Dynamics Of Advanced Materials And Smart Structures

Author: Kazumi Watanabe
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 940170371X
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Two key words for mechanical engineering in the future are Micro and Intelligence. It is weIl known that the leadership in the intelligence technology is a marter of vital importance for the future status of industrial society, and thus national research projects for intelligent materials, structures and machines have started not only in advanced countries, but also in developing countries. Materials and structures which have self-sensing, diagnosis and actuating systems, are called intelligent or smart, and are of growing research interest in the world. In this situation, the IUT AM symposium on Dynamics 0/ Advanced Materials and Smart Structures was a timely one. Smart materials and structures are those equipped with sensors and actuators to achieve their designed performance in achanging environment. They have complex structural properties and mechanical responses. Many engineering problems, such as interface and edge phenomena, mechanical and electro-magnetic interaction/coupling and sensing, actuating and control techniques, arise in the development ofintelligent structures. Due to the multi-disciplinary nature ofthese problems, all ofthe classical sciences and technologies, such as applied mathematics, material science, solid and fluid mechanics, control techniques and others must be assembled and used to solve them. IUTAM weIl understands the importance ofthis emerging technology. An IUTAM symposium on Smart Structures and Structronic Systems (Chaired by U.

Mechanics And Model Based Control Of Smart Materials And Structures

Author: Hans Irschik
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 321199484X
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Mechanics and model-based control are both rapidly expanding scientific fields and fundamental disciplines of mechatronics, sharing demanding mathematical and system-theoretic formulations and methods. The papers in this volume deal with smart materials, which allow the design and implementation of new types of actuator/sensor fields and networks. Main topics treated are fundamental studies on laminated, composite and functionally graded materials, thermal and piezoelectric actuation, active and passive damping, as well as vibrations and waves in smart structures. The book is based on the 1st Japanese-Austrian Workshop which took place in Linz in Fall 2008.

Iutam Symposium On Smart Structures And Structronic Systems

Author: Ulrich Gabbert
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401007241
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Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on Smart Structures and Structronic Systems, held in Magdeburg, Germany, 26-29 September 2000

Adaptronics And Smart Structures

Author: Hartmut Janocha
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540719679
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Adaptronic structures and systems are engineered to adjust automatically to variable operating and environmental conditions, through the use of feedback control. The authors of this book have taken on the task of comprehensively describing the current state of the art in this highly modern and broadly interdisciplinary field. The book presents selected examples of applications, and goes on to demonstrate current development trends.

Numerical Methods In Mechanics Of Materials 3rd Ed

Author: Ken P. Chong
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 1351380982
Size: 20,77 MB
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In the dynamic digital age, the widespread use of computers has transformed engineering and science. A realistic and successful solution of an engineering problem usually begins with an accurate physical model of the problem and a proper understanding of the assumptions employed. With computers and appropriate software we can model and analyze complex physical systems and problems. However, efficient and accurate use of numerical results obtained from computer programs requires considerable background and advanced working knowledge to avoid blunders and the blind acceptance of computer results. This book provides the background and knowledge necessary to avoid these pitfalls, especially the most commonly used numerical methods employed in the solution of physical problems. It offers an in-depth presentation of the numerical methods for scales from nano to macro in nine self-contained chapters with extensive problems and up-to-date references, covering: Trends and new developments in simulation and computation Weighted residuals methods Finite difference methods Finite element methods Finite strip/layer/prism methods Boundary element methods Meshless methods Molecular dynamics Multiphysics problems Multiscale methods

Smart Structures And Materials

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Advanced Materials

Author: Ivan A. Parinov
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3319789198
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This book presents selected peer-reviewed contributions from the 2017 International Conference on “Physics and Mechanics of New Materials and Their Applications”, PHENMA 2017 (Jabalpur, India, 14–16 October, 2017), which is devoted to processing techniques, physics, mechanics, and applications of advanced materials. The book focuses on a wide spectrum of nanostructures, ferroelectric crystals, materials and composites as well as promising materials with special properties. It presents nanotechnology approaches, modern environmentally friendly piezoelectric and ferromagnetic techniques and physical and mechanical studies of the structural and physical–mechanical properties of materials. Various original mathematical and numerical methods are applied to the solution of different technological, mechanical and physical problems that are interesting from theoretical, modeling and experimental points of view. Further, the book highlights novel devices with high accuracy, longevity and extended capabilities to operate under wide temperature and pressure ranges and aggressive media, which show improved characteristics, thanks to the developed materials and composites, opening new possibilities for different physico-mechanical processes and phenomena.

Smart Structures And Materials

Author: Ralph C. Smith
Editor: Society of Photo Optical
ISBN: 9780819453006
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Advances In Mechanics Of Materials And Structural Analysis

Author: Holm Altenbach
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3319705636
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This book presents a collection of contributions on the advanced mechanics of materials and mechanics of structures approaches, written in honor of Professor Kienzler. It covers various topics related to constitutive models for advanced materials, recent developments in mechanics of configuration forces, as well as new approaches to the efficient modeling and analysis of engineering structures.

Iii European Conference On Computational Mechanics

Author: C. A. Mota Soares
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402053703
Size: 20,17 MB
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III European Conference on Computational Mechanics: Solids, Structures and Coupled Problem in Engineering Computational Mechanics in Solid, Structures and Coupled Problems in Engineering is today a mature science with applications to major industrial projects. This book contains the edited version of the Abstracts of Plenary and Keynote Lectures and Papers, and a companion CD-ROM with the full-length papers, presented at the III European Conference on Computational Mechanics: Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems in Engineering (ECCM-2006), held in the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal 5th - 8th June 2006. The book reflects the state-of-art of Computation Mechanics in Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems in Engineering and it includes contributions by the world most active researchers in this field.