Diary Of A Pilgrimage

Author: Aetheria
Editor: Paulist Press
ISBN: 9780809100293
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Egeria Diary Of A Pilgrimage

Author: Walter J. Burghardt
Editor: Paulist Press
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Written in the first part of the fifth century, this work is a charming record of the observations of a Christian woman on a lengthy pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. Her firsthand account is a work of major significance for the fields of archaeology, church history, philology, and comparative liturgy.

Diary Of A Pilgrimage And Six Essays

Author: Jerome Klapka Jerome
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Diary Of A Pilgrimage

Author: Jerome J.K.
Editor: Рипол Классик
ISBN: 5521070818
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Jerome Klapka Jerome (1859 –1927) was an English writer and humourist. The pilgrimage of the title is a journey to see the famous Passion Play at Oberammergau, which has been performed every ten years since 1634, the middle of the Thirty Years War. «Diary» is a typically witty account of this journey, part travelogue and part social commentary. Journalist, playwright and author, a wealth of his writing has remained just beyond the public gaze. «Diary of a Pilgrimage» is one such work.

Diary Of A Pilgrimage

Author: Jerome K. Jerome
Editor: Read Books Ltd
ISBN: 1473373417
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This early work by Jerome K. Jerome was originally published in 1891 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'Diary of a Pilgrimage' is a novel set during a journey to Oberammergau, in Bavaria, to see the Passion play that is performed there every ten years. Jerome Klapka Jerome was born in Walsall, England in 1859. Both his parents died while he was in his early teens, and he was forced to quit school to support himself. In 1889, Jerome published his most successful and best-remembered work, 'Three Men in a Boat'. Featuring himself and two of his friends encountering humorous situations while floating down the Thames in a small boat, the book was an instant success, and has never been out of print. In fact, its popularity was such that the number of registered Thames boats went up fifty percent in the year following its publication.

The Pilgrimage Of Egeria

Author: Anne McGowan
Editor: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 0814684459
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This new version of the late fourth-century diary of journeys in and around the Holy Land known as the Itinerarium Egeriae provides a more literal translation of the Latin text than earlier English renderings, with the aim of revealing more of the female traveler’s personality. The substantial introduction to the book covers both early pilgrimage as a whole, especially travel by women, and the many liturgical rites of Jerusalem that Egeria describes. Both this and the verse-by-verse commentary alongside the translated text draw on the most recent scholarship, making this essential reading for pilgrims, students, and scholars seeking insight into life and piety during one of Christianity’s most formative periods.

British Images Of Germany

Author: Richard Scully
Editor: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 0230301568
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British Images of Germany: Admiration, Antagonism & Ambivalence, 1860-1914 is the first full-length cultural history of Britain's relationship with Germany and the Germans in the key period leading up to the First World War. Representing a recent about-face in scholarly appreciations of Anglo-German relations, Richard Scully reassesses the assumption that the relationship in the lead up to 1914 was increasingly fraught and reveals a more complex picture: that a long standing sense of kinship felt by Britons for Germany and the Germans persisted right up to the outbreak of war, even surviving times of acute diplomatic tension. This innovative re-examination incorporates the reading of British images of Germany in maps, travel literature, fiction and political cartoons: forms which have never before been appreciated for the light they shed on this fascinating period of history

A Mozart Pilgrimage

Author: Vincent Novello
ISBN: 9780903873109
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Pilgrimage In The Middle Ages

Author: Brett Edward Whalen
Editor: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 144260199X
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Pilgrimage in the Middle Ages: A Reader is a rich collection of primary sources for the history of Christian pilgrimage in Europe and the Mediterranean world from the fourth through the sixteenth centuries.

Literature Of Travel And Exploration

Author: Jennifer Speake
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1135456631
Size: 15,28 MB
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Containing more than 600 entries, this valuable resource presents all aspects of travel writing. There are entries on places and routes (Afghanistan, Black Sea, Egypt, Gobi Desert, Hawaii, Himalayas, Italy, Northwest Passage, Samarkand, Silk Route, Timbuktu), writers (Isabella Bird, Ibn Battuta, Bruce Chatwin, Gustave Flaubert, Mary Kingsley, Walter Ralegh, Wilfrid Thesiger), methods of transport and types of journey (balloon, camel, grand tour, hunting and big game expeditions, pilgrimage, space travel and exploration), genres (buccaneer narratives, guidebooks, New World chronicles, postcards), companies and societies (East India Company, Royal Geographical Society, Society of Dilettanti), and issues and themes (censorship, exile, orientalism, and tourism). For a full list of entries and contributors, a generous selection of sample entries, and more, visit the Literature of Travel and Exploration: An Encyclopedia website.