Bobby S Open

Author: Steven Reid
Editor: Icon Books Ltd
ISBN: 1906850313
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TIMES BRITISH SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEAR 2013 25th June 1926. Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club is hosting the world's oldest and most prestigious golf tournament - The Open Championship. A stellar field of players has assembled from both sides of the Atlantic hoping to claim victory, including Walter Hagen, Harry Vardon and a rising young amateur from the USA, Bobby Jones. Already a winner of the US Open and US Amateur Championship, Jones has yet to win a Major event on British soil. To do so now would set him on a path of unrivalled achievement and into the history books as the greatest amateur golfer the world has ever known. As the competition boils down to the penultimate hole on the final day, Bobby must hold his nerve to pull off a miracle recovery shot that will fire his reputation - and that of the golf course - around the world. Bobby's Open is the inspirational story of a golfing legend and one of the game's defining contests. Steven Reid blends social history with sporting biography to portray the most famous sportsman of his time, examining why Jones was so adored and the cruel price he ultimately paid for his genius.

Bobby And Jackie

Author: C. David Heymann
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439165475
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From New York Times bestselling author C. David Heymann, an in-depth and controversial look at the much talked about but never fully revealed relationship between Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Robert F. Kennedy. Few writers have immersed themselves in the world of the Kennedys as completely or successfully as C. David Heymann, whose Jackie Kennedy Onassis biography, A Woman Named Jackie, reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller list, sold more than a million copies in hardcover, and was hailed by People as the Best Book of 1989. Now he draws on his impressive list of sources and impeccable insight to reveal the truth behind one of the most tantalizing relationships in American history. Readers have long been fascinated by the rumored love affair between Jackie Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy. With Bobby and Jackie, they will finally get behind-closed-doors access to the emotional connection between these two legendary figures. An open secret for decades among Kennedy insiders, their affair emerges from the shadows in an illuminating book that only the author of The Georgetown Ladies’ Social Club and American Legacy could produce. This is the book that readers will be talking about for years to come.

Call Me Shady

Author: Carole Southwood
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 059540538X
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Janet "Shady" Shahadi's life doesn't start out well. When Shady, the daughter of an Arab father and Irish mother, is fourteen months old, her mother decides to give her away, bundles her up, and has a cab driver deliver Shady to her father's cigar store. Shady grows up in alternately nurturing and abusive environments, and when she is older, Shady is told her mother is dead. After a disastrous marriage and numerous affairs and fly-by-night relationships, Shady falls in love with Bobby Summerville, a black law student and sixties-generation civil rights activist. Bobby deepens Shady's knowledge of the world and of herself, but the lovers clash at every turn and eventually break up. Shady is devastated, but she finds solace with other men. When she visits a palm reader who tells her that her life story will be made into a book, Shady is skeptical. But when Shady advertises her services as a freelance typist, she meets the woman who will soon become her biographer. As Shady types her story, she is forced to confront her painful past-and start down the path to healing.

In A Free State

Author: V. S. Naipaul
Editor: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0330516221
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The central novel from V.S. Naipaul’s Booker Prize-winning narrative of displacement, published for the first time in a stand-alone edition. ‘In a Free State was conceived in 1969 as a sequence about displacement. There was to be a central novel, set in Africa, with shorter surrounding matter from other places. The shorter pieces from these varied places were intended to throw a universal light on the African material. But then, as the years passed and the world changed, and I felt myself less of an oddity as a writer, I grew to feel that the central novel was muffled and diminished by the surrounding material and I began to think that the novel should be published on its own. This is what, many years after its first publication, my publisher is doing in this edition.’ - V. S. Naipaul. In a Free State is set in Africa, in a place like Uganda or Rwanda, and its two main characters are English. They had once found liberation in Africa. But now Africa is going sour on them. The land is no longer safe, and at a time of tribal conflict they have to make a long drive to the safety of their compound. At the end of this drive – the narrative tight, wonderfully constructed, the formal and precise language always instilled with violence and rage – we know everything about the English characters, the African country, and the Idi Amin-like future awaiting it.

