Coaching For Transformation

Author: Martha Lasley
ISBN: 9780974200040
File Size: 52,25 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Coaching for Transformation puts a new spin on coaching. The authors explore not only how the coach empowers clients to support personal growth but also social change. The self-awareness tools awaken passion that helps clients identify their deepest yearning and make a difference in the world. Rather than a mere "how-to" manual, this book presents a model of coaching from the inside out, examining the relationship of mind, heart, body and spirit in both the coach and the client. The authors present five pathways to transformation: - exploring needs and values - experiencing the moment - envisioning the future - expanding the view - embracing the shadow Each pathway reinvigorates passion and supports commitment to new actions based on self-alignment. The book is filled with ways to develop empathic presence and empower people to take action based on self-intimacy. Coaching for Transformation presents simple, profound tools for calling out the power of the people we coach. By developing your "coach's stand" (a courageous, empowered set of physical, mental and spiritual qualities that inspire clients) you create a unique style that includes both compassionate and fierce coaching. The real value of this book lies in the authors' commitment to take coaching out into the world beyond people with power and privilege. As you step into the Coaching for Transformation process, you create sacred relationships with your clients that take them to the core of their being. These relationships are the foundation for their discovery of who they are, what they want and how they contribute to their family, workplace, community and the world. This holistic approach includes 24 coaching skills that help clients identify and stretch toward goals that create a better world. The coaching process results in empowerment and lasting change. The authors are successful coaches who offer a transformative 9-month coaching certification program through their organization, Leadership that Works. They are pioneers in bringing coaching to nonprofits and social activists. Among their clients are leaders in the social sector, philanthropists, corporate executives, universities and individuals from all walks of life. Chapters include: Section I: Getting Started 1. Welcome to Coaching 2. Cultivating Presence 3. Core Skills -The Coach's Palette 4. Calling out the Power Section II: Pathways to Alignment 5. Exploring Needs and Values 6. Experiencing the Moment 7. Envisioning the Future 8. Expanding the View 9. Embracing the Shadow Section III: Making Visions Real 10. Strategy in Action 11. The Business of Coaching Section IV: Evolution of Coaching 12. Contributions to Coaching 13. Cross Cultural Coaching 14. Power, Privilege and Coaching 15. Coaching in Organizations 16. Coaching for Social Change 17. Soul and Spirit Most valuable of all are the examples of coaching dialogues that demonstrate the skills and processes that lead to transformation. These real examples make it easy to start using the skills right away

Coaching For Transformation A Life Coach Lined Writing Journal Book

Author: T. a. Palmer
Editor: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781792790683
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This is the writing notebook for life coaches and everyone in the coaching industry. Are you a practicing life coach who helps others to achieve their goals? All coaches, career coaches, business coaches, life coaches, and executive coaches will find this book the best one. Here is your coach diary! If you are involved in training and helping people to learn and develop new knowledge, the professional and personal development notebook will help you become the person who helps others to figure out and outline the mechanics and new ways of thinking for themselves. This is your writing journal book. This is an all season, all year round blank writing book journal and notebook for the coach, teacher and instructor. This blank writing notebook and diary for everyone working in personal development and it helps them stay focused feel good. With 120 pages, this book provides lots of room immerse themselves in their own creativity while they work on their favorite project. The 8.5" x 11" size makes it magical to use this book on any day. This is the perfect gift for holidays, school, college, office, and work for coaches and those in the work of helping others. Get your coach notebook today. This soft cover counter book and workbook for the life coach is designed to be used during coaching sessions by the coach. Clergy, parents, managers, teachers, career coaches, school counselors and anyone involved in human or personal development, will find this book a great asset. This Life coaching book is designed specifically for the professional life coach and everyone working personal development coaching. With this book you will be able to facilitate the best life coaching sessions ever. This is your notebook to write in. A new way of life and a different attitude of life and lifestyle will become obvious as you and your coaching client together chart out the new plan for life that will see them use new skills without you teaching them. This coach blank lined book, journal, diary and notebook is for you the coach to write in and record your coaching sessions. Are you a coach, practicing recovery coaching, sobriety coaching or sober coaching? Be the better life coach by using this coach notebook. This is a coaching journal for all your results coaching strategies, the diary for life coaching. It will be useful for the Christian life coach, Muslim life coach and any religion. Coaching is coaching. By using this coaching notebook to record your coaching sessions, you will ultimately help your clients/ patients or students to thrive and live the lives they have always wanted. This book will make your coaching easier and manageable.

