Erotic Capital

Autore: Catherine Hakim
Editore: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465027474
Grandezza: 22,86 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 5639

States that each person has "erotic capital," or a level of sexual attractiveness that he or she can use to his or her advantage, and argues that each person should use this erotic capital to get ahead in life.

Honey Money

Autore: Catherine Hakim
Editore: Penguin UK
ISBN: 1846144205
Grandezza: 50,78 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 3684

Why do some people seem to lead charmed lives? They are attractive, but also lively, friendly and charismatic. People want to be around them. Doors open for them. The answer, this book shows, is in the power of erotic capital - the overlooked human asset that is at the heart of how we work, interact, make money, succeed and conduct our relationships. Catherine Hakim's groundbreaking book reveals how erotic capital is just as influential in life as how rich, clever, educated or well-connected we are. Drawing on hard evidence, she illustrates how this potent force develops from an early age, with attractive children assumed to be intelligent, competent and good. She examines how women and men learn to exploit it throughout their lives, how it differs across cultures and how it affects all spheres of activity, from dating and mating to politics, business, film, music , the arts and sport. She also explores why erotic capital is growing in importance in today's highly sexualised culture and yet, ironically, as a 'feminine' virtue, remains sidelined. Honey Money is a call for us to recognize the economic and social value of erotic capital, and truly acknowledge beauty and pleasure. This will not only change the role of women in society, getting them a better deal in both public and private life - it could also revolutionize our power structures, big business, the sex industry, government, marriage, education and almost everything we do.

The Structure Of Digital Partner Choice

Autore: Andreas Schmitz
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 3319435302
Grandezza: 49,47 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 3772

This work approaches the modern phenomenon of online dating, examining the ways people make use of its technical and social potential. In particular, the users' mate preferences, choices, strategies, and interactions are analyzed using the innovative method of click-stream observations and web-questionnaire data. For the purpose of these analyses, two major theories are used - an explicit theory of individual mate choice, and the more general relational theory developed by Pierre Bourdieu, which helps to highlight the social structures both underlying and resulting from mating online. Results show that online dating is not a partner marker free from social structure, but that the traditional social conditions found offline are also reproduced in this virtual setting. In contrast to the picture drawn by media discourse and advertising, online dating represents a partner market which fulfills the promise of happiness in a socially differential way.

I Confess

Autore: Thomas Waugh
Editore: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0228000645
Grandezza: 36,99 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 7981

In the postwar decades, sexual revolutions – first women's suffrage, flappers, Prohibition, and Mae West; later Alfred Kinsey, Hugh Hefner, and the pill – altered the lifestyles and desires of generations. Since the 1990s, the internet and its cataclysmic cultural and social technological shifts have unleashed a third sexual revolution, crystallized in the acts and rituals of confession that are a staple of our twenty-first-century lives. In I Confess!, a collection of thirty original essays, leading international scholars such as Ken Plummer, Susanna Paasonen, Tom Roach, and Shohini Ghosh explore the ideas of confession and sexuality in moving image arts and media, mostly in the Global North, over the last quarter century. Through self-referencing or autobiographical stories, testimonies, and performances, and through rigorously scrutinized case studies of "gay for pay," gaming, camming, YouTube uploads, and the films Tarnation and Nymph()maniac, the contributors describe a spectrum of identities, desires, and related representational practices. Together these desires and practices shape how we see, construct, and live our identities within this third sexual revolution, embodying both its ominous implications of surveillance and control and its utopian glimmers of community and liberation. Inspired by theorists from Michel Foucault and Gilles Deleuze to Gayle Rubin and José Esteban Muñoz, I Confess! reflects an extraordinary, paradigm-shifting proliferation of first-person voices and imagery produced during the third sexual revolution, from the eve of the internet to today.

Unequal Desires

Autore: Siobhan Brooks
Editore: SUNY Press
ISBN: 143843216X
Grandezza: 20,83 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 8520

Investigates race and racism in the U.S. exotic dance industry.

