

Autore: Bert Blaize
Editore: Random House
ISBN: 1473571049
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‘A brilliantly simple guide to give anyone instant confidence choosing wine.’ Russell Norman Which Wine When offers brilliant wine matches to the food we eat every day. This is for anyone who knows their sourdough from their sliced white but still finds themselves standing in the wine aisle making panicked decisions about what to drink based on special offers, a vague memory or a nice-looking label. Now you’ll be able to look up dish or style of cooking and find three recommendations – and if the shop doesn’t have what you want, Bert and Claire give you the words to ask for the type of wine you’re looking for. From takeaways and snacks to Sunday lunches, home-cooked classics, cheese and desserts, these expert wine matches are fun, affordable and simple enough you can pop to a supermarket or local wine shop. Whether you’re ordering a curry, taking a bottle to a friend's, going out for dinner, or vegging out on the sofa with a bowl of pasta, Which Wine When will turn even the most down-to-earth meal into a magical combination of what’s on your plate and what’s in your glass. Don't wander the wine aisle without it.

Wine Production And Quality

Autore: Keith Grainger
Editore: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118934555
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Revised edition of: Wine production / Keith Grainger and Hazel Tattersall. Oxford; Ames, Iowa: Blackwell Pub., 2005.

Wine From Sky To Earth

Autore: Nicolas Joly
Editore: Acres USA
Grandezza: 55,35 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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From France's greatest winegrower-a chemical free, organic, wine-rich in the vital force of life. Nicholas Joly's Loire Valley vineyard produces what has been called France's-or even the world's-best white wine. He grows and produces these wines without using any pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers in growing the grapes or using chemical additives during the winemaking process. He creates his beautiful wine by understanding and working with the subtle forces of nature. This practice founded by visionary Rudolf Steiner is called biodynamics and Nicholas Joly is one of the world's most respected practitioners and teachers. Sophisticated wine lovers, winegrowers, and new age horticulturists will enjoy this beautiful, poetic book about the earth, our food, and our lives. The striking photos of Mr. Joly's vineyard, planted by the Cisterian monks in 1130 and continuously cultivated, will inspire all to learn more about the Loire Valley, Joly's methods, and wine in general.

The Complete Idiot S Guide To Wine Basics 2nd Edition

Autore: Tara Q. Thomas
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 1101022078
Grandezza: 65,35 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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From grape lover to grape aficionado. The possibilities of learning about and buying wine have expanded and so has The Complete Idiots Guide® to Wine Basics with a new edition. Here, readers can get their hands on new information such as ordering hard-to-find wine online, discussing the newest and most popular labels and vintages, and understanding the biggest trend in wine today - environmentally conscious wines and winemaking. Readers will find: ?Essentials about the winemaking process, key terms, tips for tasting, and buying advice ?Organic, biodynamic and natural winemaking ?Winemaking in states other than California, Oregon, and Washington ?Regions gaining popularity, such as South Africa, Eastern Europe, and Portugal

The Battle For Wine And Love

Autore: Alice Feiring
Editore: HMH
ISBN: 015603476X
Grandezza: 77,97 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 1945

An “entertaining and passionate” connoisseur tours the vineyards of Europe and California, arguing for an old-fashioned appreciation of authenticity (The New York Times). The drastic effects that influential wine critic Robert M. Parker Jr. has had on the winemaking industry are best described as wine Parkerization. Many vintners are leaving old techniques behind and turning to chemistry and technology in order to please Parker’s palate. This led to the disappearance of James Beard Foundation Award–winning writer Alice Feiring’s favorite wines—and she was determined to learn why. In a one-woman crusade that will have you wondering what exactly is in your glass, Feiring argues against the tyranny of homogenization, Big Wine, consultants, and, of course, Parker’s infamous one hundred-point scoring system. Traveling through the vineyards of the Loire and Champagne, to Piedmont and Spain, she searches for authentic Barolo, the last old-style Rioja, and the tastiest terroir-driven Champagnes. Feiring reveals what goes into the average bottle—the reverse osmosis, the yeasts and enzymes, the sawdust and oak chips—and why she doesn’t find much to drink in California. She introduces rebel winemakers who are embracing old-fashioned techniques and making wines with individuality and soul. And finally Feiring explains what love’s really got to do with it all, in a delightful read for anyone who truly appreciates the good things in life.