The Light Of Other Days

Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Editor: Tor Books
ISBN: 1429959622
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From Arthur C. Clarke, the brilliant mind that brought us 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Stephen Baxter, one of the most cogent SF writers of his generation, comes a novel of a day, not so far in the future, when the barriers of time and distance have suddenly turned to glass. When a brilliant, driven industrialist harnesses cutting-edge physics to enable people everywhere, at trivial cost, to see one another at all times—around every corner, through every wall—the result is the sudden and complete abolition of human privacy, forever. Then the same technology proves able to look backward in time as well. The Light of Other Days is a story that will change your view of what it is to be human. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Boxer Handsome

Author: Anna Whitwham
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1448180023
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'A genuinely impressive debut. Boxer Handsome does everything great fiction should... revealing a world that most people will never even think about. If you can't see what it is that people need from boxing, or why it somehow persists into the 21st century, then read this' -- Guardian Boxing runs in Bobby’s blood. His Irish dad was a boxer. So was his Jewish grandfather. Yanked up by their collars at Clapton Bow Boys Club, taught how to box and stay out of trouble. So Bobby knows he shouldn’t be messing in street brawls a week before his big fight with Connor ‘the Gypsy Boy’, an Irish traveller from around the way. They’re fighting over Theresa: a traveller girl with Connor’s name all over her. But Bobby’s handsome, like his dad; boxer handsome. For Bobby, the ring is everywhere and he can’t afford to lose.

Bobby Blake On A Plantation

Author: Frank A. Warner
Size: 19,24 MB
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Example in this ebook CHAPTER I THE SINKING BOAT “I tell you what, fellows, that was some game yesterday,” said Fred Martin, as he sat with his comrades on the steps of Rockledge Hall, the day after that memorable Thanksgiving Day when Rockledge had beaten its great rival, Belden, in the annual football game. “It was a close shave though,” remarked his chum, Bobby Blake, who had been the chief factor in the victory. “There were only two minutes left of playing time when, we got the touchdown. It came just in the nick of time.” “I thought you were a goner when that fellow Hoskins dove at you,” put in Jimmy Ailshine, better known as “Shiner.” “That fellow sure is a terror when it comes to tackling. He grabs you as if you were a long-lost brother.” “He came mighty near stopping me,” admitted Bobby. “I just felt his fingers touch me as I dodged. But a miss is as good as a mile, in football as in everything else.” “It was a tough game for Belden to lose,” commented Perry Wise, a big, fat boy, who went by the ironical nickname of “Pee Wee.” “But both teams couldn’t win, and we were just a little bit too good for them,” he added complacently. “Listen to that ‘we’,” jibed “Sparrow” Bangs. “Lot you had to do with it, you old elephant.” “Wasn’t I sitting there rooting to beat the band?” demanded Pee Wee in an aggrieved tone. “And let me tell you I’m some little rooter.” “Well, we’ve won the banner of blue and gold anyway,” declared Howell Purdy. “Maybe it won’t look good floating from the top of that flagstaff.” “I wonder when we’re going to get it,” pondered “Skeets” Brody. “Have you seen it yet, Bobby?” “Not yet,” replied Bobby. “But Frank Durrock told me all about it. It’s mighty nifty. It’s made in blue and gold, with a football in the center. Then at each of the four corners there’ll be the emblem of one of the schools that played for it, and it will have embroidered on it: ‘Champions of the Monatook Lake Football League.’” “I’d like to have the letters big enough so that the Belden fellows could read it from across the lake,” chuckled Sparrow. “Come off, Sparrow,” said Bobby with a laugh. “You’re like the Indians who scalp the dead. It ought to be enough for you that we beat them, without wanting to rub it in. Besides, we didn’t beat them by such a margin that we can afford to brag much about it. They sure let us know that we’d been in a fight.” “Talking of fighting,” chimed in Billy Bassett, “did any of you fellows hear of the hold up that took place in town this morning?” “Hold up!” came in a chorus from the lips of all the boys, as they crowded around him. “Yes,” replied Billy, “up at Mr. Henderson’s house, about nine o’clock.” “In broad daylight!” ejaculated Fred. “Gee, but those robbers are getting bold. Are you sure about it, Billy?” “Dead sure,” replied Billy. “In fact, I just happened to be passing by, and I saw the whole thing.” “You saw it!” cried Sparrow, fairly bubbling over with excitement. “It’s a wonder you didn’t say something before. How many were there in it?” “There were two against one,” answered Billy. “Weren’t you awfully scared?” asked Skeets. “Not a bit,” declared Billy. “Why should I be scared at seeing two clothes pins holding up a shirt?” There was a moment of awful silence. Then with a howl the crowd rose and threw themselves on Billy, and mauled and pounded him until he begged for mercy. “To think that I fell for it!” snorted Fred disgustedly. “I sure am easy.” “I’m just as bad,” mourned Sparrow. “I swallowed the whole thing, hook, line and sinker. I’m not fit to go around alone. They ought to put me in an asylum for the feeble-minded.” “Serves you both right,” laughed Bobby. “You ought to know Billy by this time. Whenever he starts to talk you can be sure that he’s trying to put something over on us.” “I’d hate to have your suspicious disposition,” grinned Billy, highly delighted with the success he had scored. To be continue in this ebook