Coaching For Transformation

Author: T. Palmer
Editor: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781729733677
File Size: 57,42 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Are you a coach? Are you involved in helping people to achieve their goals? This workbook for the life coach is designed to be used during coaching sessions by the coach. Clergy, parents, managers, teachers, career coaches, school counselors and anyone involved in human or personal development, will find this book a great asset. This Life coaching book is designed specifically for the professional life coach and everyone working personal development coaching. This book also contains coaching questions that will help you help your clients achieve their goals faster. The business of coaching is a business of helping people to achieve their goals. You do this through conversations that evoke the best out of your clients. Helping your clients to find direction, is about to get better! Good to be used for 5 clients at the same time, this coach workbook, journal, diary and notebook offers real coaching sessions where you are the helper can take advantage and fill in the blanks while asking relevant evoking questions that change lives. Are you a recovery coach, practicing recovery coaching, sobriety coaching or sober coaching? Be the better life coach by using the strategies in this coaching notebook. In this book, you will get: New Client Intake Form: This is where you record your intake conversation with your client. You may send a copy in advance or ask the question in person. It may take up to ten minutes. Powerful Questions for Starting Your Sessions: These are proven powerful question that you can ask at the beginning and during any coaching session. You do not necessarily have to ask all questions on each session. Each coaching session you will facilitate will be as unique as the individual you are coaching. Coaching Goals and Planning Form: The reason your client is coming to you is they either want something or don't want something in their life. One of the things that will be helpful to move forward as quickly and easily as possible in your coaching sessions is to identify your client's goals. They can be short-term goals or long term goals. They can be from one category or all of the categories. Once you have your client's list of goals, help her/him arrange them in the order of priority Ongoing Coaching Sessions: These are ongoing coaching sessions. You may continue each session using the form provided. Each coaching client will have twelve Ongoing Coaching Sessions Forms. This is a coaching journal for all your results coaching strategies, the diary for life coaching. It will be useful for the Christian life coach, Muslim life coach and any religion. Coaching is coaching. By using this recovery notebook, you will ultimately help your clients/ patients or students to thrive and live the lives they have always wanted. As you provide support for someone you care about, you will find an abundance of coaching resources in these pages. Because of its impact on lives, some say this book should have cost thousands of dollars. This book will make your coaching easier and manageable. If you are in the business of helping people to improve their lives and attain their best results, your coaching practice just got better.

Coaching In Times Of Crisis And Transformation

Author: Liz Hall
Editor: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 0749468319
File Size: 69,59 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 810

Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation takes an in-depth look at crisis and change in the world we live in today and discusses its impact on both individuals and organizations. Covering not just coaching in the current crisis but any time of crisis and change, it offers a complete, practical resource for managers and coaches to tackle the challenges effectively. This book can help turn a crisis, whether personal or systemic into an opportunity for transformation. Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation covers definitions of crisis from both the individual and organizational perspective, including insights on: adapting to change and finding opportunities in crisis, what neuroscience tells us about our reactions to change, transformative coaching, change models, supporting organizations in crisis and how coaching and mentoring can act as preventative measures against crises.

Coaching For Industry 4 0

Author: Britt A. Wrede
Editor: tredition
ISBN: 3748226411
File Size: 33,50 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 8477

