Both Ends Of The Rainbow

Author: Gloria Ku'uleialoha Coppola
Editor: BalboaPress
ISBN: 1452574138
Size: 13,11 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 594

Lomilomi is a way of life that weaves a path of Aloha in all you do. Both Ends of the Rainbow shares this healing journey and how you can find your life's purpose through Gloria's inspiration. Exquisitely illustrated through stories shared by the author and the hawaiian teachers along with with beautifully depicted photos of this healing art. You will feel like you traveled to hawaii with Gloria Coppola.

Contextual Learning

Editor: PT Grafindo Media Pratama
ISBN: 9789797585167
Size: 15,31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 489

The Other End Of The Rainbow

Author: David Gardiner
ISBN: 9780955543036
Size: 18,78 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 625

James Joyce meets Ray Bradbury in David Gardiner's second collection of tales wrapped in the imaginings of a Cassandra/Wandering Jew-type sage whose words open doorways into landscapes of the imagination, both bright and profoundly dark. These are short stories in the full-blooded sense, with beginnings, middles and ends. Binnacle Press, in naming it as Book of the Month, said of the first Rainbow Man collection: You pick up this book with its charming exterior thinking you are going to read a collection of equally charming short stories, seasoned perhaps with a little grit to raise it above the tame, but what you actually get are jawdropping vignettes of the sort of lives only a writer of David's calibre could relate with such vivid and at times disturbing realism, and all this whilst at the same time managing to avoiding the usual, the jaded and the hackneyed to ensnare your attention. Nothing is as it seems and the more mundane the surface, the more layers there appear to be; we are talking about a true literary onion here, multi-layered and quite able to bring tears to your eyes. The Irish Emigrant magazine told us that: ...without exception all twenty-three of the stories, exploring life both familiar and unfamiliar, leave the reader with something to think about, and linger in the mind long after the final page is turned. The present collection is all of the above, and more.

End Of The Rainbow

Author: Peter Quilter
Editor: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408150220
Size: 20,90 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 634

Musical drama of Judy Garland's "come-back" concerts Christmas 1968: with a six week booking at London's Talk of the Town, it looks like Judy Garland is set firmly on the comeback trail. The failed marriages, the suicide attempts and the addictions are all behind her. At forty-six and with new flame Mickey Deans at her side, she seems determined to carry it off and recapture her magic. But lasting happiness always eludes some people, and there was never any answer to the question with which Judy ended every show: "If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why, oh, why, can't I?" End of the Rainbow is a savagely funny drama featuring a glorious ensemble of Judy Garland hits and infused with the glamour and the melancholy of stardom. "Every note she sings, every racket she makes, every tear she sheds, every joke she cracks, every pill she pops - is conveyed with alarming honesty. This knockout portrait of a living catastrophe should not be missed." What's On Published to tie-in with the premiere at the Sydney Opera House in July 2005

Life On The Highest Plane

Author: Ruth Paxson
Editor: Kregel Publications
ISBN: 9780825496530
Size: 13,74 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 440

Life on the Highest Plane has blessed several generations with its blend of biblical teaching and personal application. Ruth Paxson presents the biblical progression of the spiritual life from that of the natural person (the unsaved) to the carnal person (the immature believer) to the spiritual person (the mature believer). This last position is God's intention for all believers--a life lived on the highest spiritual plane.

Ma Ji

Author: Byron Dye
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1425729193
Size: 16,20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 121

Daniel is a very young man when he is separated from all that he knows and loves. Pulled into a city of innumerable temptations and exalted to a position of power and authority, he fights to keep himself grounded. An ancient sect of Seers-the Ma-ji-seeks him out. They recognize in him the ability to see farther into the future then anyone else has ever gone, and they know how much the dark forces covet this knowledge. With his three best friends alongside, Daniel must face disappointment in their actions as well as his own. Daniel's dreams led him on a quest for the fabled "Twelve Masks of Life." These masks hold the key to a power that sets minds free. They are the source of creativity on this planet. The created becomes the Creator.the control of all future civilizations lies in the balance. Truth becomes skewed and Daniel's innocence will be lost. Daniel is a dreamer, and a dreamer dreams. It is the dark image of unrelenting strength that comes to him, forcing submission on the weak, but it is the meek that shall prevail. Daniel must endure Abed's fall from an unwise path. He must watch as his mentor and spirit-guide is stripped away from this life by those who would use knowledge to further their own personal ends. To know one's place and to fight for the good of all creatures is the journey of the heart.

