Charles Ulm Dyslexic Edition

Author: Rick Searle
ISBN: 9781525280948
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Charles Ulm and Charles Kingsford Smith were two of the most important pioneers of Australian aviation. Together they succeeded in a number of record-breaking flights that made them instant celebrities around the world, notably the first ever trans-Pacific flight, then setting up Australian National Airways in late 1928. Smithy was the face of the airline, happier in the cockpit or in front of an audience than in the boardroom; Ulm was in his element as managing director. Smithy had the charisma and public acclaim, Ulm the tenacity and organisational skills. In 1932, Kingsford Smith received a knighthood for his services to flying; Ulm did not. Setbacks and tragedies followed, as Ulm tried to develop the embryonic Australian airline industry. ANA was at first successful, but a catastrophic crash and the increasing bite of the Great Depression forced it into bankruptcy in 1933. Desperate to drum up support for a new airline, Ulm's final flight was meant to demonstrate the potential for a regular trans-Pacific passenger service. Somewhere between San Francisco and Hawaii his plane, Stella Australis, disappeared. No trace of the plane or crew was ever found. In the years since his death, attention has focused more and more on Smithy, leaving Ulm neglected and overshadowed. In this essential biography, Rick Searle shows that while Ulm lacked Smithy's prowess as an aviator, he was his superior as a visionary, and a driving force behind the growth of modern global air travel. His untimely death robbed Australia of a huge talent.

Aviators Of The Charles Ulm And Kingsford Smith Era

Author: Bob Boulton
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Flying The Southern Cross

Author: Michael Molkentin
Editor: National Library Australia
ISBN: 064227746X
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In 1928, Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm made the first trans-Pacific flight in the Southern Cross - an aircraft constructed largely of wood and fabric. They made the trip from Oakland, California, in nine days, during which they faced electrical storms, torrential rain, equipment failure, and fuel shortages. Navigational aids were primitive - contact with the outside world was by Morse code only - and safety measures were non-existent. After many close calls, they triumphantly landed in Brisbane, where a crowd of 15,000 welcomed them as heroes. Throughout this extraordinary journey, Ulm kept a logbook in which he recorded his raw impressions of the flight. Using Ulm's logbook, plus contemporary newspaper accounts and official documents, Flying the Southern Cross tells the gripping tale of this history-making flight, and the aviators who made it happen.

King Of The Air

Author: Ann Blainey
Editor: Black Inc.
ISBN: 1743820712
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Charles Kingsford Smith was the most commanding flyer of the golden age of aviation. In three short years, he broke records with his astounding and daring voyages: the first trans-Pacific flight from America to Australia, the first flight across the Tasman, the first non-stop crossing of the Australian mainland. He did it all with such courage, modesty and charm that Australia and the world fell in love with him. A ticker-tape parade was held in his honour on New York’s Fifth Avenue. At home, he became a national hero, ‘Our Smithy’. Yet his achievements belied a traumatic past. He had witnessed the horror of World War I – first as a soldier at Gallipoli, later as a combat pilot with the Royal Flying Corps. Erratic, a compulsive philanderer, and almost always broke, he began to embark on increasingly wild and dangerous stunts. The public saw the derring-do; only those close to him knew the anxious, troubled individual who pushed himself to the edge of sanity. In November 1935, Kingsford Smith’s plane crashed and he was lost at sea near Burma, his body never to be recovered. This brilliant work from one of Australia’s foremost biographers reveals the tumultuous life of a fascinating, enigmatic figure, who pursued his obsession to the greatest heights of fame and catastrophe.

The Defeat Of Distance

Author: John Gunn
Editor: john gunn
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Library Of Dreams

Editor: National Library Australia
ISBN: 0642277028
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Library of dreams interprets and celebrates a diverse selection of treasures from the rich and varied collections of the National Library of Australia.

