The Collected Letters Of Joseph Conrad 1861 1897

Author: Joseph Conrad
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521242165
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"This is the second of the projected eight-volume edition comprising all the surviving letters of Joseph Conrad. Once completed the edition will have assembled over 3,500 letters, one third of them as yet unpublished and many others only published before in inaccurate versions. The period covered by this volume, 1898-1902, was one of considerable achievement and anxiety for Conrad. The birth of his first child, the death of Stephen Crane, the murder of a friend's son, an encounter with an early X-ray machine, imperial wars in Cuba and South Africa - these events forced Conrad to face the problems of identity in terms of family, nation, history, and the cosmic order. This is also the period of 'Youth', 'Amy Foster', 'Typhoon', Lord Jim, and 'Heart of Darkness'. Often funny, always thoughtful, full of verbal energy even in the toils of severe depression, the letters in Volume Two present Conrad at a crucial though vulnerable moment of his life and literary career."--Publisher's description of v. 2.

The Collected Letters Of St Teresa Of Avila Vol 1 1546 1577

Author: Saint Teresa (of Avila)
Editor: ICS Publications
ISBN: 9780935216271
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"St. Teresa of Avila wrote candidly the story of both her life and her work as foundress in two books: the 'Life' and the 'Foundations'. Despite her openness in them, she wrote with the knowledge they would be read by her censors. Her letters, then, exhibit even more striking candor, offering many details that were not meant for the public. ...." [from back cover]

The Collected Letters Of Ellen Terry

Author: Katharine Cockin
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1315477769
Size: 16,39 MB
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Ellen Terry's correspondence was both exuberant and extensive. Her remaining letters provide a fascinating insight into the dynamics of the Victorian theatre, and the difficulties of life for a woman maintaining a successful public persona whilst raising two illegitimate children.

As If

Author: Michael Saler
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199887802
Size: 12,72 MB
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Many people throughout the world "inhabit" imaginary worlds communally and persistently, parsing Harry Potter and exploring online universes. These activities might seem irresponsibly escapist, but history tells another story. Beginning in the late nineteenth century, when Sherlock Holmes became the world's first "virtual reality" character, readers began to colonize imaginary worlds, debating serious issues and viewing reality in provisional, "as if" terms rather than through essentialist, "just so" perspectives. From Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos and Tolkien's Middle-earth to the World of Warcraft and Second Life, As If provides a cultural history that reveals how we can remain enchanted but not deluded in an age where fantasy and reality increasingly intertwine.

The Collected Letters Of St Teresa Of Avila Vol 1

Author: St. Teresa of Avila
Editor: ICS Publications
ISBN: 0935216960
Size: 14,52 MB
Format: PDF
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Contains Letters from 1546 to 1577Includes Introductions, Endnotes, and Biographical Sketches.St. Teresa of Avila wrote candidly the story of both her life and her work as foundress in two books: the Life and the Foundations. Despite her openness in them, she wrote with the knowledge they would be read by her censors. Her letters, then, exhibit even more striking candor, offering many details that were not meant for the public. In these letters we walk with Teresa year by year, day by day -- even hour by hour sometimes. Her worries, her troubles and triumphs, her expressions of sadness and joy pervade these pages. Without question we have before us a rich collection, showing a heart magnanimously open to others, communicating with them on many levels, pouring itself out to family members and religious, to friends, theologians, advisors, and to the nobility and business people. Difficult as writing a book was for Teresa, she preferred it to letter-writing, a drudgery that cost her more than all the pitiful roads and sorry weather experienced on her journey through Spain. What proved painful for her has proved a treasure for us, a collection of letters that scholars consider unparalleled in Spanish literature.

The Collected Letters Of Oliver Goldsmith

Author: Oliver Goldsmith
Editor: CUP Archive
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The Collected Letters Of Katherine Mansfield

Author: Vincent O'Sullivan
Editor: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191541826
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The fifth and final volume of the Collected Letters of Katherine Mansfield covers the almost thirteen months during which her attention at first was firmly set on a last chance medical cure, then finally on something very different - if death came to seem inevitable, how should one behave in the time that remained, so one could truly say one lived? Mansfield's biographers, like her friends, have wondered at the seemingly extraordinary decision to ditch conventional medicine, for the bizarre choice of Gurdjieff's Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man at Fontainebleau. These letters show the clarity of mind and will that led to that decision, the courage and distress in making it, and the gaiety even once it was made. She went against what her education, her husband, and most of her friends would regard as reasonable, as she opted to spend her last months with Russian émigrés and a strange assortment of Gurdjieff disciples (which she was not). But Fontainebleau give her the space and the incentive to shake free from the intellectualism that she thought the malaise of her time, as she worked at kitchen chores, took in the details of farm life, tried to learn Russian, and attempted to reach total honesty with herself. 'If I were allowed one simple cry to God,' she wrote in one of her last letters, that cry would be I want to be REAL.'

The Collected Letters

Author: George Gissing
ISBN: 9780821411667
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The Collected Letters Of George Gissing 1889 1891

Author: George Gissing
Editor: Collected Letters Gissing
ISBN: 9780821410547
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Gissing's career, which spanned the period of about 1877 to his death in 1903, was characterized by prodigious output (almost a novel a year in the early days), modest recognition, and modest income. He wrote of poverty, socialism, class differences, social reform, and later on, about the problems of women and industrialization. His best known works are New Grub Street (1891) and Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft (1903), rich sources of social commentary that reflect a literary transition from the Victorian to the modern period. For many years, the only Gissing letters available to the public were a handful written to his family published in 1927. Now the editors have culled widely scattered sources--private and public collections, journals, newspapers, memoirs, biographies, and sales catalogs -- to gather and organize Gissing's correspondence, including letters to him, and to provide an editorial context. Volume four begins when Gissing is in Florence, elated to be making a cultural pilgrimage that also took him to Greece the following winter, then briefly back to Italy. The Nether World is published in the spring of 1889, and The Emancipated the following spring. But by 1891, his mood is altogether different. His relationships with his family continue to be conflicted and he is increasingly disenchanted with his publishers and his half-hearted marriage to Edith Underwood.

The Collected Letters Of Erasmus Darwin

Author: Erasmus Darwin
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521821568
Size: 18,47 MB
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First published in 2006, this book is a unique collection of the letters of Erasmus Darwin, revealing his amazing variety of talents.