Professional Capital

Autore: Andy Hargreaves
Editore: Teachers College Press
ISBN: 0807771708
Grandezza: 56,40 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 3272

The future of learning depends absolutely on the future of teaching. In this latest and most important collaboration, Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan show how the quality of teaching is captured in a compelling new idea: the professional capital of every teacher working together in every school. Speaking out against policies that result in a teaching force that is inexperienced, inexpensive, and exhausted in short order, these two world authorities--who know teaching and leadership inside out--set out a groundbreaking new agenda to transform the future of teaching and public education. Ideas-driven, evidence-based, and strategically powerful, Professional Capital combats the tired arguments and stereotypes of teachers and teaching and shows us how to change them by demanding more of the teaching profession and more from the systems that support it. This is a book that no one connected with schools can afford to ignore. This book features: (1) a powerful and practical solution to what ails American schools; (2) Action guidelines for all groups--individual teachers, administrators, schools and districts, state and federal leaders; (3) a next-generation update of core themes from the authors' bestselling book, "What's Worth Fighting for in Your School?" [This book was co-published with the Ontario Principals' Council.].

Why Love Hurts

Autore: Eva Illouz
Editore: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0745672116
Grandezza: 33,54 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 4225

Few of us have been spared the agonies of intimate relationships. They come in many shapes: loving a man or a woman who will not commit to us, being heartbroken when we're abandoned by a lover, engaging in Sisyphean internet searches, coming back lonely from bars, parties, or blind dates, feeling bored in a relationship that is so much less than we had envisaged - these are only some of the ways in which the search for love is a difficult and often painful experience. Despite the widespread and almost collective character of these experiences, our culture insists they are the result of faulty or insufficiently mature psyches. For many, the Freudian idea that the family designs the pattern of an individual's erotic career has been the main explanation for why and how we fail to find or sustain love. Psychoanalysis and popular psychology have succeeded spectacularly in convincing us that individuals bear responsibility for the misery of their romantic and erotic lives. The purpose of this book is to change our way of thinking about what is wrong in modern relationships. The problem is not dysfunctional childhoods or insufficiently self-aware psyches, but rather the institutional forces shaping how we love. The argument of this book is that the modern romantic experience is shaped by a fundamental transformation in the ecology and architecture of romantic choice. The samples from which men and women choose a partner, the modes of evaluating prospective partners, the very importance of choice and autonomy and what people imagine to be the spectrum of their choices: all these aspects of choice have transformed the very core of the will, how we want a partner, the sense of worth bestowed by relationships, and the organization of desire. This book does to love what Marx did to commodities: it shows that it is shaped by social relations and institutions and that it circulates in a marketplace of unequal actors.

The Anthropology Of Sex

Autore: Hastings Donnan
Editore: Berg
ISBN: 1847887635
Grandezza: 30,86 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 2651

Sex scholarship has a long history in anthropology, from the studies of voyeuristic Victorian gentlemen ethnographers, to more recent analyses of gay sex, transsexualism, and the newly visible forms of contemporary sexuality in the West. The Anthropology of Sex draws on the comparative field research of anthropologists to examine the relationship between sex as identity, practice and experience. Sexual cultures vary enormously and, while often the topic of tabloid titillation, they are more rarely subjected to strict cultural analysis. The Anthropology of Sex is the first work to critically synthesise over a century of comparative expertise, knowledge and understanding of diverse sexual forms. - Explores sexuality from diversity to perversity and asks how diverse sexual practices are linked. - Probes the cultural and comparative context of contemporary sexual practice and belief. - Examines the shaping of sex by global and globalizing forces. The Anthropology of Sex will be key reading for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in anthropology and related disciplines

Unspeakable Things

Autore: Laurie Penny
Editore: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 162040690X
Grandezza: 61,22 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 5294

Shortlisted for the Green Carnation Prize 2014 Laurie Penny, one of our most prominent young voices of feminism and dissent, presents a trenchant report on our society today--and our society tomorrow, as she is willing to fight to see it. Smart, clear-eyed, and irreverent, Unspeakable Things is a fresh look at gender and power in the twenty-first century, which asks difficult questions about dissent and desire, money and masculinity, sexual violence, menial work, mental health, queer politics, and the Internet. Celebrated journalist and activist Laurie Penny draws on a broad history of feminist thought and her own experience in radical subcultures in America and Britain to take on cultural phenomena from the Occupy movement to online dating, give her unique spin on economic justice and freedom of speech, and provide candid personal insight to rally the defensive against eating disorders, sexual assault, and internet trolls. Unspeakable Things is a book that is eye-opening not only in the critique it provides, but also in the revolutionary alternatives it imagines.


