Memphis Elvis Style

Author: Cindy Hazen
Editor: John F. Blair, Publisher
ISBN: 9780895871732
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A tour of Elvis Presley's home town visits such locations as his homes, the school and churches he attended, and the recording studio where he made his first record

Elvis Presley

Author: Pamela Clarke Keogh
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439108154
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That voice, those eyes, that hair, the cars, the girls...Elvis Presley revolutionized American pop culture when, at the age of twenty-one, he became the world's first modern superstar. A Memphis Beau Brummel even before he found fame, Elvis had a personal style that, like his music, had such a direct impact on his audience that it continues to influence us to this day. Elvis Presley compellingly examines Elvis' life and style to reveal the generous, complex, spiritual man behind the fourteen-carat-gold sunglasses and answers the question, "Why does Elvis matter?" "Elvis Presley is the greatest cultural force in the twentieth century," proclaimed Leonard Bernstein. By any measure, Presley's life was remarkable. From his modest beginnings in a two-room house to his meteoric rise to international fame, everything about his life -- his outsized talent to his car collection -- clamored for attention. And he got it; even today, Elvis continues to fascinate. Written with the assistance of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Pamela Clarke Keogh's biography draws on extensive research and interviews with Presley friends and family, among them Priscilla Presley, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling, Larry Geller, Bernard Lansky, famed Hollywood photographer Bob Willoughby, and designer Bill Belew. Offered access to the Graceland archives, the author considered thousands of images, selecting more than one hundred color and black-and-white photographs for this book, many of them rarely seen before. Both a significant biography of the greatest entertainer of our time and a provocative celebration of what Presley means to America today, Elvis Presley introduces the man behind the myth, a very human superstar beloved by millions.

Elvis Presley My Second Chance

Editor: Bruce Portmann
ISBN: 1476481202
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Elvis For Dummies

Author: Susan Doll
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470562080
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Elvis Presley Memphis

Author: Mark Bernardo
Editor: Roaring Forties Press
ISBN: 1938901002
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Weaving the story of the King's personal and public life with detailed descriptions of the locations in Memphis that served as the setting for his musical education and evolution, this pop culture guide offers a refreshingly even-handed account of Elvis Presley's life. Elvis came to Memphis as a 13-year-old boy, and within a few years, he was shocking and seducing the world with a mixture of moves and sounds he had first seen and heard in the city's streets, churches, and bars. This comprehensive tour of places on which Elvis left his mark includes the Peabody Hotel, where he had his senior prom; Ellis Auditorium, where he played his first show; the Sun Studio, where he recorded his first singles; Lansky Brothers Clothiers, where he bought his suits; and Graceland, where he lived with his wife Priscilla and died in 1977. Anecdotes about each of the locations and how they shaped Elvis's personal and musical identity enhance the travel information, while street maps and a handy size make this book an invaluable companion to Memphis visitors and lovers of rock and roll.

Why Elvis Left The Building

Author: Heart Lanier Shapr‚
Editor: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 1608608980
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Of the millions of Elvis Fans around the globe, I would place Heart Shapre' among the top ten persons for her love, mystique and dedication to King Presley. I wish her the best of luck in her new book endeavor. Capt. Bob Ferguson, Ret. Memphis Police Dept. Some things are meant to be, this writing is based on ELVIS THROUGH MY EYES; the facts remain. Here is your friend, and you will learn about the man. Would anyone who loves ELVIS toss his life away? Influential people like ELVIS are not forgotten no matter what. Seven lost childhood years of ELVIS' life is related by James Samuel Denson selected by Gladys Presley to help raise him. On stage beneath those costumes was a person who had struggles, FBI involvement and is a phenomenon. What was the price...the blood talks. This work was written with Priscilla and Lisa Marie in mind. To quote Elvis, My image is one thing and the human being is's hard to live up to an image...Elvis gave possibly more than he had and his spirit still connects with all who love and understand him far beyond the emotionalism. The God in Elvis connects with the God in others.Don't miss knowing him plus the blessing this book brings as, if you shut the door here, you may be walking on Elvis' soul. As some desire only the showmanship, there is no need to say 'enjoy it' - you have that but we have the man - ELVIS. We were extremely fortunate to have had Elvis for so long. Yet today, his music is kept alive so beautifully by radio, TV, film and the gifted Tribute Artists world-wide; we are highly blessed with their artistry. Elvis was not finished by August 17, 1977

