Education And Schooling

Autore: W. Kenneth Richmond
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 0429803133
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In the early 1970s the crisis in schools, particularly in urban areas, had escalated. At the same time a number of writers had advocated either the abolition or the recasting of the school system as a whole. The late Kenneth Richmond saw these phenomena as symptoms of a struggle towards a much-needed new theory and practice of education. Increasingly, he felt, it is realised that a schooled society is not synonymous with an educative society, and that learning which stops at the age of sixteen and which makes the learner the submissive receiver of instruction and training is simply inadequate in an age of technology. The ’generative theory’ of education outlined in this book, originally published in 1975, would conceive of the learner as the controlling agent in a network of educational resources, and of education as a lifelong process. Learning can no longer be confined within the frames and classifications imposed upon it by traditional pedagogy. Recent research evidence indicates that the importance attached to formal schooling is greatly exaggerated and that the financial and other resources devoted to the expansion of so-called educational services are largely wasted. There is a need, the author stresses, for a much wider definition of education – one that would recognise the validity of the numerous skills acquired outside the classroom (at home, in the peer group, at the work-place) and would deliberately foster a ‘school without walls’ policy, whereby community institutions and organizations could be used as learning environments. Only by taking steps in this direction, he believes, can we overcome the apparently intractable problems of the schools today.

Education And Schooling

Autore: John MacBeath
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1135039062
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The French have a saying plus ca change plus cest la meme chose. The English colloquial equivalent same old same old conveys a sense of the inevitable, a reminder that if we havent learned the lessons of history we are doomed to repeat them. In over half a century, what have we learned about education, about schools as places for education, a

Education And Schooling In Japan Since 1945

Autore: Edward R. Beauchamp
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 113564862X
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First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Learning Not Schooling

Autore: Lyn Lesch
Editore: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 160709097X
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Learning Not Schooling: Reimagining the Purpose of Education examines how both the curiosity and the initiative of students in their formative years can be stimulated by partnering local schools with the world of adult work and professional expertise. This tactic addresses some of the issues that seem to continually plague us, such as how to help students learn more effectively in the modern age, or how to more fully address some of the perpetual inequities between different socioeconomic groupings. Drawing on his experiences from founding and directing a private school for students age six to fourteen, Lyn Lesch presents a new model for education in which learning for students increasingly occurs in the world of adult expertise, with classroom teachers taking on the role of conduits that not only prepare students to learn from professionals working in various fields but also assist them in absorbing the advanced information and knowledge they will be acquiring.

Literacy Education And Schooling For What

Autore: Johan Galtung
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The Public Purpose Of Education And Schooling

Autore: John I. Goodlad
Editore: Jossey-Bass
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"I have been waiting for this book for a decade. In an age in which the national debate on school reform is concerned principally with tactics and process, this volume focuses on the most important of all questions. What is the purpose of school? How do we know if a school is working? The authors are the most highly regarded names in education. This is an important book for anyone interested in schooling in America today." -- Arthur Levine, president, Teachers College, Columbia University

Education And Society

Autore: Thurston Domina
Editore: University of California Press
ISBN: 0520295587
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Drawing on current scholarship, Education and Society takes students on a journey through the many roles that education plays in contemporary societies. Addressing students’ own experience of education before expanding to larger sociological conversations, Education and Society helps readers understand and engage with such topics as peer groups, gender and identity, social class, the racialization of achievement, the treatment of immigrant children, special education, school choice, accountability, discipline, global perspectives, and schooling as a social institution. The book prompts students to evaluate how schools organize our society and how society organizes our schools. Moving from students to schooling to social forces, Education and Society provides a lively and engaging introduction to theory and research and will serve as a cornerstone for courses such as sociology of education, foundations of education, critical issues in education, and school and society.

Shaping The Culture Of Schooling

Autore: Cheryl Taylor Desmond
Editore: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438400985
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Focusing on the cultural history of the origins of outcome-based education (OBE), this book investigates the social and economic culture of Johnson City, New York, schools. OBE has often been proclaimed the salvation for ailing American schools and has spread to thousands of school districts throughout the United States. The reform has also been the lightning rod for fierce challenges from community members who oppose OBE’s dismantling of the bell-shaped curve and its promotion of secular humanism. The author uncovers the messy business of school change and its deep roots in the values of the local community and economy. Grounding the story historically and theoretically, Desmond analyzes the reshaping of the Johnson City schools from a production mill for blue collar workers to a development center of technologically minded, middle-class, well-educated citizens. She argues that the heart of successful, synergistic school reform lies in the consensus that children have unlimited learning capacity and a long-term moral leadership that is committed to caring, reciprocal relationships of power.

