2056 Estreno De Una Casa

Author: Alexander Nevzorov
Editor: Litres
ISBN: 5041114978
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¡Invito a todos a una fiesta de inauguración! San Petersburgo me da, como persona que me espera, un apartamento de una habitación. Tendrá lugar en 2056. Invito a todos los que vivirán. Acepto las solicitudes de bebidas y refrigerios. Regalos Aceptaré alguno, especialmente medicamentos. Después de todo, yo también tendré 98 años. Entonces, inauguración de la casa. Por supuesto, lo celebraremos con usted. Pero me pregunto, sin embargo, ¿cómo será, el año 2056?


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The Feminist Encyclopedia Of Spanish Literature A M

Author: Janet Pérez
Editor: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313324444
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The New Dramatists Of Mexico 1967 1985

Author: Ronald D. Burgess
Editor: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813162335
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In 1976 a dozen hopeful young Mexican dramatists -- most of them studying with Emilio Carballido -- began staging plays, primarily in small, out-of-the-way theater, and publishing them, mostly in university magazines with limited distribution. Until now, more than twenty years later, there has been no comprehensive study devoted either to this original group of writers or to those who followed in the same generation, and no central source of information about them or their production. Although they continue to produce more plays every year, they represent a lost generation. Ronald Burgess now offers the first extensive study of this group of playwrights and their work. Included is discussion of over 200 plays by more than 40 writers, but the work of nine key playwrights is examined in depth. Most of these dramatists concern themselves with the state of Mexico today, reacting to current social conditions with depictions ranging from violence to guarded hope to anguished hopelessness. Many look to their nation's history and culture for explanations. In his illuminating study, Burgess places this theatrical generation in the context of contemporary Mexican society and literature, employing a wide variety of analytic approaches to highlight essential characteristics of these representative authors.

The Space Of Culture

Author: Stewart King
Editor: University of Delaware Press
ISBN: 9780874139174
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This compilation of essays centered on Hispanic literary and cultural criticism utilizes space as an operational concept, not only in its real-geographical sense, but in its metaphorical, theoretical, and discursive manifestations, along with the related notions of the visible/invisible, dominant/dominated, empowered/powerless. The essays range from colonial domination and international struggles over territorial claims, to a meditation on the politics of location, to the issue of spatial representation of mature-age women and gay men within a dialectic of visibility/invisibility in Spanish theater and cinema. Stewart King lectures in the Hispanic Studies Program, Monash University, Australia. Jeff Browitt is Head of Latin American Studies in the Institute of International Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

The Theatre Of Antonio Buero Vallejo

Author: Catherine O'Leary
Editor: Tamesis Books
ISBN: 9781855661110
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This monograph examines the complex relationship between Antonio Buero Vallejo (1916 - 2000) and the ideologies of Francoist and post-Franco Spain. The central focus of the study is Buero's political theatre and his employment of myth and history to challenge the notion of an España eterna. It also considers Buero's creation of his own myths and his revision of history in order to rationalize and justify his own stance. In his determination to write and stage committed drama in a repressive society, Buero's choice, with its inherent contradictions and ambiguities, was posibilismo. This book looks at this pragmatic employment of language and silence, both in his art and in his dealings with the censors and with other representatives of the hegemony and analyses how posibilismo both aided and limited him. The monograph also considers Buero's neglected post-Franco theatre, examining the reasons for its initial negative reception and its renewed importance in today's Spain. In these days of digging up the past, Buero's post-Franco insistence on rejecting the pacto de olvido is perhaps more relevant than ever before. CATHERINE O'LEARY lectures in Spanish at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Obras Completas

Author: José Zorrilla
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