Autore: Zoe Sexton
Editore: Bush Street Press
ISBN: 1937445313
Grandezza: 71,24 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 7827

FLIRTonomics addresses the personal assets we are born with and how we use them to get what we desire in life. Zoe Sexton defines FLIRTing as a form of "positive energetic engagement" and encourages using FLIRT (Friendly, Leadership, Inquisitiveness, Receptiveness and Tactile) behaviors to enhance your personal and professional life. FLIRTonomics is fundamentally about communication; not manipulation or trickery. It is about women using their personal assets and skills to communicate authentically, get the value they deserve, and have fun while doing it.

Gender Capital At Work

Autore: K. Huppatz
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 1137284218
Grandezza: 43,33 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 5366

Drawing on interviews with nurses, social workers, exotic dancers and hairdressers, this book explores the processes involved in producing and reproducing gendered and classed workers and occupations.


Autore: Giles Goodland
Editore: Salt Pub
Grandezza: 46,55 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 4339

This book attempts to do something lasting with the dross of our daily lives: the ephemeral and momentary productions of the media, especially newspapers, magazines, and journals, are transformed into poems that draw the connections that have strung us all across recent history, doing much more than the word ‘collage’ usually implies. These are poems that join the dots, fill in the gaps, and suggest how poetry can once more be a tool for critique and engagement with the world as it is. Each poem tracks a different aspect of Capital over the recent past, with the Oulipian proviso of using none of the author’s own words, and using one quotation from a different periodical source per year. Although engaged with contemporary poetry, Capital also steps around it and strikes off into areas seldom explored in modern literature: human combustion, cancer maps, child labour, cold calling, organ harvesting, incest dreams, insect sex organs, schizophrenic speech patterns, the non-existence of President Nixon, euphemisms for the wages of a Geisha, global management, control and documentation of information as a corporate asset, radiant heating systems users, the spatio-temporal structure of false-consciousness, cheesemakers, swirling solid-to-liquid effect that the company calls Warpo, a mini-series about a mass murderer in a small Southern town, corporate hecklers, a quantity of drugs in glassine envelopes, Spectre gunship operators, a master race of athletes, a golden moon made from nashiji, powdered human bone material, the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, reverse circulation mud flush, butterfly valves, metaphors of ‘virgin’ forests penetrated by white male explorers, sexy takeover visions, depth-of-field, blur, fog, shading, lighting, chocolate-chip cookies with limbs, and drone marketing.

Eschatology And Space

Autore: V. Westhelle
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 1137108274
Grandezza: 35,67 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 7221

This unique volume focuses on the subjects of time in the area of theology known as 'eschatology,' the consideration of the fullness, the limit, and the goal of time. He traces the historical development of understandings of eschatology from the Bible to contemporary theology and adds a postcolonial/subaltern perspective.

Richard Iii A Critical Reader

Autore: Annaliese Connolly
Editore: A&C Black
ISBN: 1472538943
Grandezza: 61,70 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 7731

Charting the ruthless rise and fall of the villainous king, Richard III remains one of Shakespeare's most enduringly discussed and oft-performed plays. Assembled by leading scholars, this guide provides a comprehensive survey of major issues in the contemporary study of the play. Throughout the book survey chapters explore such issues as the play's critical reception from Dr Johnson to postmodern readings in the 21st century; the performance history of the play, from Shakespeare's day to more recent stagings by Laurence Olivier and Ian McKellen; key themes in current scholarship, from disability to gender and nationalism; Richard III on film, including Al Pacino's Looking for Richard. Richard III: A Critical Guide also includes a complete guide to resources available on the play - including critical editions, online resources and an annotated bibliography - and how they might be used to aid both the teaching and study of Shakespeare's play.


Autore: Brian Michael Goss
Editore: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443869074
Grandezza: 13,54 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 4681

Identity: Beyond Tradition and McWorld Neoliberalism refashions the frameworks of discussion of “who we are”. In the “Introduction”, co-editors Brian Michael Goss and Christopher Chávez’s grand tour re-works previous concepts of identity in prelude to the volume’s global reach. The first section examines the intersection of identity and mass media; to wit, non-ascriptive ideological interpolation in a right-wing British broadsheet, the rise of beur cinema as an organically European movement, and linguistic construction of foreigners in a Thai novel. The second section examines the nation and trans-nation. The discussion traverses the “Global Latino” in advertising discourse, the (practical, theoretical) conundrums inscribed in the European Union, retorts to the global construction of Italianicity, implications of Spain’s World Cup triumph in 2010 for the nation’s unity, and the activism of expatriate Iranian bloggers. The third section of the book addresses social approaches to identity. Matchmakers who coach Israeli daters and a linguistic analysis of female teen conflict on Facebook conclude the trajectory through global sites at which identity is animated in practice, within a volume of scholarly originality grounded in the present moment.

