Erich Strenger And Porsche

Author: Mats Kubiak
Editor: Delius Klasing Verlag Gmbh
ISBN: 9783667110237
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Erich Strenger (1922-1993), an author, photographer, designer, and illustrator, left his mark on the look of Porsche during the company's formative years in the early '50s and '60s with a design language that, for the most part, continues to bear his signature to this day. He also created countless print products for this successful sports car maker, including Christophorus Zeitschrift fur die Freunde des Hauses Porsche, the brainchild of Erich Strenger and Richard von Frankenberg. Over the course of a collaborative relationship with Porsche spanning more than thirty years, the graphic artist, who started out working alone, founded an advertising agency in the heart of Stuttgart with a staff of up to eleven permanent employees. There, Strenger would later create countless racing posters, much like those he had designed in his early days working for Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG as a freelancer in the early '50s. Strenger was instrumental in influencing and molding the image of the Porsche brand as we know it today. This book showcases a first-ever comprehensive collection of his work, created over the course of his collaboration with Porsche between 1951 and 1988. This monographic and monothematic publication brings the noteworthy highlights of his work to the forefront, focusing attention on the designer's approaches and methods. SELLING POINTS: * Strenger was instrumental in influencing and molding the image o f the Porsche brand as we know it today *This book showcases a first-ever comprehensive collection of Strenger's work, created over the course of his collaboration with Porsche between 1951 and 1988 300 colour images


Author: Dennis Adler
Editor: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 0760351902
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Porsche: The Classic Era offers something for all Stuttgart enthusiasts and those interested in automotive history. There are few automobiles in the world as iconic as Porsche's air-cooled sports cars. For more than 50 years Porsche's rear-engine wonders set the benchmark for production sports cars and dominated the world's race courses. From the first Gmund coupe, to the 356 to the timeless 911, this richly illustrated volume tells the full story of Germany's fabled sports cars. Automotive writer and photographer Dennis Adler begins the books with the early career of Ferdiand Porsche, detailing the influences and events that set him on the path of automotive-engineering greatness including key stints with Mercedes-Benz, Auto Union, and Volkswagen. From there he details Porsche's WWII work before moving into the postwar era and the establishment of Porsche as a unique automotive brand. Adler's engaging text is accompanied throughout by rare images from Porsche's historic archive as well as stunning contemporary photos of all the great cars including 356 Carerra, 550 Speedster, 911S, 912, 930 Turbo, 914/6 as well as key racers like the 906, 908, and 935.

Die Neue Graphik

Author: Karl Gerstner
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Pictorial review of commercial art trends, late 19th century to the middle of the 20th century.

Celestino Piatti Und Dtv

Author: Celestino Piatti
Editor: Lars Muller Publishers
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Viele Schätze der Designgeschichte liegen in Archiven und warten auf ihre Würdigung. Die Buchreihe A5 stellt wichtige Persönlichkeiten und Themen der Designgeschichte vor – mit Essays, historischen Originaltexten, Interviews sowie einem umfangreichen Bildteil. So ist Celestino Piatti mit über 6.300 Buchumschlägen einer der produktivsten Buchgestalter. Er verlieh den Covern des dtv-Verlags ein eigenes Gesicht. Der Band dokumentiert die Jahre 1960 bis 1990, mit die wichtigsten Jahrzehnte für die deutschsprachige Literatur.

The Works Of John Milton A Fuller Institution Of The Art Of Logic

Author: John Milton
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