Carnivores Of Light And Darkness

Author: Alan Dean Foster
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0575131780
Size: 14,10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 458

It advanced not in the manner of a living creature but in the manner of sand. It had no arms and then a hundred, no feet but one as wide as the base of the advancing dune itself. Everywhere and all of it was dark red, like all the rust that had ever afflicted the metals of the world squeezed into a swiftly shifting pyramid rage. The dune howled and moaned and bellowed like some sky-scraping banshee unwillingly fastened to the Earth. And in the midst of all that geologic fury, two thirds up the face of the oncoming mountain were two eyes...

Into The Thinking Kingdoms

Author: Alan Dean Foster
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0759523312
Size: 16,79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Bound by honor, Ehomba has traveled through many exotic and perilous lands on a quest to save a beautiful princess he has never met from the hands of the evil Hymneth the Possessed. Through all their travels Ehomba has ignored the warnings he has heard from seers and psychics, foretelling of disaster and death if the quest was completed. Now that Ehomba and his traveling party have finally reached the destination of their epic journey, the kingdom ruled by Hymneth, will they be able to defend themselves against Hymneth's powerful and evil magic? Will they be able to rescue the princess and bring her safely home with their lives intact?

The Time Of The Transference

Author: Alan Dean Foster
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0575131691
Size: 10,95 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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There's no place like home... It was a pretty good life for a spellsinger from L.A. He'd battled demons, fought deadly Plated Folk, even met a socialist dragon and survived. Now Jon-Tom was quite happy to settle into domestic bliss with the fiery Talea, study magic, and practice spellsinging on his duar. But the magic instrument is broken when Jon-Tom protects the wizard Clothahump from thieves and he must set out across the Glittergeist Sea to find the one person who can fix it. With the irrepressible Mudge the Otter as a travelling companion, only the unexpected can happen. But cannibal muskrats, ogres, and a fierce pirate king parrot must seem ordinary indeed when Jon-Tom finds a way back to Earth - and he must choose which world is home.

A Triumph Of Souls

Author: Alan Dean Foster
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0575131802
Size: 10,66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 710

Etjole Ehomba and his companions brave the Kraken haunted waters of the impassable Semordria. Then they must cross yet another continent in their search for the kidnapped Visioness - past berserk giants, skeleton armies, a desert prospected by Hell's demon and at the end of the world waits Hymneth the Possessed: the sadistic necromancer of unspeakable horror. But Ehomba already knows the prophecy: His quest is doomed to failure, and Hymneth will kill him. Unless somehow, the simple herdsman can ask the questions that even Death must answer...

Brain Mystery Light And Dark

Author: Charles Don Keyes
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134678827
Size: 18,22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 292

Brain Mystery Light and Dark examines scientific models of how the brain becomes conscious and argues that the spiritual dimension of life is compatible with the main scientific theories. Keyes shows us that the belief in the unity of mind and brain does not necessarily undermine aesthetic, religious, and ethical beliefs.

Light And Dark

Author: David Greene
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 1420034030
Size: 12,17 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 202

An entertaining, instructive, diverse, and unusual book, Light and Dark: An Exploration in Science, Nature, Art and Technology encompasses a wide range of topics not normally found in one book. With more than 100 diagrams, graphs, and figures, the subjects discussed include the history of artificial lighting, eclipse cycles, light-sensitive eyeglasses, rainbows, art, bioluminescence, the clock setting at the South Pole, zebra stripe patterns, lighthouses, color perception, the harvest moon, and how information and speech can be conveyed by light from the sun or a laser. The book encourages readers to take a more careful look at many familiar phenomena, such as the variations in the duration of twilight through the year and the ability of human vision to misinterpret patterns of lines under certain conditions. It describes the anatomical peculiarities of four-eyed fish and explains how the Jewish calendar contrives to follow both solar and lunar cycles. It also presents the reasons why tortoise shell cats are almost always female. Readers are informed where they can see 19th century military equipment that could convey messages rapidly over vast differences.

Four Pretenders The Talismans Of Darkness Light

Author: Melvin Karew
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477153292
Size: 11,93 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 348