To date, coaching is largely known as a 1:1 dialogue which can help managers overcome performance deficits. However, coaching can offer companies much more than that: when organised and implemented correctly, it can mobilise managers’ knowledge, skills and volition of relevance to the future, thus having a positive effect on a company’s development and transformation processes. This book presents the various roles of senior management when developing an internal coaching model, along with how to develop such an internal coaching model to meet future requirements, the different types of group coaching available, and what coaching can do at various levels within the hierarchy to support a company’s change processes. Here, the authors put forward an entirely new understanding of coaching as a company development tool with the aim of showing readers how to develop and roll out a futureproof coaching model. As well as presenting the extended basics of coaching and suitable coaching models, this book provides a series of checklists that HR development staff can use as guides at their company. In addition, this book provides advice on finding and acquiring the right professional coaches on the market. The real-life questions at the end of each chapter as well as the illustrations and checklists are all structured such that they can be used as a guide for developing and updating a company’s internal coaching offer. This book also serves as a guide for HR development managers and senior management looking to put together a coaching model to tackle future requirements. Finally, this book can be used as a textbook when training as a coach or looking to expand one’s skill set.

Coaching For Cultural Transformation Staying Competitive In Changing Environments 1e

Author: John Cockburn-Evans
ISBN: 9780335249275
File Size: 64,39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 5651

"John has cracked the code of successful cultural transformation. His book is a primer that lays out the most business effective roadmap to guide sustainable change." --James B. Porter, Jr., Former Vice President, E. I. DuPont and Company "Punctuated with autobiographical vignettes, this is a genuinely accessible pedagogical resource." --Tom Vine, Associate Professor, Suffolk Business School "Timeless, undeniably practical, refreshingly realistic, and 100% on point. Every leader and coach embarking on a culture change or transformation programme should read this first and keep it close to hand throughout the journey!" --Sehaam Cyrene PCC, Founder, Better Conversations & Associates It is no longer acceptable to have a static company culture. In order to stay competitive in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environments, company culture needs to evolve in a focused and strategic manner. Despite the number of change management models that exist, implementation is often poor. The solution? An effective coaching programme, whereby leaders and staff are coached at all levels to mitigate against failure. This practical guide offers advice on how to coach, lead or influence cultural transformations in large organisations. Through behavioural psychology theory, company examples and personal anecdotes from the author, the reader will learn the business imperative for change, potential failure points and why coaching is critical. This book will demonstrate: -Established change management and cultural transformation models -The impact of regional and existing company cultures on the success of change programmes -Examples of inspirational leadership and alternative approaches -How to overcome resistance to change at an individual and company-wide level For all coaches and managers who want to support sustainable change, this is essential reading with insights that can immediately be put into practice. John Cockburn-Evans splits his time between coaching and consulting across many countries, as well as mentoring start-up businesses. He has held senior leadership roles in manufacturing and engineering for large global companies such as BASF, Total & DuPont. John has also lectured on change management for MBA courses and acts as a Business Ambassador and Branch Chairman for the Institute of Directors.

Coaching For Being

Author: Jacqueline Betancourt
ISBN: 9781688744790
File Size: 76,22 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 5957

How do you feel with your being in this moment of your life, would you like to transform it and recognise it again? Do you feel frustrated, lost and empty without having any dreams and goals to achieve? Would you like to discover how to achieve your dreams and goals? In Coaching for Being you will find tools that will support you in your processes of transformation and growth from your being, to achieve your dreams and your goals that you have left in a corner of your life for not knowing "How do I do it? or How do I achieve it?" Here you will have a guide for 21 days that will stretch you until you get the results of life that you have longed for. Commit yourself from now on with you and your results.

Transformational Coaching For Early Childhood Educators

Author: Constant Hine
ISBN: 9781605546407
File Size: 63,25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 4459

Use this reflection-based workbook to strengthen coaching skills and your ability to facilitate transformational learning in others.

The Art Of Coaching

Author: Elena Aguilar
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118421027
File Size: 33,13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 5905

Hands-on resources for new and seasoned school coaches This practical resource offers the foundational skills and tools needed by new coaching educators, as well as presenting an overview of the knowledge and theory base behind the practice. Established coaches will find numerous ways to deepen and refine their coaching practice. Principals and others who incorporate coaching strategies into their work will also find a wealth of resources. Aguilar offers a model for transformational coaching which could be implemented as professional development in schools or districts anywhere. Although she addresses the needs of adult learners, her model maintains a student-centered focus, with a specific lens on addressing equity issues in schools. Offers a practical resource for school coaches, principals, district leaders, and other administrators Presents a transformational coaching model which addresses systems change Pays explicit attention to surfacing and interrupting inequities in schools The Art of Coaching: Effective Strategies for School Transformation offers a compendium of school coaching ideas, the book's explicit, user-friendly structure enhances the ability to access the information.