Fashion And Celebrity Culture

Autore: Pamela Church Gibson
Editore: Berg
ISBN: 0857852302
Grandezza: 72,38 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 7714

The interrelationship between fashion and celebrity is now a salient and pervasive feature of the media world. This accessible text presents the first in-depth study of the phenomenon, assessing the degree to which celebrity culture has reshaped the fashion system. Fashion and Celebrity Culture critically examines the history of this relationship from its growth in the nineteenth century to its mutation during the twentieth century to the dramatic changes that have befallen it in the last two decades. It addresses the fashion-celebrity nexus as it plays itself out across mainstream cinema, television and music and in the celebrity status of a range of designers, models and artists. It explores the strategies that have enabled visual culture to recast itself in the new climate of celebrity obsession, popular culture and the art world to respond adaptively to its insistent pressures. With its engaging analysis and case studies from Lillian Gish to Louis Vuitton to Lady Gaga, Fashion and Celebrity Culture is of major interest to students of fashion, media studies, film, television studies and popular culture, and anyone with an interest in this global phenomenon.

Global Modernity

Autore: V. Schmidt
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 113743581X
Grandezza: 51,94 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 1836

This book introduces the concept of global modernity as a paradigm for the analysis of the contemporary era. Building on Parson's distinction between social, cultural, personal and organismic systems, it presents a four-dimensional scheme that aims to identify modernity's key structural components.

Jubilee Hitchhiker

Autore: William Hjortsberg
Editore: Catapult
ISBN: 1619020459
Grandezza: 27,98 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 9023

Confident and robust, Jubilee Hitchhiker is an comprehensive biography of late novelist and poet Richard Brautigan, author of Troutfishing in America and A Confederate General from Big Sur, among many others. When Brautigan took his own life in September of 1984 his close friends and network of artists and writers were devastated though not entirely surprised. To many, Brautigan was shrouded in enigma, erratic and unpredictable in his habits and presentation. But his career was formidable, an inspiration to young writers like Hjortsberg trying to get their start. Brautigans career wove its way through both the Beat-influenced San Francisco Renaissance in the 1950s and the “Flower Power hippie movement of the 1960s; while he never claimed direct artistic involvement with either period, Jubilee Hitchhiker also delves deeply into the spirited times in which he lived. As Hjortsberg guides us through his search to uncover Brautigan as a man the reader is pulled deeply into the writers world. Ultimately this is a work that seeks to connect the Brautigan known to his fans with the man who ended his life so abruptly in 1984 while revealing the close ties between his writing and the actual events of his life. Part history, part biography, and part memoir this etches the portrait of a man destroyed by his genius.

Women Gender And Everyday Social Transformation In India

Autore: Kenneth Bo Nielsen
Editore: Anthem Press
ISBN: 1783082690
Grandezza: 14,77 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 9163

The pace of socioeconomic transformation in India over the past two and a half decades has been formidable. This volume sheds light on how these transformations have played out at the level of everyday life to influence the lives of Indian women, and gender relations more broadly. Through ethnographically grounded case studies, the authors portray the contradictory and contested co-existence of discrepant gendered norms, values and visions in a society caught up in wider processes of sociopolitical change. ‘Women, Gender and Everyday Social Transformation in India’ moves the debate on gender and social transformation into the domain of everyday life to arrive at locally embedded and detailed, ethnographically informed analyses of gender relations in real-life contexts that foreground both subtle and not-so-subtle negotiations and contestations.

An Introduction To Biblical Ethics

Autore: Robertson McQuilkin
Editore: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830864814
Grandezza: 23,32 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 6127

What should we do or not do? This comprehensive text on biblical ethics is completely revised, focusing on how we fulfill the purposes of God for our lives. New content includes discussions of living virtuously, ethical alternatives, bioethical issues, technology, helping the poor, animal rights, sexual ethics, and the media.