Recommendations For Database Management System Standards

Author: FIPS Task Group on Database Management System Standards (U.S.)
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Database Management Systems

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Primarily designed for the postgraduate students of computer science, information technology, software engineering and management, this book, now in its Third Edition, continues to provide an excellent coverage of the basic concepts involved in database management systems. It provides a thorough treatment of some important topics such as data structure, data models and database design through presentation of well-defined algorithms, examples and real-life cases. A detailed coverage of Database Structure, Implementation Design, Hierarchical Database Management Systems, Network Database Management Systems and Relational Database Management Systems, is also focused in this book. This book will also be useful for B.E./B.Tech. students of Computer Science and Engineering and Software Engineering. NEW TO THIS EDITION • Introduces three new chapters on rational database languages, namely, Relational Database Management Systems: Oracle 11g SQL, Relational Database Management Systems: Oracle 11g PL/SQL, and Relational Database Management Systems: Access 2013. • Text interspersed with numerous screenshots for practical under-standing of the text. • Clearly explained procedures in a step-by-step manner with chapter-end questions. • Self-explanatory, labelled figures and tables to conceptual discussion.

Fundamental Of Database Management System

Author: Dr. Mukesh Negi
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Designed to provide an insight into the database concepts DESCRIPTION Book teaches the essentials of DBMS to anyone who wants to become an effective and independent DBMS Master. It covers all the DBMS fundamentals without forgetting few vital advanced topics such as from installation, configuration and monitoring, up to the backup and migration of database covering few database client tools. KEY FEATURES Book contains real-time executed commands along with screenshot Parallel execution and explanation of Oracle and MySQL Database commands A Single comprehensive guide for Students, Teachers and Professionals Practical oriented book WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Relational Database,Keys Normalization of database SQL, SQL Queries, SQL joins Aggregate Functions,Oracle and Mysql tools WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR Students of Polytechnic Diploma Classes- Computer Science/ Information Technology Graduate Students- Computer Science/ CSE / IT/ Computer Applications Master Class Students—Msc (CS/IT)/ MCA/ M.Phil, M.Tech, M.S. Industry Professionals- Preparing for Certifications Table of Contents 1. Fundamentals of data and Database management system 2. Database Architecture and Models 3. Relational Database and normalization 4. Open source technology & SQL 5. Database queries 6. SQL operators 7. Introduction to database joins 8. Aggregate functions, subqueries and users 9. Backup & Recovery 10. Database installation 11. Oracle and MYSQL tools 12. Exercise

Taxonomy Of Database Management System

Author: Aditya Kumar Gupta
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Proprietary Database Management Systems

Author: Source Wikipedia
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 95. Chapters: Microsoft Access, IBM Informix, IBM Lotus Notes, Multics Relational Data Store, IBM Business System 12, InterBase, Oracle Database, Btrieve, Microsoft Jet Database Engine, Automatic Storage Management, FileMaker, DBase, Architecture of Btrieve, Nomad software, RDM Embedded, Helix, Paradox, R:Base, IBM Information Management System, Polyhedra DBMS, Dbfree, Rocket U2, Database Marketing Agency, Cornerstone, DBASE Mac, RDM Server, Linter SQL RDBMS, Objectivity/DB, FilePro, Datablitz, MaxDB, Bento, FoxPro 2, Sybase IQ, Adaptive Server Enterprise, MSDE, MSQL, Unisys DMSII, IBM DB2 Express-C, OneTick, Micro DBMS, SQL Anywhere, Advantage Database Server, InterSystems Cach, VP-Info, 4th Dimension, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Display Information System, SQL Server Express, CDS ISIS, WebQL, Alpha Five, TimesTen, Lexst Database Cluster, Borland Database Engine, ScimoreDB, Gemstone, SAND CDBMS, ADABAS, IBM Informix Dynamic Server, NonStop SQL, Model 204, Soup, PrimeBase, Altibase, Adabas D, C-tree, StepSqlite, Spatial Query Server, IBM System R, Db for dummies, OpenInsight, WindowBase, Butler SQL, IBM Lotus Approach, ConceptBase, Database Programmer's Toolkit, Oracle interMedia, DATATRIEVE, NexusDB, Illustra, TeraText, Applications-By-Forms, OpenBase, JSMDB, Integrated Data Store, Mimer SQL, Sav Zigzag, DATACOM/DB, DyBASE, WHATSIT, Relational Interface System, XDB Enterprise Server, Flash Recovery Area, IDAPI, OpenEdge Database. Excerpt: The Oracle Database (commonly referred to as Oracle RDBMS or simply as Oracle) is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. Larry Ellison and his friends and former co-workers Bob Miner and Ed Oates started the consultancy Software Development Laboratories (SDL) in 1977. SDL developed the original version of the Oracle software. The nam...

Introduction To Database Management Systems

Author: Atul Kahate
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Introduction to Database Management Systems is designed specifically for a single semester, namely, the first course on Database Systems. The book covers all the essential aspects of database systems, and also covers the areas of RDBMS. The book in.

Database Management Systems

Author: Raghu Ramakrishnan
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Designed for an introductory database course, this text emphasises conceptual and physical database design and tuning. It also covers advanced topics that may be useful for further study.

Multimedia Database Management Systems

Author: B. Prabhakaran
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 146156235X
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Multimedia Database Management Systems presents the issues and the techniques used in building multimedia database management systems. Chapter 1 provides an overview of multimedia databases and underlines the new requirements for these applications. Chapter 2 discusses the techniques used for storing and retrieving multimedia objects. Chapter 3 presents the techniques used for generating metadata for various media objects. Chapter 4 examines the mechanisms used for storing the index information needed for accessing different media objects. Chapter 5 analyzes the approaches for modeling media objects, both their temporal and spatial characteristics. Object-oriented approach, with some additional features, has been widely used to model multimedia information. The book discusses two systems that use object-oriented models: OVID (Object Video Information Database) and Jasmine. The models for representing temporal and spatial requirements of media objects are then studied. The book also describes authoring techniques used for specifying temporal and spatial characteristics of multimedia databases. Chapter 6 explains different types of multimedia queries, the methodologies for processing them and the language features for describing them. The features offered by query languages such as SQL/MM (Structured Query Language for Multimedia), PICQUERY+, and Video SQL are also studied. Chapter 7 deals with the communication requirements for multimedia databases. A client accessing multimedia data over computer networks needs to identify a schedule for retrieving various media objects composing the database. The book identifies possible ways for generating a retrieval schedule. Chapter 8 ties together the techniques discussed in the previous chapters by providing a simple architecture of a distributed multimedia database management system. Multimedia Database Management Systems can be used as a text for graduate students and researchers working in the area of multimedia databases. In addition, the book serves as essential reading material for computer professionals who are in (or moving to) the area of multimedia databases.

Fundamentals Of Relational Database Management Systems

Author: S. Sumathi
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
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This book provides comprehensive coverage of fundamentals of database management system. It contains a detailed description on Relational Database Management System Concepts. There are a variety of solved examples and review questions with solutions. This book is for those who require a better understanding of relational data modeling, its purpose, its nature, and the standards used in creating relational data model.