Standards And Schooling In The United States

Autore: Joe L. Kincheloe
Editore: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 157607255X
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In this definitive, three-volume set, top scholars illuminate the historical, social, cultural, political, administrative, psychological, and philosophical issues behind the standards debate. * Volumes are arranged topically and include subjects such as art, bilingual education, consequences of standards, evaluation, learning theory and cognition, multiculturalism, reductionism, and school accreditation * Over 50 top scholars illuminate the debate, provide much-needed historical context, and explain the relationship of standards to educational reform efforts * A historical chronology is given, which spans from 1892, when the Committee of Ten created uniform academic requirements for admission to college, to the Supreme Court ruling in 2001 lowering the First Amendment wall separating church and state * The encyclopedia gives a list of selected print and nonprint resources, which includes books, government publications, labor reports, websites, and organizations regarding the standards debate in the United States

Reforming Education

Autore: Mortimer Jerome Adler
Editore: Boulder, Colo. : Westview Press
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Schooling In The Asean Region

Autore: T. Neville Postlethwaite
Editore: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483157989
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Schooling in the ASEAN Region evaluates primary and secondary education in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. The book describes the type of present-day schooling in these countries and, to some extent, their cooperative efforts to pursue common goals. The text discusses the aims of schooling; the structure and process of schooling; and the cooperative education ventures present in the ASEAN region. The book describes the social conditions and government efforts toward developing education in each of the five countries. The text summarizes the historical background of the country as it relates to education, the quality and supply of teachers, the curriculum, administrative structure of the educational system, and some data on school enrollment. The book also notes the problems that are present in the educational system of each country, and the existence of non-formal education in some countries. The book then addresses the education trend and future of education. The last chapter then evaluates the performance and achievements of these five countries toward reaching the goals they had set. The book also lists the challenges that these countries face in the future, such as expanding educational needs, improved quality of learning, effective educational structure, administrative efficiency, teacher supply, and better intercountry cooperation. The text can prove informative for historians, educators, school administrators, government policymakers in education, and education students and professors.

Ruling Through Education

Autore: Tim Allender
Editore: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd
ISBN: 9781932705706
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Tracing the history of colonial education in the Punjab, the large province of Hindustan divided today between India and Pakistan, this book argues that the British-controlled system of colonial education in Hindustan failed well before the national movement challenged foreign educational practice in the early twentieth century. Drawing on extensive archival research in Great Britain, India and Pakistan, Allender shows how the early ideas of British officials generated a highly imaginative village system of schooling. Attempting to accommodate local language and religious sensitivities, this broad-based scheme offered possibilities to improve the lot of village boys. The revolt of 1857, and a well-meaning crusade against female infanticide, prompted officials to drop this scheme and to content themselves with city based schools. Christian missionary tensions with the government over their evangelising agenda also meant that their focus on poor students was limited to a mere 17 years. These developments helped to create a strong indigenous voice for educational innovations and change, notably represented in the Arya Samaj. In 1882, the Hunter Commission marked a recognition over the previous 30 years made it impossible for them to reach the general population with an effective European-led scheme of education.

Schooling And Society

Autore: David L. Sackett
Editore: Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press
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Lgbtq Voices In Education

Autore: Veronica E. Bloomfield
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1317285913
Grandezza: 68,43 MB
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LGBTQ Voices in Education: Changing the Culture of Schooling addresses the ways in which teachers can meet the needs of LGBTQ students and improve the culture surrounding gender, sexuality, and identity issues in formal learning environments. Written by experts from a variety of backgrounds including educational foundations, leadership, cultural studies, literacy, criminology, theology, media assessment, and more, these chapters are designed to help educators find the inspiration and support they need to become allies and advocates of queer students, whose safety, well-being, and academic performance are regularly and often systemically threatened. Emphasizing socially just curricula, supportive school climates, and transformative educational practices, this innovative book is applicable to K-12, college-level, and graduate settings, and beyond.

