Dogs And The Women Who Love Them

Author: Allen Anderson
Editor: New World Library
ISBN: 1577316932
Size: 12,38 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 907

When the nurturing nature of women meets the loyalty and unguarded affection of dogs, remarkable connections ensue. This book showcases stories about these connections that result in courageous and compassionate acts of love and healing — for the dogs, the women, and all the people whose lives they touch. Readers will laugh, smile, and be moved by shelter dogs, police canine handlers, dogs rescued from hurricanes and dog fighting, returning veterans in need of service dogs, prison inmates who train service dogs, and everyday mutts who transform lives just by providing an exuberant welcome at the end of the day. They'll even meet a dog that dazzled David Letterman on his Late Show. This heartwarming collection of stories is ideal for anyone who loves a dog, or simply loves to be inspired.

Animals And The Kids Who Love Them

Author: Allen Anderson
Editor: New World Library
ISBN: 1577319591
Size: 17,25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 268

Presents short, biographical stories about how animals have been beneficial to children in need.

Dieting With My Dog

Author: Peggy Frezon
Editor: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1845844696
Size: 13,47 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 572

The veterinarian rubbed Kelly’s sides for emphasis. “She needs to lose weight. If not ...” Peggy Frezon recognized the list of serious ailments that followed. It was the same one her own doctor had given her. Dieting With My Dog is the honest and heartfelt story of how one overweight woman and her chubby spaniel struggled to get fit and healthy together. Theirs was a comfortable routine. While Frezon’s children were flying the nest, her loyal rescue pup snuggled close. Sneaking M&Ms from her secret stash, she would slip Kelly extra doggy cookies too. Why not? Food is love. But then, Kelly became the motivating factor that led Frezon to face down the physical and emotional reasons for her overeating, and for overfeeding her dog. She learned that embracing change is healthy, and everything is easier with unconditional love. Join Frezon and Kelly on their journey to weight loss with a wag. Dieting With My Dog celebrates our close bonds with our pets in times of both need and triumph. This book is for anyone who has ever loved a pet – through thick and thin.

Dog Ma

Author: Barbara Boswell Brunner
Editor: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781478106586
Size: 16,41 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 748

"Barbara's vivid and dramatic stories, told with a wicked sense of humor, will make you laugh out loud. She definitely gets what living with rescued dogs (nine of them!) is all about. This book will inspire you with the couple's unstinting love, devotion, and respect for dogs as family members. You'll be glad to include it in your treasured collection of great dog books." --Allen and Linda Anderson, authors of Dogs and the Women Who Love Them (named in O Magazine as one of the top books of 2010) When Barbara meets her future husband, Ray, it is love-and dog-at first sight. Over the course of thirty-two years, seventeen relocations and nine dogs, their mutual love of dogs guides them on their unconventional path. The love that Barbara and Ray get in return is literally lifesaving, with one dog attacking a lethal intruder and another discovering Barbara's cancer. Her own survival story underscores the story of how her dogs become survivors themselves. Each new dog adds its own dynamic to the family, sometimes upending it. From Turbo (whose Spock-like ears may have provided super powers), Barbara learns about the will to live; Lexington demonstrates incredible patience and an inexplicable love of golf; Madison teaches that laughter is truly the best medicine and that the whole "nine lives thing" is not reserved just for cats; Morgan should be sainted for tolerating Izzy, who is as cute as she is bad. Barbara is certain that somewhere in doggie heaven there is a poster that says "If you are sick, injured or in need of really expensive medical care, FIND THESE HUMANS!"

The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service

Author: Beth Kendrick
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101585315
Size: 19,84 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 872

From Beth Kendrick comes a hilarious and heartwarming story about bad dogs and the women who love them… Lara Madigan has a gift. She can help you find your soulmate--your canine soul mate, that is. As a dog trainer with a soft spot for strays, she’s found the perfect home for sulky Shih Tzus, broken-down Border Collies, and diabolical Dalmatians. But while she’ll always make room for one more rescue mutt, she’s not sure she’s ready to commit to another human being--especially after her long-term boyfriend drops the bomb: He’s not a dog person. Horrified and temporarily homeless, Lara and her furry pack move in with her mother, a wealthy fashionista who forbids even a single drop of drool. As word gets around the exclusive gated community, Lara is overwhelmed with demands for her services. A model wants personal training for her overweight “flabrador”; an aging socialite preps her pedigreed puppy for dog show domination.... If Lara can survive the breakup, the outrageous requests of her high-maintenance clientele, and her dogs' systematic destruction of her mother’s McMansion, she might finally find the rescue dog who rescues her in return--by leading her straight to the guy who could be her perfect match.