The guard at the city gates does not attempt to stop the stranger entering Nuthollia, for his job is to keep people inside the city and no person would enter the city voluntarily unless he were an agent of Grimlindus. Nuthollia, the capital of Neuthonia, is no longer a trading metropolis. Its remaining inhabitants are usually hiding indoors, trying to escape Grimlindus's violent soldiersthe tall blond northerners, bandit warriors and Knights of Destruction, as well as goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds and ogres from further east on the steppes. While contact with these soldiers is dangerous and unpredictable, the soldiers do keep the city's economy moving, the trade continuing. So Nuthollia's inhabitants, the original Neuthonics as well as countless released prisoners-of-war, attempt to earn a meagre living in fear and dread. The stranger is rnwulf, the tall barbarian who had been learning sword-skills in the cold hills of the Borderlands. He is dressed in heavy furs. His long, straight, black hair is tied back by a broad cloth that completely conceals his forehead and from which hangs three beaded feathers. His heavy broadsword is strapped to his back, partially buried within his fur coat, while a number of knives are strapped to his chest and belt. A two-headed tomahawk hangs from his belt. He is accompanied by Caleb, the huge wolf that is as large as a small pony and which has a thick mane of grey fur. Man and wolf survey the cold, snow-covered streets, looking beyond the unhappy houses to the dark palace standing on a hill near the centre of the city. They turn away from it and head into one of the darker and less inviting neighbourhoods, where even Grimlindus's soldiers would think twice before entering. The houses are closer together than elsewhere; the streets disappear into narrow alleyways and blind corners. Open doorways and boarded windows show that many of the residences are empty of normal occupation. However, a quick survey inside would reveal hiding squatters, ruffians, thieves and muggers. The man and wolf stop in front of a building that is deep within this neighbourhood. This building is similar to all the others, dismal and grey. It has a heavy steel door with a small window at face height, covered by a shutter. The man thumps on the door and the shutter is pulled back, revealing two dark, slanted eyes. "What do you want?" says the bouncer. "Where are your mistresses?" asks rnwulf, with a heavy, northern accent. "They are busy. Who wants to know?" "I was sent by Cleosius the warlord, to purchase something which was stolen from him. They are expecting me." The shutter is slid shut and rnwulf hears muted discussions behind it. The shutter slides open again. "You are early!" snaps the voice and the shutter slams closed. rnwulf thumps on the door again, his blows echoing inside. The shutter is pulled back again. "Can I wait inside?" he asks. The door opens, revealing a seven-and-a-half foot monstrosity, which bends over inside the small front room; its hairy frame fills up the doorway. Bugbear! thinks rnwulf, staring at the hairy giant-goblin, which would tower over one of its smaller goblin or hobgoblin cousins. "Come inside," it snarls, "but the wolf stays out there." After re-locking the door, the bugbear leads rnwulf along a dimly lit corridor, before arriving at a small room, furnished only with a hard-backed chair. "The mistresses are busy, the bugbear growls, but I will send someone to fetch them when they are, um, finished. Would you like a drink while you are waiting?" rnwulf waves the bugbear away and sits on the chair. In a moment, he becomes completely motionless, his keen eyes surveying every inch of the room. He waits, becoming tenser as he looks at the low ceiling and the walls. After a short time he stands up, goes to the door and tries the handle, finding it locked. H

Ultrastructure Of The Digestive Tract

Author: P. Motta
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461320712
Size: 15,52 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 156

When established four years ago, the scope of this international series in electron microscopy essentially was to provide an opportunity for the pUblication of selected review contributions by specialists in ultrastructural research. Previous volumes presented over the last three years have focused on special topics of present interest in ~'ontemporary biomedicine such as endocrine cells, reproduction, and connective tissues. In these fielCls, in fact, integrated methods of electron microscopy have contributed much to generate new ideas and concepts of general value in both basic and clinical applications. The Ultrastructure of the Digestive Tract basically follows the same guidelines and style of the other books in the series and is an invited collection of selected contributions of authors from various laboratories active in the field of electron microscopy. Therefore, although the various chapters consist of individual topics, they nevertheless should be considered as interrelated contributions of specific subjects in the field. The idea was to have critical reviews of aspects previously published elsewhere by experts in the field who, as a rule, include other relevant information in their articles in order to update and enrich the subject. This book contains fifteen chapters by renowned electron microscopists. Each chapter, according to the policy of the editors, reviews a particular topic in great detail, providing updated information, study methods and results, authors' ideas on future investigative approaches, and possible guidelines for forthcoming work. We hope that this book will be useful to cell biologists, morphologists, physiologists, and pathologists.

Out Of Iran

Author: Bahram Darugar
Editor: Wheatmark, Inc.
ISBN: 1627870687
Size: 18,62 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 639

In many respects, Bahram Darugar's early life was unremarkable. He studied hard, navigated the minefields of puberty and dating, and attended medical school at the University of Tehran. But those years also brought him face-to-face with bigotry and persecution. He was beaten by a soldier who suspected him of protesting against the government. His father was imprisoned for being a member of the Baha'i Faith. His female family members struggled to lead lives that were free of restriction-or as free as they could make them. When Bahram emigrated to the United States in 1960, the culture shock was overwhelming. With fierce tenacity, he mastered the English language and the customs of his adopted country, but he never lost affection for his homeland. And he never lost hope that those he'd left behind would someday enjoy the freedoms most Americans take for granted. Out of Iran chronicles Bahram's journey through two different worlds. Offering a glimpse into Iran's rich culture and the immigrant experience, his story also pays tribute to the "stepchildren of Allah"-those women, religious minorities, and other oppressed people who continue to live under a regime that denies their right to self-expression. Bahram "Barry" Darugar is a retired general and vascular surgeon. He was born in Iran and graduated summa cum laude from Tehran University School of Medicine in 1959. He received a scholarship to further his studies in the United States of America. At Emory University, he completed his studies as a surgeon and became a diplomat of the American College of Surgeons in 1966. After retiring, he completed the MFA program at GCSU. He lives with his wife, Debbie, and two shih tzu dogs named Precious and Bella on Lake Oconee, Georgia. His four children and five grandchildren all live in the USA. Several of his articles and poems have been published in various national journals including Medical Economics, Touchstone, Colere, World Order, Peacock's Feet at GCSU, and The Reach of Song 2013 anthology. He is also the 2004 first place nonfiction award winner at GCSU. He is the first place winner of the 2012 Georgia Poetry society contest and first place winner of the Georgia Writers Museum creative writing contest.

Activity Patterns In Small Mammals

Author: S. Halle
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540592440
Size: 16,45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 182

Environmental conditions change considerably in the course of 24 h with respect to abiotic factors and intra- and interspecific interactions. These changes result in limited time windows of opportunity for animal activities and, hence, the question of when to do what is subject to fitness maximisation. This volume gives a current overview of theoretical considerations and empirical findings of activity patterns in small mammals, a group in which the energetic and ecological constraints are particularly severe and the diversity of activity patterns is particularly high. Following a comparative ecological approach, for the first time activity timing is consequently treated in terms of behavioural and evolutionary ecology, providing the conceptual framework for chronoecology as a new subdiscipline within behavioural ecology. An extensive Appendix gives an introduction to methods of activity modelling and to tools for statistical pattern analysis.