Dance Of The Four Winds

Author: Alberto Villoldo
Size: 14,75 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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East Meets West

Author: Linda Appelbaum Schneider
Editor: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1434912361
Size: 10,10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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East Meets West: A Contrast in Medicine discusses the benefits of Eastern medicine and non-traditional treatments based on Linda Appelbaum Schneider¿s personal experience and research.In recent years, Eastern medicine has become more mainstream.While others remain skeptical, Ms. Schneider asserts that it ¿is time to meld both philosophies of medicine¿Eastern and Western¿to help us live healthier lives.¿ She gives us examples of this through her personal accounts of patients who prolonged their lives and maintained a healthy lifestyle by utilizing the Eastern principles of healing, which not only address the physical body, but also the spiritual self and surroundings.

A History Of Theatre In Africa

Author: Martin Banham
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139451499
Size: 18,15 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This book aims to offer a broad history of theatre in Africa. The roots of African theatre are ancient and complex and lie in areas of community festival, seasonal rhythm and religious ritual, as well as in the work of popular entertainers and storytellers. Since the 1950s, in a movement that has paralleled the political emancipation of so much of the continent, there has also grown a theatre that comments back from the colonized world to the world of the colonists and explores its own cultural, political and linguistic identity. A History of Theatre in Africa offers a comprehensive, yet accessible, account of this long and varied chronicle, written by a team of scholars in the field. Chapters include an examination of the concepts of 'history' and 'theatre'; North Africa; Francophone theatre; Anglophone West Africa; East Africa; Southern Africa; Lusophone African theatre; Mauritius and Reunion; and the African diaspora.

The Lakota Ghost Dance Of 1890

Author: Rani-Henrik Andersson
Editor: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0803220421
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Format: PDF, Mobi
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A broad range of perspectives from Natives and non-Natives makes this book the most complete account and analysis of the Lakota ghost dance ever published. A revitalization movement that swept across Native communities of the West in the late 1880s, the ghost dance took firm hold among the Lakotas, perplexed and alarmed government agents, sparked the intervention of the U.S. Army, and culminated in the massacre of hundreds of Lakota men, women, and children at Wounded Knee in December 1890. Although the Lakota ghost dance has been the subject of much previous historical study, the views of Lakota participants have not been fully explored, in part because they have been available only in the Lakota language. Moreover, emphasis has been placed on the event as a shared historical incident rather than as a dynamic meeting ground of multiple groups with differing perspectives. In The Lakota Ghost Dance of 1890, Rani-Henrik Andersson uses for the first time some accounts translated from Lakota. This book presents these Indian accounts together with the views and observations of Indian agents, the U.S. Army, missionaries, the mainstream press, and Congress. This comprehensive, complex, and compelling study not only collects these diverse viewpoints but also explores and analyzes the political, cultural, and economic linkages among them.

Shaman Healer Sage

Author: Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
Editor: Harmony
ISBN: 9780307421616
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Alberto Villoldo, a classically trained medical anthropologist, has studied shamanic healing techniques among the descendants of the ancient Inkas for more than twenty years. In Shaman, Healer, Sage, he draws on his vast body of knowledge to create a practical and revolutionary program based on the traditional healing methods used by these shamans -- methods that, until now, have been inaccessible to most of the world. Villoldo explains that central to shamanic healing is the concept of the Luminous Energy Field that is believed to surround our material bodies. His book teaches us to see and influence the imprints that disease leaves on this field and thereby to heal ourselves and others, as well as prevent illness. Villoldo weaves wonderful teaching stories throughout about the healing power of the energy medicine of the Americas. In one story, Villoldo comes down with pneumonia while in Peru. When antibiotics fail to control the infection, his mentor, the shaman Don Antonio, uses the process of Illumination to remove the toxins that had invaded Villoldo's body. These same shamanic techniques later allowed Villoldo to remove stagnant energy from a young woman whose marriage was suffering due to her past experience with abandonment. With the aid of shamanic work, the woman regained her trust in others, and her marriage was revitalized. This book is rich with ancient wisdom and contemporary techniques we can use to help ourselves and others, as well as with the more advanced methods of master shamans, which are being brought to a wide audience for the first time. From the Hardcover edition.

Horse Of The Four Winds

Author: Nancy Sanderson
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781463448011
Size: 20,12 MB
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When Kate Garland’s father is kidnapped in Mexico, she and her mother are forced to sell everything to meet the ransom demands. From spacious Fairydell Farm in Southern California’s Orange Park Acres, they must move to a small house in Riverside County and hope for Dr. Jim Garland’s safe return. After months of anxious waiting, Kate meets mysterious Zane McAlister, the man her mother has hired to rescue her father. Kate thinks he looks like a bandito and doesn’t trust him. Is he in cahoots with the kidnappers? And what of Tinkerbelle, her beloved Arabian mare? She is the last of the Garland purebreds. Will Kate have to sacrifice her as well? Desperate for money, Kate finds work at a nearby riding stable that is situated on land once part of a huge Spanish grant owned by the De la Costas. There, her life becomes strangely intertwined with the history of this old Californio family in ways she couldn’t have imagined. Do the De la Costas have the key to securing Dr. Garland’s release? Join Kate and her new friends, Maria Leon and Airyn Murdock, as her life takes one strange turn after another. Continuing her “Summer Horse” series, award-winning author, Nancy Sanderson, has added another element to her favorite theme of girls and their horses – California history. In Horse of the Four Winds, readers will learn about the “Leather-jacket” Spanish soldiers who settled the Golden State in the 1700s and how their descendants left their mark on the state’s history. Front cover art by Stacey Mayer

The Dance Of Words

Author: K.G. Bell
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462830382
Size: 11,77 MB
Format: PDF
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This book of Epic poems gives meaning to every moment of our living as it uses language to meander through ideas and philosophies of peoples and cultures, effecting behaviors, visions and changes. The Dance of Words, written with fire, reminds its readers of a time when integrity, honor and love were in flower, and lost moments of mankinds existence come vividly alive, with dramatic accounts of modern life, history, myths and fantasy. The Poems emerge with power and passion showing the values that impact upon human development and forces us to look deeply into our humanity in order to embrace fully this Blast of Light called life.

The House Of The Four Winds

Author: Mercedes Lackey
Editor: Tor Books
ISBN: 1466824204
Size: 11,71 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Mercedes Lackey is the New York Times bestselling author of the Valdemar series and romantic fantasies like Beauty and the Werewolf and The Fairy Godmother. James Mallory and Lackey have collaborated on six novels. Now these New York Times and USA Today bestselling collaborators bring romance to the fore with The House of the Four Winds. The rulers of tiny, impoverished Swansgaard have twelve daughters and one son. While the prince's future is assured, his twelve sisters must find their own fortunes. Disguising herself as Clarence, a sailor, Princess Clarice intends to work her way to the New World. When the crew rebels, Clarice/Clarence, an expert with rapier and dagger, sides with the handsome navigator, Dominick, and kills the cruel captain. Dominick leads the now-outlawed crew in search of treasure in the secret pirate haven known as The House of Four Winds. They encounter the sorceress Shamal, who claims Dominick for her own--but Clarice has fallen hard for Dominick and won't give him up without a fight. Full of swashbuckling adventure, buoyant magic, and irrepressible charm, The House of the Four Winds is a lighthearted fantasy romp by a pair of bestselling writers. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.