Essential Glow

Author: Stephanie Gerber
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1681882728
Size: 16,93 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 473

"Recipes + tips for using essential oils"--Cover.

Mama Glow

Author: Latham Thomas
Editor: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 140193921X
Size: 10,63 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 479

In Mama Glow, maternity lifestyle maven Latham Thomas shares the tips and techniques to support a blissful journey to motherhood. She shows you how to make room for your pregnancy, assess your current diet, banish toxic habits, and incorporate yoga to keep your mind, body, and spirit in balance. Throughout, you’ll get tips to help reduce stress; alleviate common discomforts; demystify birth plans, labor coaches, and midwives; whip up pampering treats like homemade shea butter and coffee sugar scrub; and indulge in over 50 delicious, nutrient-rich recipes to nourish both you and your "bun." Mama Glow also features a postpartum wellness plan to guide you back to your prebaby body, troubleshoot breastfeeding problems, and embrace your abundant new life. Mama Glow includes: • Illustrated exercises for a fit, fabulous, and comfortable pregnancy • Fleshed-out cleansing programs to boost fertility • A simple formula for deconstructing those crazy cravings • Yoga sequences designed for prepregnancy, each trimester, and postpartum • Checklists for your prenatal pantry, finding a birth coach, and packing your birth bag • Glow foods to help you snap back to your fab prebaby body As your certified glow pilot, Latham will guide you through every stage of your pregnancy, giving you practical advice to make your journey a joyful and vibrant one.

Essential Cg Lighting Techniques With 3ds Max

Author: Darren Brooker
Editor: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 024052022X
Size: 19,78 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 149

This book and DVD package, co-branded with Autodesk, presents the concepts and techniques you need to create convincing CG lighting effects with 3ds Max; a vital skill for any 3D artist creating models, characters and CG environments. The stunning color illustrations throughout the book illustrate just what you can achieve, and the tutorial lessons will help you to do so. Every ounce of theory is backed up with practical tutorials, using the free demo versions of 3ds Max and Combustion supplied on the companion DVD. The tutorials take you from the fundamentals of lighting, right through to advanced techniques. This new edition features new sections on radiosity techniques, rendering with mental ray, and compositing. * A one-stop master class in CG lighting with 3ds Max -- co-published with Autodesk * Discover both the art and the science of lighting CG models and environments * Companion DVD includes tutorial files and bonus demo software to help you take your skills further

Melanin Guide To Spiritual Awakening

Author: J.A.H. Diouck
ISBN: 0359074340
Size: 20,78 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 603

Essential Cg Lighting Techniques

Author: Darren Brooker
Editor: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1136134697
Size: 13,66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 781

Illustrated in color throughout, this comprehensive text not only looks at the technical and theoretical aspects of becoming skilled at using the light tools available in 3D software, but also provides invaluable tutorials so you can explore these techniques in-depth. Lighting is a core CG skill that makes or breaks a 3D environment. Providing all you need to master this vital aspect of CG, this comprehensive guide looks at the key concepts that can be applied in any 3D package. Every ounce of theory is backed up with practical tutorials, using the free demo version of 3ds max supplied on the accompanying CD-ROM. The tutorials deal with the fundamentals of lighting and as such are easily transferable to any other major 3D software package. The free CD also includes all the files needed to complete the tutorials step-by-step, as well as demo versions of Dark Tree Textures, Deep Paint 3D and Cinelook, acclaimed applications that every lighting artist should be aware of. If you are new to CG lighting, are thinking of specializing in this area, or want to brush up on your existing lighting skills, then this book will provide you with a one-stop master class so you too can achieve professional looking results.

Body Aesthetics

Author: Sherri Irvin
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191026158
Size: 17,65 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 890

The body is a rich object for aesthetic inquiry. We aesthetically assess both our own bodies and those of others, and our felt bodily experiences—as we eat, have sex, and engage in other everyday activities—have aesthetic qualities. The body, whether depicted or actively performing, features centrally in aesthetic experiences of visual art, theatre, dance and sports. Body aesthetics can be a source of delight for both the subject and the object of the gaze. But aesthetic consideration of bodies also raises acute ethical questions: the body is deeply intertwined with one's identity and sense of self, and aesthetic assessment of bodies can perpetuate oppression based on race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, size, and disability. Artistic and media representations shape how we see and engage with bodies, with consequences both personal and political. This volume contains sixteen original essays by contributors in philosophy, sociology, dance, disability theory, critical race studies, feminist theory, medicine, and law. Contributors take on bodily beauty, sexual attractiveness, the role of images in power relations, the distinct aesthetics of disabled bodies, the construction of national identity, the creation of compassion through bodily presence, the role of bodily style in moral comportment, and the somatic aesthetics of racialized police violence.

Inspiring Generations

Author: Anniversary Story Book Committee
Editor: Yosemite Conservancy
ISBN: 193023855X
Size: 13,92 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 899

On June 30, 1864, amidst the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Yosemite Grant Act to protect Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. This act that set aside the first public parkland for future generations was a legacy for our nation and an inspiration to the world. To honor the 150th anniversary of this milestone, a call went out inviting the public to celebrate in prose and poetry the national park they love. The 150 pieces in this book were selected from hundreds of submissions from people who have visited, lived in, or worked in Yosemite National Park. These collected reflections feature, among other things, treks up Half Dome, escapades at The Ahwahnee, revels at the long-gone firefall,and, yes, encounters with those bears; and range from the hilarious to the historical, the enlightening to the uplifting. Inspiring Generations will encourage many journeys to the park filled with family, friends, and the stuff memories are made of.

The Fine Arts Quarterly Review

Size: 13,34 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 308

The Essential Guide To Flash Games

Author: Jeff Fulton
Editor: Apress
ISBN: 1430226153
Size: 13,33 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 752

The Essential Guide to Flash Games is a unique tool for Flash game developers. Rather than focusing on a bunch of low-level how-to material, this book dives straight into building games. The book is divided into specific game genre projects, covering everything from old classics such as a Missile Command-style game, to hot new genres such as retro evolved. The chapters build in complexity through the book, and new tools are introduced along the way that can be reused for other games. The game projects covered start simple and increase in complexity as more and more tools are added to your tool chest. Ten full game projects are discussed in detail. Each solves a very different game development problem and builds on the knowledge gained from the previous project. Many advanced game development techniques are covered, including particle systems, advanced controls, artificial intelligence, blitting, scrolling, and more.

Essential Computer Animation Fast

Author: John Vince
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781852331412
Size: 11,45 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 434

For those who want to learn more about computer animation without being swamped with complex mathematics, this is the book to read! Beginning with the relationship between animation, the human visual system, and computers, Essential Computer Animation fast takes readers through a broad exploration of the subject. Readers will learn all about computer animation techniques; computer animation hardware; animation software, such as Softimage, Maya, 3D-Studio, MAX, and Lightwave; post-production techniques; and animation applications.