Deep Learning Revolutionize

Author: Gregorio Hackworth
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New edition of the bestselling guide to deep reinforcement learning and how it's used to solve complex real-world problems. Revised and expanded to include multi-agent methods, discrete optimization, RL in robotics, advanced exploration techniques, and more. I challenge you to find a study that is as fascinating and exciting as Deep Learning. Deep Learning is a new kind of Artificial Intelligence technology that emerged around 2012. Daniel Kahneman, the Nobel prize-winning psychologist, and economist, introduced the idea that the human brain has two kinds of cognitive or thinking machinery. He dubbed this "Thinking Fast and Slow". The fast cognitive mechanism is commonly understood as intuition. The slower kind is of the deliberative kind and is understood as rational thought. This book frames the emergent technology of Deep Learning as a kind of artificial intuition. This idea of Deep Learning as intuition is an extremely compelling narrative and can form a very solid mental model to think about its ramifications. We are all going to be profoundly impacted by this new kind of Artificial Intelligence and it is critical we all develop at least a good intuition of how and why it will transform our technology and ultimately our civilization.