Empires Of Time

Autore: Anthony F. Aveni
Editore: Tauris Parke Paperbacks
ISBN: 9781860646027
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Humanity has always felt a powerful need to impose scale and order on that most elusive and transient of elements: time. But what ends do our clocks and calenders really serve?

Einstein S Clocks Poincare S Maps Empires Of Time

Autore: Peter Galison
Editore: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393243869
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"More than a history of science; it is a tour de force in the genre."—New York Times Book Review A dramatic new account of the parallel quests to harness time that culminated in the revolutionary science of relativity, Einstein's Clocks, Poincaré's Maps is "part history, part science, part adventure, part biography, part meditation on the meaning of modernity....In Galison's telling of science, the meters and wires and epoxy and solder come alive as characters, along with physicists, engineers, technicians and others....Galison has unearthed fascinating material" (New York Times). Clocks and trains, telegraphs and colonial conquest: the challenges of the late nineteenth century were an indispensable real-world background to the enormous theoretical breakthrough of relativity. And two giants at the foundations of modern science were converging, step-by-step, on the answer: Albert Einstein, an young, obscure German physicist experimenting with measuring time using telegraph networks and with the coordination of clocks at train stations; and the renowned mathematician Henri Poincaré, president of the French Bureau of Longitude, mapping time coordinates across continents. Each found that to understand the newly global world, he had to determine whether there existed a pure time in which simultaneity was absolute or whether time was relative. Esteemed historian of science Peter Galison has culled new information from rarely seen photographs, forgotten patents, and unexplored archives to tell the fascinating story of two scientists whose concrete, professional preoccupations engaged them in a silent race toward a theory that would conquer the empire of time.

Body Musics And The Empire Of Time

Autore: Ross Gay
ISBN: 9781893663428
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The Empire Of Time

Autore: David Wingrove
Editore: Random House
ISBN: 1448177561
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There is only the war. Otto Behr is a German agent, fighting his Russian counterparts across three millennia, manipulating history for moments in time that can change everything. Only the remnants of two great nations stand and for Otto, the war is life itself, the last hope for his people. But in a world where realities shift and memory is never constant, nothing is certain, least of all the chance of a future with his Russian love...

Atlas Of Empires

Autore: Peter Davidson
Editore: Companionhouse Books
ISBN: 9781620082874
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"Tells the stories of imperial societies throughout human history and shows how they developed using labeled maps"--

Clash Of Empires

Autore: John Osgood
ISBN: 9781925461022
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Investigates how the Bible's record of ancient history matches and aligns with archaeology and ancient records. The so-called 'Egyptian Chronology', which forms the basis of much of modern academia's dating of ancient times is shown to be unreliable.

Empires Of Speed

Autore: Robert Hassan
Editore: BRILL
ISBN: 9004175903
Grandezza: 32,94 MB
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The beginning of the 21st century is witnessing the emergence of a social, political and technological revolution in networked computing. We now live in a networked society, but it functions and develops at such an accelerating rate that it becomes increasingly difficult to adequately understand the nature of this radical society. "Empires of Speed" is the first book to analyse the far-reaching transformations of speed-filled everyday life. In a compelling study Hassan shows that we are leaving behind a modern world based upon the time of the clock, and are entering a new and volatile phase where an accelerating network time poses fundamental economic and political challenges in our postmodern world, challenges we barely comprehend and are thus woefully unprepared for.

The Empire Of Time

Autore: Crawford Kilian
Editore: iUniverse
ISBN: 1583481206
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Jerry Pierce's new assignment...preventing Earth's destruction...will be a challenge even for this most experienced of Intertemporal Agents. Especially since he's now programmed to kill.

The Effortless Empire

Autore: Chris Gray
ISBN: 9780646493268
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Formato: PDF
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Money gives you choices. The more money you have, the more freedom you generally have. Whether you choose to spend your money on material possessions, use it to spend more time with your family or give it away to charitable causes, would you like to learn how you can generate more from your current income and time? The Effortless Empire explains how you can use your high income to create more passive wealth to a point where you could even completely replace your current income. The ultimate aim is to give you more freedom and choice so that you can decide whether you want to continue working or not. Chris Gray discloses some vital tips on making the most of your income, how to build a property investing strategy, making rational financial decisions, how to self-sustain your property and reasons why you need to build a professional team of advisors to implement your strategy.

Time And Its Adversaries In The Seleucid Empire

Autore: Paul J. Kosmin
Editore: Belknap Press
ISBN: 0674976932
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Under Seleucid rule, time no longer restarted with each new monarch. Instead, progressively numbered years, identical to the system we use today, became the measure of historical duration. Paul Kosmin shows how this invention of a new kind of time--and resistance to it--transformed the way we organize our thoughts about the past, present, and future.

Empire S Edge

Autore: Scott L. Malcolmson
Editore: Verso
ISBN: 9781859840986
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This travel book explores the forgotten countries on the edge of the new Europe--Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Uzbekistan. Mixing anecdote and reportage with history and legend, Malcomson teases out the long-running tensions between nation and empire, whether Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman or European. By the author of Tutarani: A Political Journey in the Pacific Islands.

