Brexit What The Hell Happens Now

Author: Ian Dunt
Editor: Canbury Press
ISBN: 0995497850
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Journalist Ian Dunt explains why leaving the EU will leave Britain poorer, key industries like finance and pharmaceuticals struggling to operate, and could even lead to the country's break up. Based on expert evidence, Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now? is a searching exploration of Brexit, shorn of the wishful thinking of its supporters. Contents Introduction What was that? What did we vote for? What is Article 50? What is the European project? What is the single market? What are the politics of the European Union? What about freedom of movement? What about the economy? Norway Switzerland Turkey Canada The World Trade Organisation How can we keep the UK together? Scotland Ireland What are we going to do? What do the Brexit ministers want? How talented are they? What tools do they have? What is the context? The economy The City of London Immigration The parliamentary battle Making a new country The time problem What happens after Brexit? Postscript List of experts Acknowledgements References

Cases In International Relations

Author: Donald M. Snow
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 1538134381
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Designed to complement the main themes of any introductory IR course, Snow’s bestselling text presents original case studies that survey the state of the international system and look in-depth at issues of current interest. The cases are extremely timely, geopolitically diverse, accessibly written, and of high interest and salience amidst today’s headlines. The eighth edition features 18 shorter case studies—four more than the previous edition, each of which is designed to be highly accessible and read in a single sitting, allowing for an expansion in the number of topics covered. New and updated topics include petrolism, diplomacy, instruments of power, the universality of human rights, cybersecurity and cyberwar, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation.

The New Populism

Author: Marco Revelli
Editor: Verso
ISBN: 1788734505
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A crisp and trenchant dissection of populism today The word 'populism' has come to cover all manner of sins. Yet despite the prevalence of its use, it is often difficult to understand what connects its various supposed expressions. From Syriza to Trump and from Podemos to Brexit, the electoral earthquakes of recent years have often been grouped under this term. But what actually defines 'populism'? Is it an ideology, a form of organisation, or a mentality? Marco Revelli seeks to answer this question by getting to grips with the historical dynamics of so-called 'populist' movements. While in the early days of democracy, populism sought to represent classes and social layers who asserted their political role for the first time, in today's post-democratic climate, it instead expresses the grievances of those who had until recently felt that they were included. Having lost their power, the disinherited embrace not a political alternative to -isms like liberalism or socialism, but a populist mood of discontent. The new populism is the 'formless form' that protest and grievance assume in the era of financialisation, in the era where the atomised masses lack voice or organisation. For Revelli, this new populism the child of an age in which the Left has been hollowed out and lost its capacity to offer an alternative.

Brexit What The Hell Just Happened

Author: David Alalade
ISBN: 1326905600
File Size: 80,72 MB
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Britain's thrilling exit from the European Union, otherwise known as 'Brexit', is the ill timed, unproven, untried, and untested departure from the vastly influential European economic community and governmental partnership in Europe. As millions of people across the European territories prepare for a future of widespread uncertainty, rising threats and diminishing opportunities. Will Brexit be ultimately hailed as the very British revolution that revived the economy and bolstered the nation's status as a world power, or prove to be a total cock-up.

The Rise Of The Right

Author: Winlow, Simon
Editor: Policy Press
ISBN: 1447328485
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This book is the first to offer an uncompromising look at the English Defence League (EDL), aiming to alter thinking about working-class politics and the rise of right-wing nationalism in de-industrialised English towns and cities.

The New Yorker

Author: Harold Wallace Ross
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Format: PDF, Mobi
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