Jesus Gnosis And Dogma

Author: Riemer Roukema
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567615855
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In Jesus, Gnosis and Dogma Roukema investigates and assesses the various views of Jesus in early Christianity, basing his approach on a distinction between historical and theological statements about Jesus. Historical statements can be arrived at through a critical study of the earliest records, although Roukema recognizes that scholars differ widely here. Theological statements about Jesus are to do with what has been and is believed about him. Roukema demonstrates that Gnostic traditions about Jesus mostly derive from the earlier traditions preserved in the New Testament writings and do not give a more accurate view of the historical Jesus. He shows that the view of Jesus as the divine Lord (Yahweh) and Son of God is inspired by an early Jewish pattern that was exploited by the very first Christians. In spite of some later dogmatic precisions, there is more continuity between the New Testament picture of Jesus and the Nicene creed than between the historical Jesus and the Jesus of early Gnosticism. Even the essence of the Trinitarian dogma appears to have Jewish roots.

Dogma 1

Author: Michael Schmaus
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567198383
Size: 13,94 MB
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A self-contained but integrated text which takes as its starting-point the sacramental character of the Church which derives from the understanding of Jesus as the original sacrament. From this base, it goes on to discuss the sacraments in general, and to provide an account of the historical development of the seven sacraments as we know them.

History Of Dogma 7 Volumes

Author: Adolf Harnack
Editor: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1579100678
Size: 17,22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This classic by Harnack was an epoch-making historical work that set the standard for any history of doctrinal development. Harnack locates the origins and traces the development of the authoritative Christian doctrinal system from its beginnings down to the Reformation, with a brief survey of later developments through 1870.

Dogman Frightening Encounters

Author: Tom Lyons
ISBN: 9781709232909
Size: 14,49 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Following the release of his best selling series, "Bigfoot Frightening Encounters", author Tom Lyons was contacted by several individuals who were eager to discuss their encounters with the mysterious dogman species. This issue contains eight reports from people who were lucky to survive their terrifying experiences.

What Is A Dogma

Author: Guy Mansini
Editor: Gregorian Biblical BookShop
ISBN: 9788876525469
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The question, What is a dogma? can be asked in many contexts. Karl Rahner remarked in 1962 that the question was rarely posed explicitly in the usual Catholic textbook theology. Some of the membra disiecta of the Catholic doctrine of dogma are doubtless to be gathered, he notes, from the treaties on the loci theologici and the magisterium of the Church, and he himself considers dogma in the context of 1) a general theory of what it is to make a statement, 2) the theology of faith, 3) ecclesiology, 4) his own theology of mystery, and 5) the theology of revelation and Scripture. Since 1962, Walter Kasper has offered a history of the idea of dogma and a consideration of dogma in its relation to the Gospel. The question about dogma continues to be asked within the question of the development, historicity and progress of dogma as witness the works of J.H. Walgrave and J.P. Joussua. Thomas B. Ommen discusses dogma in the context of modern theories of hermeneutics. Contemporary concerns with the nature and limits of theological pluralism make one turn to dogma as to a possible source or guarantor or expression of unity. A very Dulles asks whether dogma poses as great an obstacle to ecumenical discussion and reconciliation as is sometimes supposed. Attention to cultural and not only theological pluralism also redounds to the question of what dogma is or can be?

Dogma And Ecumenism

Author: Matthew Levering
ISBN: 0813232406
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"Catholic and Protestant theologians reflect upon the five major documents of Vatican II through the lens of Karl Barth's response to the council"--

Lineal List Of Commissioned And Warrant Officers Of The Marine Corps Reserve

Author: United States. Marine Corps
Size: 11,71 MB
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Holy Headshot

Author: Patrick Borelli
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439123160
Size: 17,44 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 166

Holy Headshot! is an amazing collection of the funniest, strangest, most captivating performers' headshots and resumes you have ever seen. The book throws open the door to the casting director's office and gives an entertaining peek into the amazing -- and sometimes bizarre -- world of show business. Authors Patrick Borelli and Douglas Gorenstein pored over 50,000 headshots to put together this remarkable gallery, which showcases everyone from aspiring amateurs who are striving to live out their Hollywood dreams to seasoned professionals that you might recognize from the big screen. A celebration of our national obsession with getting famous, Holy Headshot! offers up plenty of "What were they thinking!?" hilarity, but just as often you'll find yourself rooting for the characters that populate its pages.