Evolution Impossible

Author: John F. Ashton
Editor: New Leaf Publishing Group
ISBN: 0890516812
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Scientific evidence proving evolution cannot be responsible for life on earth

The Evolution Of Man

Author: Ernst Haeckel
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How Evolution Is Scientific

Author: Shane Killian
Editor: Lulu.com
ISBN: 0557219965
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Evolution In The Courtroom

Author: Randy Moore
Editor: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 157607420X
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This unique reference offers a discussion of the social and legal history behind the ongoing evolution versus creationism controversy. * Detailed chronology of the history of the debate from Aristotle in 310 B.C. to the U.S. Senate's adoption of "Sense of the Senate" in June 2002 * Biographies of 172 key individuals on both sides of the controversy, including Leona Wilson, who initiated the first lawsuit by creationists * An edited collection of the eight principal court decisions, including Mclean v. Arkansas and Segraves v. State of California * Photographs and illustrations of influential people like Herbert Spencer, who coined the terms "evolution" and "survival of the fittest"

Nullifying God

Author: H. Robert Wilson Ph.D.
Editor: Ambassador International
ISBN: 1620203111
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Evolution and Creation are in a spiritual battle. Evolution scientists ignore, dismiss, and unequivocally reject Creation out of hand—“It is not science or fact as evolution is,” they say. However, Nullifying God shows that random Darwinian evolution does not have the direct evidence required to support the claim. Not only that, but it provides contrary evidence that evolution is biologically impossible. Because that is the case, evolution can only persist in the unchallengeable authority it needs to maintain its position by actively attempting to nullify its alternative—Creation, and therefore, the Bible and God. Nullifying God was especially written to empower and benefit believers who are not familiar with science to show them that evolution cannot be fact and is not science. It does so by: 1) providing them with a core foundation of applied science principles to rationally question evolution’s claims, then 2) guiding them into solid, clear knowledge of why evolution is biologically impossible, and finally 3) presenting them with examples that document evolution’s attempts to nullify God. The bottom line is—Biblical Creation is the only answer that explains life.

Modularity In Development And Evolution

Author: Gerhard Schlosser
Editor: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226738536
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Modularity in Development and Evolution offers the first sustained exploration of modules from developmental and evolutionary perspectives. Contributors discuss what modularity is, how it can be identified and modeled, how it originated and evolved, and its biological significance. Covering modules at levels ranging from genes to colonies, the book focuses on their roles not just in structures but also in processes such as gene regulation. Among many exciting findings, the contributors demonstrate how modules can highlight key constraints on evolutionary processes. A timely synthesis of a crucial topic, Modularity in Development and Evolution shows the invaluable insights modules can give into both developmental complexities and their evolutionary origins.

How Science Proves That The Theory Of Evolution Is Impossible Why Humans Can Never Evolve From Mutations Transpiring And How Humans Can Be Augmented By Becoming Cyborgs

Author: Dr Harrison Sachs
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This essay sheds light on how science proves that the theory of evolution is impossible and also elucidates why humans can never evolve from mutations transpiring. Moreover, how humans can be augmented by becoming cyborgs is delineated in this essay. In spite of what you were indoctrinated to believe, it is not only easier than anytime in history to utilize science to vindicate the existence of God, the quintessential, divine creator and master of the multiverse, but it is also easier to disprove the illogical theory of evolution. Human beings were created by God and are sheer and utter consciousness as multidimensional, spiritual beings who vicariously experience this simulated reality through their earthly avatars, receivers, vessels, or bodies as most people like to call them. Humans were created by God and have profusely devolved overtime from mutations transpiring. Mutations are always deleterious and are never beneficial to the human species. Mutations always cause you to lose genetic information and never gain genetic information. The theory of evolution makes the irrational contention that mutations are beneficial, when in fact the polar opposite is true. The occurrence of mutations is never salubrious, but rather is always deleterious. Mutations to the genes are always adverse changes which bastardizes the original genetic code. A human being's earthly vessel can never organically change it something outside the parameters of its DNA in this simulation. If the human genome can be thought of as a book then the occurrence of a mutation can always be thought of as outright ripping a chapter out of a book, hence bastardizing the original genetic code and devolving the earthly vessel of the being. Humans are a maladaptive species that can never possess the ability to physically evolve in this simulated reality, because unlike the fictitious Pokemon characters, human beings only have the anatomy to physically devolve into lesser humans beings if they succumb to genetic mutations. These genetic mutations cause humans beings to loose more and more of their original, sacrosanct genetic code and bastardizes their genomes. In other words, genetic mutations will always adversely impinge on your original genetic code in all facets and will devolve you as you loose more and more of your irreplaceable genetic code in this simulated reality. Nothing salubrious nor fruitful can ever ensue from mutations transpiring. Another fallacy of the theory of evolution, beyond mutation being falsely perceived as beneficial, is the groundless notion that something can come from nothing. The contention that something can come from nothing in a cause and effect simulated reality does not make any rational sense. There is a cause behind every effect and every effect can be traced back to a cause. If this fallacy of life emerging from nothing were the case then humans would be spawning out of nowhere. In spite of its sheer asininity, most people mistakenly believe that humans can come from nothing and are not their own separate species. The theory of evolution is a groundless theory that does not offer a modicum of scientific merit in any facet. Human beings have devolved overtime due to the deleterious occurrence of genetic mutations. Moreover, humans beings do not have the anatomy to ever physically evolve in this simulated reality, unlike the fictitious Pokemon characters. Humans are a maladaptive species that are perhaps preordained to further devolve overtime as they succumb to more and more adverse genetic mutations due to living insalubrious lives fraught with calamitous issues that eminently impinge on their health, happiness, and well-being. In other words, humans are not even livings salubrious lives and it would behoove humans to focus on living salubrious lives which are conducive to optimizing their health so that they can safeguard the structural integrity of their sacrosanct genetic code and mitigate risks for mutations transpiring.

The Problem Of Problems And Its Various Solutions

Author: Clark Braden
Size: 18,39 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Did Jesus Believe Genesis

Author: Charles L Sanders
Editor: Holy Fire Publishing
ISBN: 1603834257
Size: 19,18 MB
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Did Jesus Believe Genesis? Scripture affirms that Jesus and the writers of the Bible did believe that Genesis was literally true. It is imperative that Christians get serious about teaching faith-affirming apologetics, especially for young people or they will continue to leave the church in ever increasing numbers. The theological modifications required for the acceptance of the biased assumptions and unproven 'facts' of evolution and the big bang and the denial of the Flood of Noah and the lives of the Patriarchs are vast and utterly disastrous for biblical Christianity. Scripture, science and archaeology affirm the truth of Genesis. The book is meant as a textbook to counteract the falseness presented in the classroom of secular and Christian universities.