Deliberate Deceptions

Author: Paul Findley
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This historic summit provides an in-depth, multifaceted inquiry into U.S.-Israeli relations. Former military and diplomatic personnel, intelligence officers, scholars, economists, researchers, authors and other experts at this nonpartisan symposium examine the impact of the U.S.-Israel relationship on Americans.

Deliberate Deception

Author: Joe Porrazzo
Editor: Porter House Press
ISBN: 0692157115
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***** NEW RELEASE ***** Following the award-winning mystery thriller, SOLEMNLY SWEAR... Alex Porter is back…and the stakes just got higher! A greedy corporation rigs a multi-million dollar raffle—creating false hopes for ticket buyers—but they aren’t winning, they’re dying. What comes next will shock the world! DELIBERATE DECEPTION heralds the return of Alex Porter; retired Air Force OSI agent turned private investigator, in Joe Porrazzo’s most powerful suspense thriller yet. Seven months after leaving New England, Alex, still grieving the tragic deaths of his wife and daughter, gets an urgent call from his friend, Joe Prater. A friend has gone missing from his home in Tucson, and Alex agrees to check it out. HEADLINE NEWS: Tragedy in Tucson While investigating, Alex gets too close to the truth and becomes a target himself. He finds himself teamed with the very person hired to kill him, as they race against the clock to prevent a mysterious group from striking in Tucson and shocking the world. Don’t miss the nonstop action; the deception is deliberate…and the results are deadly!

Deliberate Deceit

Author: Mitchell Stevens
Editor: Mitchell R. Stevens LLC
ISBN: 9781495208584
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Richard North has worked his way up the CIA's career ladder and he believes his nomination as the agency's next Director is a done deal. When the President shocks Beltway insiders by nominating an outsider, North gets both mad and even, revealing his long-held, carefully hidden sociopathic tendencies in a complex web of deceit that targets anyone standing in the way of his quest for power. North's revenge results in misdirection, murder and the threat of World War III.Jack Landis, a decorated Navy Seal, comes out of retirement to join a CIA special ops mission and finds himself in the middle of North's power grab. He has to rely on his training, experience and instincts to save a good friend, his lover, and thwart Armageddon. Jack partners with unlikely allies as he races against time to cut through the labyrinth of deception and uncover the truth. Deliberate Deceit is a page-turner that will leave the reader asking: Could this really happen?

Mass Deception

Author: Scott A. Bonn
Editor: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 0813549965
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The attacks of 9/11 led to a war on Iraq, although there was neither tangible evidence that the nation's leader, Saddam Hussein, was linked to Osama bin Laden nor proof of weapons of mass destruction. Why, then, did the Iraq war garner so much acceptance in the United States during its primary stages? Mass Deception argues that the George W. Bush administration manufactured public support for the war on Iraq. Scott A. Bonn introduces a unique, integrated, and interdisciplinary theory called "critical communication" to explain how and why political elites and the news media periodically create public panics that benefit both parties. Using quantitative analysis of public opinion polls and presidential rhetoric pre- and post-9/11 in the news media, Bonn applies the moral panic concept to the Iraq war. He critiques the war and occupation of Iraq as violations of domestic and international law. Finally, Mass Deception connects propaganda and distortion efforts by the Bush administration to more general theories of elite deviance and state crime.

Shaping The Message Distorting The Science

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science and Technology (2007). Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight
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The Anointed The Elect And The Damned

Author: The Akurians
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1438948107
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The Most High Lord God of All Creation, The Most High Supreme Lord of Spirits, the God of Ish (Adam) and Isha (Eve), the God of Enoch, the God of Noe (Noah), the God of Shem, the God of Melchizedek, the God of Audreah, the God of Abraham, the God of Ishmael, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob (Israel) will personally communicate with YOU, personally! Be prepared to understand YOU have been lied to all your life about everything; and to possess True Spiritual Knowledge you have been deliberately denied. The Most High, Himself, will testify to you that each and every word, statement and claim in this book is absolute, irrevocable, consistently verifiable, indispensable and indisputable TRUTH!

Detecting Malingering And Deception

Author: Harold V. Hall
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 1420038761
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NOMINATED FOR THE MANFRED S. GUTTMACHER AWARD BY THE AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION Although advances in clinical/forensic theory and technology continue to elucidate our understanding of deception analysis, the current state of the art is crude in most applications. With new interviewing techniques, psychological tests and instruments, Detecting Malingering and Deception: Forensic Distortion Analysis, Second Edition takes the reader far beyond the basic differentiation between malingering versus defensiveness as the two modes of distortion. What's new in this edition? Virtually every chapter has been updated with new studies and investigations from the past decade. The latest information is provided in such areas as post-traumatic stress disorder, amnesia, competency, criminal responsibility, and risk assessment. Several new chapters address not only the development of deceptive behavior in children, adolescents, and the elderly, but even in nonhumans. This authoritative contribution offers the reader specific steps to conduct a meaningful and contemporary deception analysis. Moreover, acknowledging the numerous methods and professions involved, it suggests a framework for integrating data from multiple sources. Nominated for the Guttmacher Award by the American Psychiatric Association, Detecting Malingering and Deception: Forensic Distortion Analysis is the single most comprehensive and thorough rendering of distortion analysis to date.

Hire Honesty

Author: Bill McConnell
Editor: Archway Publishing
ISBN: 1480838470
Size: 17,88 MB
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If you want good employees, you need to know which quality makes them good. What makes some workers show up on time, perform admirably, work enthusiastically, get along with coworkers, and make conscientious decisions? That supreme quality is honesty, and its the character equivalent of the good-worker gene. In Hire Honesty, author Bill McConnell explains how good-worker genes affect the productivity, compatibility, and profitability of your business. Then he provides details and specific methods for screening, selecting, and managing employees so they will become and remain productive and contented in their jobs. He describes the tools needed for effective interviewing and hiring and he shows employers how to use them. Employers will learn about: honesty as the foundation of exceptional job performance; good-worker genes; managed conversations; all-about-you interviews; and trust as the principle motivator for honest workers. McConnell, who spent twenty-eight years as CEO of Patusan Trading Company, a wholesaler and importer of oriental rugs, and five years as general manager of Triple Creek Ranch, named the worlds top-ranked luxury hotel in 2014, developed and implemented the techniques of Hire Honesty in settings as diverse as remote Himalayan villages and elite American resorts. Simple and practical, these methods and principles help businesses run more smoothly, cultivate happier employees, and experience rising profits.

The Philosophy Of The X Files

Author: Dean A. Kowalski
Editor: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813139058
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In The Philosophy of The X-Files, Dean A. Kowalski has gathered a remarkable cast of contributors to shed light on the philosophical mysteries of the television show The X-Files. With sections devoted to the show's credos, such as "The Truth Is Out There," individual characters, and specific episodes, The Philosophy of The X-Files illuminates the philosophical assumptions and presuppositions of the show as well as presents discussions through the show to help the reader better understand philosophy and philosophical inquiry.

Criminal Procedure

Author: James R. Acker
Editor: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 9780763731694
Size: 15,78 MB
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This essential resource provides students with an introduction to the rules and principles of criminal procedure law. This text uses a case study approach to help students develop the analytical skills necessary to understand the origins, context, and evolutions of the law; concentrates on US Supreme Court decisions interpreting both state and federal constitutions; and introduces students to the reference materials and strategies used for basic legal research.