Legacy Of Secrecy

Author: Lamar Waldron
Editor: Catapult
ISBN: 1582439508
Size: 13,49 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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From the authors of Ultimate Sacrifice—”Explosive new material, based mainly on government documents from the National Archives” (Vanity Fair). John F. Kennedy’s assassination launched a frantic search to find his killers. It also launched a flurry of covert actions by Lyndon Johnson, Robert F. Kennedy, and other top officials to hide the fact that in November 1963, the United States was on the brink of invading Cuba as part of a JFK-authorized coup. The coup plan’s exposure could have led to a nuclear confrontation with Russia, but the cover-up prevented a full investigation into Kennedy’s assassination, a legacy of secrecy that would impact American politics and foreign policy for the next forty-five years. It also allowed two men who confessed their roles in JFK’s murder to be involved in the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King in 1968. Exclusive interviews and newly declassified files from the National Archives document in chilling detail how three mob bosses were able to prevent the truth from coming to light until now. “They’ve done a service by digging up the deepest, darkest, most disturbing archival evidence to support their Mob hit theory.” —Ron Rosenbaum, New York Times bestselling author of Explaining Hitler “A riveting take on the assassination itself and the devastating results of government secrets, this account proves the continuing relevancy and importance of seeking the truth behind one of the US’s most personal tragedies.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Bobby Flay S Burgers Fries And Shakes

Author: Bobby Flay
Editor: Clarkson Potter
ISBN: 9780307460639
Size: 11,51 MB
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After a long day spent in one of his restaurants or taping a television show, what Bobby Flay craves more than anything else is … a crusty-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside burger; a fistful of golden, crisp, salty fries; and a thick, icy milkshake. Given the grilling guru’s affinity for bold flavors and signature twists on American favorites, it’s no surprise that he has crafted the tastiest recipes ever for this ultimate food trio. Though he doesn’t believe in messing with delicious certified Angus chuck (just salt and pepper on the patty–no “meatloaf” burgers here), Bobby loves adding flavorful relishes and condiments to elevate the classic burger. Once you’ve learned what goes into making that burger (from how to shape it so it cooks up perfectly to melting the cheese just so), go to town with Bobby's favorite combinations of additions. Try the Cheyenne Burger, which gets slathered with homemade barbecue sauce and then piled high with bacon and shoestring onion rings, or the Santa Fe Burger, topped with a blistered poblano, queso sauce, and crumbled blue corn tortilla chips. And although Bobby’s personal preference is for beef, turkey can be substituted in any burger, and a handful of salmon and tuna burger recipes are included for those looking for leaner options. After you’ve mastered the burger, discover Bobby’s secrets to cooking up the best French fries–whether they’re fried, grilled, or oven roasted, or made from spuds, sweet potatoes, or even plantains–as well as homemade potato chips and onions rings. Wash it all down with a creamy shake, from Fresh Mint—Chocolate Speckled Milkshake to Blackberry Cheesecake Milkshake (or a spiked adult variation). With the opening of Bobby’s Burger Palace in Lake Grove, New York, on Long Island–and with more locations to come–Bobby has achieved burger, fry, and shake bliss in the world. For outdoor summer bashes and casual weeknight meals that even the kids will get excited about, Bobby Flay’s Burgers, Fries & Shakes will share that bliss and remind you just why the burger is such a beloved American original. From the Hardcover edition.

Bobby Fischer

Author: Frank Brady
Editor: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486259250
Size: 18,24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 816

Revealing biography of the controversial chess champion, written by a chess player who knew Fischer since the latter was 11. It chronicles Fischer's tumultuous public and private lives, including an analysis of 90 games that trace his rise to supremacy plus a complete history of the1972 Fischer-Spassky match. 26 photographs.