Trans Cultural Leadership For Transformation

Author: I. Derungs
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 0230304184
File Size: 10,33 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 371

Challenging and innovative in its approach this book explores leadership development on many different levels in an era of internationalization when societies and organizations are becoming increasingly multicultural and undergoing many changes. The focus is on the correlation of culture, leadership and organization in transition.

Coaching For Leadership

Author: Marshall Goldsmith
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118046791
File Size: 62,58 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 5230

When it was published in 2000, Coaching for Leadership became an instant classic in the field of executive coaching. This second edition updates and expands on the original book and brings together the best executive coaches who offer a basic understanding of how coaching works, why it works, and how leaders can make the best use of the coaching process. This thoroughly revised edition reflects recent changes in coaching practices, includes well-researched best practices, and provides additional guidance and tools from the greatest leadership coaches from around the world. Each chapter in this important volume addresses a proven application, offers key principles of practice, and highlights critical learning points.

Grateful Not Dead

Author: Art Mitchell, Ph.D.
Editor: Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 1642796638
File Size: 43,78 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 9931

Grateful, Not Dead, inspired by Schachter-Shalomi and From Age-ing to Sage-ing: A Revolutionary Approach to Growing Older, builds on the work of the conscious aging and anti-ageism movements. Based on his own transformation and work as an international consultant and coach, Arthur Hayne Mitchell, Ph.D. has used the REWIREMENT process to empower himself and people like you. By following the ancient labyrinth as a metaphor for transformation and 10 key steps to inform one’s aging process, Grateful, Not Dead helps baby boomers open up to greater happiness, creativity, and service with meaningful work to achieve their freedom. In Grateful, Not Dead, baby boomers learn: that overcoming myths and shame about aging, retirement, and money can change everything for them how to reboot their life through consciousness expansion, spirituality, and service how to uncover purpose, boost creativity, and increase engagement the roadmap to find new work they love for meaning, purpose, and a secure income obvious (and not so obvious) secrets they need to know to take back their power and live the best years of their life

Coaching Conversations

Author: Linda M. Gross Cheliotes
Editor: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1412981832
File Size: 25,16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 5744

Learn how coaching conversations—which are different from supervisory and mentoring conversations—shift responsibility for instructional improvement from the school leader to the entire school community!

Active Transformation Authentic Leadership In Business And Life

Author: Mark Uhlenberg
Editor: Graphic Connections Group
ISBN: 1631103946
File Size: 64,41 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 9543

This book will help an organization, team or individual leader create a solid foundation for transformation in their business or life. Through the use of a proven and easy-to-follow model, along with focused exercises and questions requiring careful thought and deep personal reflection, ACTIVE TRANSFORMATION guides the formation of key building blocks that support true and lasting transformation. Author Mark Uhlenberg, an executive coach, consultant and business leader, shares his rich and robust perspective on the nature and principles of transformation gained through years of practical experience and thousands of hours of client coaching . The concepts and processes provided are as practical and applicable as they are sound. For any leader serious about genuinely transforming their business or self, this book provides a proven path forward and will help them learn the essential and fundamental skills of Active Transformation. Many books are touted as being “life-changing” but few truly are. For those willing to commit themselves to a process with intensity and rigor, and engage in the reflection required to gain clarity, this book will change them.

Agile Transformation A Step By Step Guide For Agile Coaches

Author: Jimmy Mathew
File Size: 65,26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 8499

This course introduces a step by step approach for Agile Transformation. This discusses agile Transformation with an Agile Coaching Mindset.