Poems Of Life

Author: Charles Harrison
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595477828
Size: 12,43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 228

These poems were written by a retired physician who had never had any experience as a professional writer. He had always had a love of poetry, but didn't have the time to pursue this endeavor. He learned early on that he had an aptitude for poetic writing. He was encouraged by his wife and many close friends who read some of his first poems. These poems cover a large range of events which could be encountered in life. The poems are encompassing enough that people from many cultural and ethnic backgrounds should be able to find them quite interesting. They are not based in totality on any specific occurrences which the author encountered. His life as an Afro- American, growing up in the South during the era of Segregation and during the Great Depression did have a great influence on his writing.

Rainbow S End

Author: Vernor Vinge
Editor: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 1447217470
Size: 17,53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 647

Robert Gu is a world-renowned poet and recovering Alzheimer's patient. The world that he remembers was much as we know it today. Now, as he regains his faculties through a new cure, he discovers that the world has changed. He is seventy-five years old, though by a medical miracle he looks much younger, and he’s starting over, for the first time unsure of his poetic gifts. Living with his son’s family, he has no choice but to learn how to cope with a new information age in which the virtual and the real are a seamless continuum. But the consensus reality of the digital world is available only if, like his thirteen-year-old granddaughter Miri, you know how to wear your wireless access and to see the digital context—through smart contact lenses. With knowledge comes risk. When Robert begins to re-train at Fairmont High he unwittingly becomes part of a wide-ranging conspiracy to use technology as a tool for world domination. This conspiracy is something that baffles even the most sophisticated security analysts, including Robert’s son and daughter-in law, two top people in the U.S. military. And even Miri, in her attempts to protect her grandfather, may be entangled in the plot . . . ‘In the grand tradition of William Gibson and Neal Stephenson, Vernor Vinge just turned the future upside-down in Rainbow's End’ Charles Stross

Salmonine Introductions To The Laurentian Great Lakes

Author: Stephen Scott Crawford
Editor: NRC Research Press
ISBN: 0660176394
Size: 18,70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 557

The introduction of salmonines to the Great Lakes date back to the 1870s, when natural populations of native salmonines in the Great Lakes were in severe decline. This title presents an historical review and evaluation of documented ecological effects associated with salmonine introductions to the Laurentian Great Lakes.

Wall Street Where The Rainbow Ends

Author: William Elihu Palmer
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469110423
Size: 19,64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 998

Can a man go right after he has gone so wrong? In his old age Melvin C. Horsey had many times reflected on errors he had made in calculations and mistakes in judgment. He had stopped buying and selling stock long ago because it had become clear to him that every decision he had taken had been a wrong decision even if it had resulted in a gain. But in the end his hard work and clear thinking had led to his present success: the founding and publication of THE STOCK PICTURE. He was convinced that he had set out on the right path as a young man, but somehow chance and circumstance— and perhaps his own obsession with success—had led him to diverge from the good and true and to lose his bearings. During the final stages of World War I he had served in the army for six months, from August 1918 to January 1919. During that time, though never dispatched to bases far from home, he had received many letters from girls he knew in Crisfield, Maryland. Those letters of love were precious to him, and he had read them all—so often that they were smudged from his fingertips. On returning to his home by the Chesapeake Bay in Crisfield, he had seen many of the senders of the letters of love, but he already knew in his heart that neither the town of Crisfield nor the girls he knew would keep him there. Crisfield was too small, too remote, too rustic. And the people there—his family, his friends, his neighbors, his sweethearts—their attraction was strong but his aims were higher. He had bigger plans, and all his plans ended in the quest for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He soon discovered, though, that success in business is often as elusive as the end of the rainbow. His early business ventures ended in failure. His losses often involved losses to others who had trusted his judgment and backed his business endeavors. His early business ventures were misdirected and unprofitable for that time and that place. He and his partners established the Horsey-Bassett Co. which sold everything from raincoats to lingerie to jewelry. When sales slumped, he tried selling custom-made men’s suits. With little success in business, he became a teacher of Gregg shorthand at Crisfield High School. During his time as a teacher, he met and soon married Virginia White, called Jinja, who was an elementary school teacher in Princess Anne. His mother had approved. She said that Virginia was “good-looking” and “even better-looking in the day time than at night because she liked her freckles.” With his business failing and seeing little future in teaching shorthand, he moved with his wife and infant daughter Joanne to Salisbury, Maryland. There he opened an ill-fated brokerage firm. When the stock market crashed again in the mid-1930s, the brokerage firm went bankrupt. Its failure resulted in many losses to his investors. It was then that he fled from his disgruntled clients. He sent his wife and daughter to live with his mother in Crisfield and he headed for Wall Street to seek his fortune there. Now as he neared the end of life’s journey, he found himself with the financial success which he had found on Wall Street with his promotion of stock charts and the publication of THE STOCK PICTURE, but as he reflected upon the past, there were moments of regret. During those moments he had a heavy conscience and sharp pangs of guilt: guilt arising from his neglect of family, the alienation of his two children and the early death of his devoted wife Virginia White Horsey.