Colour Etching

Author: Hugh Paton
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Colour Etching

Author: Nigel Oxley
Editor: A&C Black
ISBN: 9780713668209
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In this book, Nigel Oxley describes fully the techniques of etching and aquatint employed by the artists who worked with him at Kelpra Studio where he established a reputation for using intaglio processes to create full colour images. Dame Elisabeth Frink, John Piper, John Hoyland, Jim Dine and Patrick Heron are illustrated within and the use of multi-plates is written with great detail. The author introduced the use of carborundum and polymer plates to the studio and the book includes step-by-step descriptions of these techniques. Having editioned for many years the author relates his experience of complex colour and plate combinations clearly enabling the reader to hav comprehensive insight to the work of the many artists illustrated within this book. This book is a valuable practical guide for the beginner and for those wishing to develop their printing and etching skills. For those interested in printmaking it provides a unique insight into the demands of a professional print.

Metallographic Instructions For Colour Etching By Immersion

Author: Erika Weck
ISBN: 9783871551468
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Ian Mckeever Colour Etching

Author: Ian McKeever
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Author: Philippa Hobbs
Editor: New Africa Books
ISBN: 9780864863348
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Accessible to artists in well-equipped studios and to those with few resources, printmaking has enjoyed less popular acclaim and scholarly attention than other art forms. This title offers a fuller understanding of the print by providing an introduction to the complex processes of printmaking, and focusing on contemporary works by South African artists to illustrate the expressive character and potential of the different media. From bold black-and-white relief prints and vivid screenprints, through the delicate line or lustrous tonal contrasts of etching and lithographs, to innovative multi-media and electronically generated pieces, their work demonstrates the richness and diversity of printmaking in South African art. The print has been important in South Africa for its social role, as a means of livelihood developed in community workshops, and as a form of resistance by both black and white artists during the liberation struggle. Today printmaking remains a vehicle of social commentary during post-apartheid transformation, affording insights not only into art, but into the very fabric of South African life.

Surface Characterization

Author: Dag Brune
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527612440
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"Surface Characterization" provides an authoritative guide to the wide range of powerful techniques that are used to characterize the surfaces of materials. Practical in approach, it not only describes the major analytical techniques but emphasizes how they can be used to solve a multitude of chemical and physical problems. A special feature of the book is that the various techniques are grouped according to the material property under investigation. These parts are preceded by an overview comparing the capabilities of the characterization methods available. Extensive data tables allow the reader to assess rapidly the strengths as well as the pitfalls inherent in each method. Chapters on chemical composition, optical and crystallographic properties, microtopography, surface processes, tribological, electrical and magnetic properties of surface films are featured. In addition, chapters specializing on applications within the life sciences on the microscopic scale and chemometrics are included. "Surface Characterization" is addressed to both academic and industrial audiences. Scientists and engineers working on the production and development of new materials will find it an invaluable reference source. Physicist, chemists, chemical engineers, material scientists and engineers from every area of materials research will benefit from the wealth of practical advice the book provides.

Painting Place

Author: David P. Silcox
Editor: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 0802040950
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A biography of one of Canada's greatest artists, lavishly illustrated and based on years of research by a leading historian. David Milne (1882-1952) is recognized as one of the most innovative and original artists of his generation.

Welding Metallurgy Of Stainless Steels

Author: Erich Folkhard
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3709189659
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When considering the operational performance of stainless steel weldments the most important points to consider are corrosion resistance, weld metal mechanical properties and the integrity ofthe weldedjoint. Mechanical and corrosion resistance properties are greatly influenced by the metallurgical processes that occur during welding or during heat treatment of welded components. This book is aimed, there fore, at providing information on the metallurgical problems that may be encountered during stainless steel welding. In this way we aim to help overcome a certain degree of insecurity that is often encountered in welding shops engaged in the welding of stainless steels and is often the cause of welding problems which may in some instances lead to the premature failure of the welded component. The metallurgical processes that occur during the welding of stainless steel are of a highly intricate nature. The present book focuses in particular on the signif icance of constitution diagrams, on the processes occurring during the solidification of weld metal and on the recrystallization and precipitation phenomena which take place in the area of the welds. There are specific chapters covering the hot cracking resistance during welding and the practical welding of a number of different stainless steel grades. In addition, recommendations are given as to the most suitable procedures to be followed in order to obtain maximum corrosion resistance and mechanical properties from the weldments.