The Turmoil Of Change

Author: Mary Ann Augustin
Editor: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1329871669
File Size: 51,68 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 8500

Vulnerability is not weakness. It takes courage to face our inner critics and it takes even more courage to acknowledge, work through them, reflect on them, and accept them and to release our attachment to them. Only a very few of us have even deeper courage to embrace the journey of transformation. Once embraced there is no going back from the hold of this new world of real authenticity and passion. To witness it is a privilege of very few. They are inspired and forever changed. The coach’s guidance complete. Coaching for transformation like this is contagious. I have been infected, humbled and forever changed too! Thank you Mary Ann for allowing me to be part of this wonderful transformational journey of yours. I feel very blessed and privileged to have shared it with you. — Sharyn Morton, Senior Human Resources Advisor, CSIRO

Psychometrics In Coaching

Author: Jonathan Passmore
Editor: Kogan Page Limited
File Size: 30,89 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 7111

Written by an international team of global coaching practitioners, this book provides an overview of using psychometrics and giving feedback, and offers clear explanations of the key models and tools used in coaching today.

Coaching For Impact

Author: Vassilis Antonas
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351615955
File Size: 19,13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 9966

The world is changing. The first century of the third millennium has seen exponential growth and advancement in almost all areas, and makes the last century of the second millennium look like a rusty old steam train by comparison. The ‘digital revolution’ is no longer a revolution. Practically anyone can publicise their outlook, whilst having access to a wealth of information at the click of a button. And this levels out the playing field in an unprecedented and unpredictable way. So how can anyone stand out? How can anyone gain a competitive advantage? How can anyone master more influence? How can anyone lead? The answer lies in coaching: a discipline that enhances performance by generating meaning through the art of relating. In Coaching for Impact, Vassilis Antonas brings together his dual expertise in executive coaching and psychotherapy to present a transformative, evolutionary approach. The book examines methodology, presence and fundamental skills and includes a new, innovative model of leadership. Antonas also uses Jungian concepts to address the coach’s internal disposition, supporting their evolution and transformation. Coaching for Impact equips trainee and beginner coaches with an A to Z of executive coaching and engages seasoned practitioners to an uncompromised pursuit of excellence by pushing the boundaries of leadership coaching. It will appeal to executive and leadership coaches at all levels, including those in training.

Coaching For Performance Fifth Edition

Author: John Whitmore
Editor: Nicholas Brealey
ISBN: 9781473658127
File Size: 48,27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 804

"Coaching for Performance is the proven resource for all coaches and pioneers of the future of coaching." Magdalena N. Mook, CEO, International Coach Federation (ICF) "Shines a light on what it takes to create high performance." John McFarlane, Chairman, Barclays, Chairman, TheCityUK Coaching for Performance is the definitive book for coaches, leaders, talent managers and professionals around the world. An international bestseller, featuring the influential GROW model, this book is the founding text of the coaching profession. It explains why enabling people to bring the best out of themselves is the key to driving productivity, growth, and engagement. A meaningful coaching culture has the potential to transform the relationship between organizations and employees and to put both on the path to long-term success. Written by Sir John Whitmore, the pioneer of coaching, and Performance Consultants, the global market leaders in performance coaching, this extensively revised and extended edition will revolutionize the traditional approach to organizational culture. Brand new practical exercises, corporate examples, coaching dialogues, and a glossary, strengthen the learning process, whilst a critical new chapter demonstrates how to measure the benefits of coaching as a return on investment, ensuring this landmark new edition will remain at the forefront of professional coaching and leadership development.

Coach 2 The Bottom Line

Author: Mike R. Jay
Editor: B\Coach Systems, LLC
ISBN: 9781552122846
File Size: 60,12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 2744

The primary aim or purpose of this book is providing a methodology for creating a CoachSystem (CS) in an organization. This book is also not necessarily a skills and practices book. There are many great coaching skills and practices books available for developing coaching ksa's but hardly anything on what coaching can do for and to organizations! This book also provides a method to take coaching to the line-the bottom line in organizations-all the way to the customer interface. It provides a simple, yet effective model of coaching that anyone can learn in a few minutes and then proceed down a path of mastery over time to creating organizational effectiveness. Clearly this book lays out for you a coaching methodology you can teach to your line managers, or use with your customer service department-even your kids! It helps you build a CoachSystem, integrating coaching into your organization at every level. The book is about creating outcomes for the individual and the organization that lead to well-being, purpose, competence and awareness. It is based on proven methods of improving performance, creating generative rather than destructive change and facilitating individual and organizational transformation.