Anna Getty S Easy Green Organic

Autore: Anna Getty
Editore: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 0811866688
Grandezza: 45,37 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Explains how to shop for organic, seasonal, and local ingredients; details how to create an eco-friendly kitchen; and includes one hundred recipes for dishes including roasted tomato and goat cheese toasts and double lemon chicken breast with fresh tomato basil salsa.

The Complete Idiot S Guide To Starting And Running A Winery

Autore: Thomas Pellechia
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 1440653488
Grandezza: 56,89 MB
Formato: PDF
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Making the dream a reality? For many people, owning and running a winery is a dream job. According to Wine Business Monthly, the number of wineries in the U.S. has jumped 26% in less than three years. To carry out this dream, one must understand that wine making involves both science and art. Starting a winery is just like starting any other business and requires planning and a deep understanding of the industry. In The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Starting and Running a Winery, readers will learn: ?How to put together a business plan ?Different varieties of grapes and wines ?How to lay out a floor plan and what equipment is needed ?How to promote wines

The Complete Idiot S Guide To Wine Basics 2nd Edition

Autore: Tara Thomas
Editore: Penguin
ISBN: 1101020431
Grandezza: 31,14 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 4863

From grape lover to grape aficionado. The possibilities of learning about and buying wine have expanded and so has The Complete Idiots Guide® to Wine Basics with a new edition. Here, readers can get their hands on new information such as ordering hard-to-find wine online, discussing the newest and most popular labels and vintages, and understanding the biggest trend in wine today - environmentally conscious wines and winemaking. Readers will find: ?Essentials about the winemaking process, key terms, tips for tasting, and buying advice ?Organic, biodynamic and natural winemaking ?Winemaking in states other than California, Oregon, and Washington ?Regions gaining popularity, such as South Africa, Eastern Europe, and Portugal

Australian Hotelier

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Autore: Gérard Bertrand
Editore: La Martiniere/Abrams
ISBN: 9781419753749
Grandezza: 16,79 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 2719

From an ambassador of biodynamic viticulture, an inspiring, urgent call for harmony between the environment and vineyards Gérard Bertrand, a leader in the area of organic and biodynamic wines, believes that winemaking should be harmonious with nature, to make room for great wines rich with all the nuances of the terroir. But climate change, international tensions, self-serving entities, fast-paced digitization, and health crises--including the COVID-19 pandemic--are disrupting this relationship. In this openhearted work, Bertrand imagines solutions for a better world, starting with utopia--a symbiotic, resilient, altruistic environment for both human beings and nature.

Don T Cook The Planet

Autore: Emily Abrams
Editore: Triumph Books
ISBN: 1623687985
Grandezza: 79,11 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 4633

Choosing meals prepared with fresh, natural ingredients isn’t just healthy, it’s good for the earth. In Don’t Cook the Planet, author Emily Abrams and an all-star collection of chefs and ecoactivists share more than 70 delicious recipes as well as tips on how to minimize your carbon footprint. Each contributor—including Stephanie Izard, Top Chef star and executive chef at Girl & the Goat; Chevy Chase; MasterChef judge and acclaimed chef Graham Elliot; actor Joshua Henderson; and many others—provides easy, everyday ideas that will save you money and stock your kitchen with fresh, delicious foods while preserving the planet for generations to come. The author, an 18-year-old activist, approaches sustainability from a personal perspective, striving to make changes that will impact her generation, and in so doing, has created a cookbook that explains how positive food choices significantly impact one’s environment as well as one’s health.

A Vineyard Odyssey

Autore: John Kiger
Editore: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 1442221917
Grandezza: 53,60 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 9337

A Vineyard Odyssey is a fascinating saga of wine that takes the reader on a travelogue of the many hazards that lie along the journey from vine to bottle. John Kiger tracks the nefarious denizens of the vineyard world—the host of animals, insects, fungi, bacteria, and viruses that are capable of sabotaging a promising vintage right under the nose of an unsuspecting grower. Highlighting the many hazards of nature that lie hidden in any vintage, Kiger explains how an organic approach to cultivation can conquer or at least contain them. This is the unique story of a winegrower and an organic philosophy that guides the annual struggle to coax great wine from a steep hillside and a few thousand vines, vividly bringing to life the hard-fought battles behind the wines we savor.