Euro Mediterranean Security A Search For Partnership

Author: Sven Biscop
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351771639
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This title was first published in 2003. This work provides a clearer understanding of the EU's approach towards security in the Mediterranean. After examining the EU's interests and the potential threats to security in the region, it analyzes EU security policy towards the region as a whole, through the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, and towards all disputes and conflicts in the area. It recommends opening up the European Security and Defence Policy to Mediterranean participation, in order to establish a deep and equitable security partnership between both shores. The book argues that this way the EU could implement its innovative comprehensive and co-operative approach to security. Rather than focusing on the military aspect alone, this approach takes into account all dimensions of security (political, socio-economic, cultural and ecological) and is based on partnership rather than confrontation. It therefore contrasts quite sharply with the policies advocated in the US National Security Strategy.

Euro Mediterranean Security

Author: Sven Biscop
Editor: Gower Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754634874
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Recoge: 1. EU interests and Mediterranean security - 2. The Euro-Mediterranean partnership - 3. EU policy and conflict in the Mediterranean - 4. Building a Euro-Mediterranean security partnership - 5. From common interests to joint actions.

Security And Migrations In The Mediterranean

Author: Mendo Castro Henriques
Editor: IOS Press
ISBN: 1586036181
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The post-Cold War period made a new concept of security imperative: it encompasses environmental, social, economical, political and military issues. Migration as a civilizational phenomenon, albeit transitional, goes across this entire spectrum, particularly in a varied historical milieu as the Euro Mediterranean region is. In turn, reforms and changes need to be carried out by South Mediterranean states and societies, in order to eliminate some of the obstacles to modernization, creating conditions for economic development at home with the help of North Mediterranean countries. Another package of reforms in European countries should empower migrants to adopt a more active citizenship and become more integrated in the societies where they choose to live. For Khachani, one of the editors of the book, a demystification of the question of migratory risk is in order to foster an improved dialogue between south Europe countries and North Africa countries. Sending countries are affected by political crises, socio-economic instability, and illegal migration from North Africa; receiving countries practice discrimination in labour market and social space.

Eu Enlargement And The Transatlantic Alliance

Author: Sven Biscop
Editor: Lynne Rienner Pub
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What is the interplay between EU enlargement and a fluctuating transatlantic security partnership? The authors find answers in an examination of broader EU security strategies, the foreign and security policies of the newer and potential EU members, and changing US priorities.

Globalization And European Integration

Author: Arno Tausch
Editor: Nova Science Pub Inc
ISBN: 9781560729297
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This study is the outcome of empirical research on the development and decay tendencies of the capitalist world economy since the early 1980s and the role that Europe will play in these constellations. Over these years the conclusion was reached that the logic of capitalist world development changes with the ups and downs of longer Kondratieff cycles, and that different periods of hegemony and of world political constellations, connected with these Kondratieff cycles, in turn give rise to different constellations of world economic ascent and decline. Those that hoped that world trade and open financial markets would shift incomes in favour of the poor, must now recognise that -- however we look at the figures -- there is a tendency towards rising poverty on a global scale, especially after the Asian crash of 1997.

Journal Of The United Service Institution Of India

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New Pathways In International Development

Author: Marjorie Lister
Editor: Ashgate Publishing Company
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Gender considerations and civil society are both major issues in the current debate about the implementation of EU development policy. This volume provides a new perspective and focus on the increasingly important issues of gender equality, democracy and participation to explain how they impact on policy.