Elvis Presley

Author: Joel Williamson
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199314942
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In Elvis Presley: A Southern Life, one of the most admired Southern historians of our time takes on one of the greatest cultural icons of all time. The result is a masterpiece: a vivid, gripping biography, set against the rich backdrop of Southern society--indeed, American society--in the second half of the twentieth century. Author of The Crucible of Race and William Faulkner and Southern History, Joel Williamson is a renowned historian known for his inimitable and compelling narrative style. In this tour de force biography, he captures the drama of Presley's career set against the popular culture of the post-World War II South. Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, Presley was a contradiction, flamboyant in pegged black pants with pink stripes, yet soft-spoken, respectfully courting a decent girl from church. Then he wandered into Sun Records, and everything changed. "I was scared stiff," Elvis recalled about his first time performing on stage. "Everyone was hollering and I didn't know what they were hollering at." Girls did the hollering--at his snarl and swagger. Williamson calls it "the revolution of the Elvis girls." His fans lived in an intense moment, this generation raised by their mothers while their fathers were away at war, whose lives were transformed by an exodus from the countryside to Southern cities, a postwar culture of consumption, and a striving for upward mobility. They came of age in the era of the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education ruling, which turned high schools into battlegrounds of race. Explosively, white girls went wild for a white man inspired by and singing black music while "wiggling" erotically. Elvis, Williamson argues, gave his female fans an opportunity to break free from straitlaced Southern society and express themselves sexually, if only for a few hours at a time. Rather than focusing on Elvis's music and the music industry, Elvis Presley: A Southern Life illuminates the zenith of his career, his period of deepest creativity, which captured a legion of fans and kept them fervently loyal for decades. Williamson shows how Elvis himself changed--and didn't. In the latter part of his career, when he performed regular gigs in Las Vegas and toured second-tier cities, he moved beyond the South to a national audience who had bought his albums and watched his movies. Yet the makeup of his fan base did not substantially change, nor did Elvis himself ever move up the Southern class ladder despite his wealth. Even as he aged and his life was cut short, he maintained his iconic status, becoming arguably larger in death than in life as droves of fans continue to pay homage to him at Graceland. Appreciative and unsparing, culturally attuned and socially revealing, Williamson's Elvis Presley will deepen our understanding of the man and his times.

Elvis Presley

Author: Bobbie Ann Mason
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 110120138X
Size: 18,97 MB
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A vibrant, sympathetic portrait of the once and future king of rock ?n? roll by the award-winning author of Shiloh and In Country To this clear-eyed portrait of the first rock ?n? roll superstar, Bobbie Ann Mason brings a novelist?s insight and the empathy of a fellow Southerner who, from the first time she heard his voice on the family radio, knew that Elvis was ?one of us.? Elvis Presley deftly braids the mythic and human aspects of his story, capturing both the charismatic, boundary-breaking singer who reveled in his celebrity and the soft-spoken, working-class Southern boy who was fatally unprepared for his success. The result is a riveting, tragic book that goes to the heart of the American dream.

Prairie Nights To Neon Lights

Author: Joe Carr
Editor: Texas Tech University Press
ISBN: 9780896723658
Size: 16,77 MB
Format: PDF
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Belmont University Prize for Best Book on Country Music 1995 From the regional bands of the 1930s and 1940s to the impact of Elvis Presley on the musicians and singers of the 1950s, Prairie Nights to Neon Lights takes us inside the heart of West Texas music. Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison, Edd Mayfield and Tex Logan, the Carter Family and Bob Wills, Tommy Hancock and Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Joe Ely, and Butch Hancock—these are just a few of the legends profiled in this exciting volume.

Elvis Has Left The Building

Author: Charity Tahmaseb
Editor: Untreed Reads
ISBN: 161187632X
Size: 10,82 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Second generation Elvis impersonator, Elliot, is content with his small-town circuit and regular gigs at the Holiday Inn, until he attracts a fan who has never heard of the King. But stepping free of the shadow cast by both his father and Elvis may prove to be impossible. A short story.