Cincinnati S Celebrity Criminal Defender

Author: Janice Schulz
Editor: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1625854803
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Murder, deceit, and thrilling courtroom drama in this chronicle of Ohio’s infamous criminal defense attorney, Foss Hopkins. With half a century in the courtroom, criminal defense attorney William “Foss” Hopkins represented more than 550 clients. Known to be charismatic and brilliant, Foss’s dedication to defending the falsely accused often landed him in controversy. He specialized murder cases, and took on had more than a few colorful defendants . . . William Kuhlman and his gang left a trail of blood from Indiana to Kentucky after hacking up the body of Cincinnati fireman “Cap” Miller. Attractive and naïve Louise Sharpe pumped three bullets into her lover and left him dying on the floor of his Walnut Hills apartment. After Marie Abbott’s farmhand lover killed her husband, Marie helped him stage the murder as an accident . . . These are just some of the people whose trials made Foss Hopkins Cincinnati’s Celebrity Criminal Defender. In this captivating book you’ll learn about the man himself, some of his most astounding victories, and the crushing defeats that ended in the electric chair.


Author: Methodist Episcopal Church. Ohio Conference
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Over Empires And Oceans

Author: Robert Bluffield
Editor: Tattered Flag
ISBN: 0957689268
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This a story of pioneers, intrepid aviators, adventurers, tycoons and innovators. It is also a story of dedication and determination, for despite fixed-wing aircraft proving their value over the battlefields of the Western Front during the First World War, convincing governments and public alike that they had a role in peacetime proved far more challenging. The Americans, as inventors of heavier-than-air powered flight, had briefly courted with a passenger airline across Tampa Bay in 1914, yet it took a further nine years for mail to be flown coast-to-coast. In 1919 a British company made the first international scheduled flight between London and Paris, but the continuation of regular services was thwarted by a less-than-enthusiastic government that allowed its generously subsidised French competition, for a short time at least, to fly cross-Channel passenger schedules unimpeded. The British eventually realzed that fast links with their Empire were vital, followed the example of the French and Dutch who had forged air links with their cousins in North Africa and the Far East. Meanwhile, in South America, the Germans, forbidden under the Versailles Treaty from any major aircraft-building, were establishing cunning supremacy by forming airlines throughout South America and in China. While America awaited a transcontinental passenger service, Juan Trippe's Pan American Airways was crossing swords with Ralph O'Neill of New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Line (NYRBA) for air supremacy between the US, Brazil, Argentina and elsewhere in Latin America that led to the formation of arguably the world's greatest airline. In Russia, Igor Sikorsky had built a vast passenger-carrying aircraft, the Il'ya Muromets, and politicians debated whether giant airships or fixed-wing aircraft should rule the skies _ an issue that was put firmly to bed when the mighty German airship Hindenburg exploded while mooring at Lakehurst in 1937. Robert BluffieldÍs highly researched and detailed account tells the dramatic stories of explorers such as Kingsford Smith, Lindbergh and Cobham, and flamboyant entrepreneurs, some well known, others forgotten, who risked fortunes and reputations to follow their dreams of reaching and ruling the skies over empires, continents and oceans. Against bewildering adversity, corruption, underhanded deals and dwindling resources, these tenacious individuals braved the elements using primitive, entirely unsuitable equipment to establish earth-shrinking aerial services that criss-crossed the great oceans and the globe's most inhospitable territories. These are the stories of those pioneers _ of A_ropostale, CNAC, Air Orient, Imperial Airways, KLM, Deutsche Luft Hansa, Pan Am, SCADTA, The Condor Syndicat, Qantas and others that had a far-reaching impact on the way the modern world would travel.

Charles Kingsford Smith And Those Magnificent Men

Author: Peter FitzSimons
Editor: HarperCollins Australia
ISBN: 0732288193
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This comprehensive biography, written with typical flair by bestselling author Peter Fitzsimons, covers the triumphs and tragedies of not only Kingsford Smith's daring and controversial life but also of his companion aviators.