Education Law And Diversity

Autore: Neville Harris
Editore: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 150990672X
Grandezza: 11,87 MB
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This new edition of Education, Law and Diversity provides extensive updated analysis, from a legal perspective, of how the education system responds to social diversity and how the relevant social and cultural rights of individuals and groups are affected. It spans wide-ranging areas of school provision, including: types of school (including faith schools), the school curriculum, choice of school, out-of-school settings, and duties towards children with special needs and disabilities. It gives extensive coverage to children's rights in the context of education and includes considerable new material on issues including relationships and sex education, exclusion from school, home education, equal access, counter-extremism and academisation. The new edition also retains and updates areas of debate in the book, such as those concerned with multiculturalism and the position of religion in schools. It continues to focus on England but also makes reference to other jurisdictions within the UK and internationally. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the legal and related policy issues surrounding children's education today.

Why School

Autore: Mike Rose
Editore: The New Press
ISBN: 162097004X
Grandezza: 20,75 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Why School? is a little book driven by big questions. What does it mean to be educated? What is intelligence? How should we think about intelligence, education, and opportunity in an open society? Drawing on forty years of teaching and research and "a profound understanding of the opportunities, both intellectual and economic, that come from education" (Booklist), award-winning author Mike Rose reflects on these and other questions related to public schooling in America. He answers them in beautifully written chapters that are both rich in detail and informed by an extensive knowledge of history, the psychology of learning, and the politics of education. This paperback edition includes three new chapters showing how cognitive science actually narrows our understanding of learning, how to increase college graduation rates, and how to value the teaching of basic skills. An updated introduction by Rose, who has been hailed as "a superb writer and an even better storyteller" (TLN Teachers Network), reflects on recent developments in school reform. Lauded as "a beautifully written work of literary nonfiction" (The Christian Science Monitor) and called "stunning" by the New Educator Journal, Why School? offers an eloquent call for a bountiful democratic vision of the purpose of schooling.

Between Education And Schooling

Autore: Ulf P. Lundgren
Editore: UNSW Press
ISBN: 9780730012429
Grandezza: 26,98 MB
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"This book has been produced as part of the study materials for ECS802 Curriculum theory, which is one of the units offered by the Faculty of Education in Deakin University's Open Campus Program'.

Schooling As A Ritual Performance

Autore: Peter McLaren
Editore: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780847691968
Grandezza: 44,92 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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Written by one of the major world figures on the educational left, Schooling as a Ritual Performance is a pioneering study of the partnership between capitalism and religion and the educational offspring it produces.

Cultural History And Education

Autore: Thomas S. Popkewitz
Editore: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415928052
Grandezza: 60,62 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Cultural History and Education brings together an outstanding group of the leading scholars in the study of the cultural history of education. These scholars, whose work represents a variety of national contexts from throughout Europe, Latin America, and North America, contribute to a growing body of work that seeks to re-think historical studies in education.

The Japanese Education System

Autore: Yasuhiro Nemoto
Editore: Universal-Publishers
ISBN: 9781581127997
Grandezza: 58,66 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 4073

This comprehensive study of the Japanese education system follows the Japanese child from the kindergarten, through the progressively more arduous and competitive environments of the elementary, middle and high schools, to the relative relaxation, even hedonism, of university life. Drawing on numerous surveys and on the author's personal experience, it provides a wealth of information on teaching methodologies, discipline, class sizes, the school day, assessment and the national curriculum. It also examines the role of the central Ministry of Education and the local boards in administering education throughout the country, and outlines and assesses the government's recent programs of educational reform. The behavior, attitudes and expectations of pupils and parents are discussed in detail, and placed within their political, social and historical context, revealing the complex cultural assumptions determining learning and socialization in Japan. This study thus contributes to the efforts of educators and sociologists to understand and evaluate different approaches to education in diverse cultures, increasingly important in the global information age. It shows how the American and Japanese education systems are based on fundamentally different concepts of society: democratic individualism and hierarchic collectivism respectively. While discussing the positive and negative effects of each extreme, it suggests that American educators might learn from a system in which truancy, insolence, violence and drug abuse are comparatively rare. However, the study shows how the traditional ideals of Japanese education - unquestioning acceptance, self-sacrifice, and respect for superiors - face serious challenges in a time of globalization, and moral, social and cultural change.