Babes With Dogs

Author: Tany Soussana
ISBN: 9780979635106
Size: 15,45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 294

POP CULTURE GETS ITS WAG ON! Pick up the original Collector s Copy of Babes with Dogs today! This fun book of another breed comes loaded with canine antics. Dedicated to dogs and the women who love them from author and dog aficionado, Tany Soussana. For the love of dog take paws to enjoy this tailspun lark, and if you haven't already, do pick up the doggy pace (the world of women and their love affair with dogs is alive, well, and booming)! Just look around there are women with dogs EVERYWHERE! Did anyone say, hot doggy nirvana? From the froth and frolic of the modern day woman, to a walk in the dog park of another kind, Babes with Dogs takes an indelible plunge into the day-to-day absurdity of what happens when apart from a man going south only a good dog will do. The call of canine nature that beckons a woman's inner-babe and gives the unconditional licking she deserves. Babes with Dogs pays tribute to women who have put their hearts on a leash an exclusive club and unleashed babedom, making any doggy romp worth its OMD ride. If you are a Sex and the City fan, or grew up with a personal affinity for Snoopy, then Babes with Dogs could be your new happy place. A fun and wicked answer to every woman s trials and tribulations with the opposite sex, if not a rebel bark for strutting her best stuff with her unconditionally loving canine companion. Chockfull of entertaining doggy fashion statements and double-entendres, get ready to put on your Groove Style with a dog! From the Glammies to the Bow-Wowwies, and dressed to the K9s Babes with Dogs" is the tickle your doggy-bone book that sheds light and irrepressible humor on everything to do with talk, focus, and women relating to life with Fido. In all its biting wit and glory, this book puts on the dog with the right blend of naughty and nice. Now, from Diva Dog Fashionistas who always get the last lick (and a lil' Bada-Bling), enjoy this slobbering feel-good book that doubles over as a tummy-rub howl and a girl's new BFF with a tail on! Makes the perfect gift for the tail-spin inclined. Welcome to Doggywood the Babes with Dogs exclusive scene and no-bones-barred landscape, where hails the diehard maternal attitude, Come to Mama! Find out more at:

The Spirit Of A Man

Author: Iyanla Vanzant
Editor: Harper San Francisco
Size: 18,36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 519

A message of spiritual empowerment for African American men combines parables, meditation, prayer, and ritual to guide them


Author: Sage Lewis
ISBN: 9780578538754
Size: 17,61 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 665

How do we find and keep our balance in a life that sometimes spins us off our center? Sage and Java weave a beautiful web of love in this story of trials, tribulations and triumphs. For anyone who's ever had a challenge themselves, or worked with a challenging animal (or human), this book is a gift."I am so pleased to have Sage and Java as part of the Tellington TTouch(R) family. It's been my pleasure to watch them both blossom over the years." - Linda Tellington-Jones; Founder; Tellington TTouch(R)"Honest and intimate, JAVA: The True Story follows the author and her rescued dog through the trials and tribulations of life, and is a testament to the gifts that people and dogs can give to each other." - Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.; Author, The Other End of the Leash and For The Love of Dogs"Sage Lewis' engaging tale of luscious connection with her dogs, and particularly her challenging canine teacher, Java, pull us straight into the heart and hidden corners of the human psyche." - Penelope Smith; Founding Animal Communicator; Author, Animal Talk and When Animals SpeakBio: Sage Lewis is the Creature Teacher with Dancing Porcupine ( and is a Certified Life Coach, Animal Communicator, Certified Tellington TTouch(R) Advanced Practitioner, Intuitive/Medium, Shamanic Practitioner and Fun Person.Sage hosted the radio show, The Pet Playground, and is the author of JAVA: The True Story of a Shelter Dog Who Rescued a Woman. She is also a featured author in Dogs And The Women Who Love Them and is completing her second book, Where Angels Play: Life, Death and the Magic Beyond (Spring 2019). As a 19 year teaching veteran Sage's passion is guiding and supporting the excellence in all creatures.To find out more about Sage or to book a private session for you or your pet:

The Woman Who Fell In Love For A Week

Author: Fiona Walker
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0751556122
Size: 10,74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 871

Dive into a summer of surprises . . . Jenny loves to house-sit: looking after a stranger's perfect home and pretending to be someone else - just for a bit. Her latest booking is a beautiful rambling country house owned by the glamorous Lewis family. Freed of teaching duties for the summer, Jenny plans to do nothing more challenging than walk the family's badly behaved dog and laze by the pool. Her idyll is disrupted by skeletons in the Lewis closet. Stumbling across hidden messages and passionate secrets, Jenny finds herself exposing far more than just home truths. She uncovers a seductive second chance: to open herself up to love again and to finally live life on her own terms.

The Stories Of Frederick Busch

Author: Frederick Busch
Editor: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393241947
Size: 16,89 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 271

A selection of short stories from a twentieth-century “American master” (Dan Cryer, Newsday). A contemporary of Ann Beattie and Tobias Wolff, Frederick Busch was a master craftsman of the form; his subjects were single-event moments in so-called ordinary life. The stories in this volume, selected by Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Strout, are tales of families trying to heal their wounds, save their marriages, and rescue their children. In "Ralph the Duck," a security guard struggles to hang on to his marriage. In "Name the Name," a traveling teacher attends to students outside the school, including his own son, locked in a country jail. In Busch's work, we are reminded that we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors or in the mind of another. In the words of Raymond Carver, "With astonishing felicity of detail, Busch presents us with a world where real things are at stake—and sometimes, as in the real world, everything is risked." From his first volume, Hardwater Country (1974), to his most recent, Rescue Missions (2006), this volume selects thirty stories from an "American master" (Dan Cryer, Newsday), showcasing a body of work that is sure to shape American fiction for generations to come.