The Cosmic Time Of Empire

Autore: Adam Barrows
Editore: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520260996
Grandezza: 76,53 MB
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Combining original historical research with literary analysis, Adam Barrows takes a provocative look at the creation of world standard time in 1884 and rethinks the significance of this remarkable moment in modernism for both the processes of imperialism and for modern literature. As representatives from twenty-four nations argued over adopting the Prime Meridian, and thereby measuring time in relation to Greenwich, England, writers began experimenting with new ways of representing human temporality. Barrows finds this experimentation in works as varied as Victorian adventure novels, high modernist texts, and South Asian novels—including the work of James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, H. Rider Haggard, Bram Stoker, Rudyard Kipling, and Joseph Conrad. Demonstrating the investment of modernist writing in the problems of geopolitics and in the public discourse of time, Barrows argues that it is possible, and productive, to rethink the politics of modernism through the politics of time.

Gardens In The Time Of The Great Muslim Empires

Autore: Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture
Editore: Brill Academic Pub
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Interest in the Islamic garden has increased considerably in the past years, to such a point where a conference specifically on this subject was held at M.I.T. in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1994. This volume collects eight papers from the conference and two additional papers especially written for the book, to advance and promote the attention given by scholars these days to Islamic landscape architecture.

The Church In The Time Of Empire

Autore: David Woodyard
Editore: John Hunt Publishing
ISBN: 1780992106
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Literature abounds on the nature of empire and the ways in which America embodies it. As a nation, we have rigorously attempted to define the reality in which other peoples live. One could think of empire as jurisdiction without boundaries. As the nation that ‘got right’, we have an obligation to impose our social, political, and economic orders on other nations. Several decades of ‘perpetual wars’ document that. Unfortunately, religious legitimation is prominent and persistent. We designate ourselves as the biblical ‘city on a hill’, an ‘indispensible nation’, and even ‘God's chosen people’. This echoes in the declaration of President George W. Bush that, ‘God wanted me to bomb Iraq’. What is missing in the literature is centering the issue in the life and mission of the church. Has the church been a co-conspirator in the authorization of the American empire? Has the church an obligation to terminate the symbol-lending that anoints empire with holy water? Is scripture a warrant for seeing the biblical people as a community of perpetual resistance? Can the sacraments be instrumental in establishing opposition to empire? Can the church be Rome in reverse?

Space Time And The Empire

Editore: PublishAmerica
ISBN: 1627096604
Grandezza: 47,35 MB
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The History Of Government From The Earliest Times Ancient Monarchies And Empires

Autore: Samuel Edward Finer
Editore: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 019820664X
Grandezza: 73,28 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 6028

No one has hitherto had the breadth of imagination and intellectual boldness to describe and analyse government throughout recorded history and throughout the world. This unique study of government is the culmination of the work of the late S. E. Finer, one of the leading political scientistsof the twentieth century.Ranging over 5,000 years, from the Sumerian city state to the modern European nation state, five themes emerge: state-building, military formats, belief systems, social stratification, and timespan. The three volumes examine both representative and exceptional polities, and focus on politicalelites of different types.Ancient Monarchies and Empires opens with Finer's masterly Conceptual Prologue, setting out the entire scope and structure of The History. Books One and Two then consider early examples of the predominantly `palace' type of polity, notably in respect of the Kingdoms of Egypt and the Empires ofAssyria, Persia, Han China, and Rome; interspersed with consideration of the `exceptional' Jewish Kingdoms and the Greek and Roman Republics.Professor Finer's cogent descriptive analysis offers both an invaluable reference resource and an exhilarating journey across time and space.

Empire Of Time New Pompeii 2

Autore: Daniel Godfrey
Editore: Titan Books
ISBN: 9781785656040
Grandezza: 18,20 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 1528

For fifteen years, the Romans of New Pompeii have kept the outside world at bay with the threat of using the Novus Particles device to alter time. Yet Decimus Horatius Pullus--once Nick Houghton--knows the real reason the Romans don't use the device for their own ends: they can't make it work without grisly consequences. This fragile peace is threatened when an outsider promises to help the Romans use the technology. And there are those beyond Pompeii's walls who are desperate to destroy a town where slavery flourishes. When his own name is found on an ancient artifact dug up at the real Pompeii, Nick knows that someone in the future has control of the device. The question is: whose side are they on?

Empires Ascendant

Autore: Time-Life Books
Editore: Time Life Education
ISBN: 9780809464128
Grandezza: 61,95 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 3509

Examines the different cultures that were emerging between 400 BC and AD 200

The Fanciest Dive

Autore: Christopher Byron
Editore: Plume
ISBN: 9780452259164
Grandezza: 61,52 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 5069

Empires And Citizens

Autore: Ben Walsh
Editore: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 9780748769421
Grandezza: 12,69 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 649

A complete course solution for Key Stage 3 History, integrating print and online components. Following an interpretative theme Empires and Citizens develops students' understanding of empires and builds an awareness of how empires are shaped by citizens.