Fear Street Super Thriller Secrets

Author: R. L. Stine
Editor: A Thomas Dunne Book for St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 9781250096487
Size: 12,43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 911

Now in one volume, master of horror R.L. Stine delivers two bone-chilling stories of teens in danger in the small town of Shadyside, where danger and violence looms on every darkened street corner.In The Lost Girl, Michael is fascinated by the new girl at school, who is both beautiful and mysterious. But where does she come from? Where does she live? And why is Michael so drawn to her? If Michael doesn't find out soon, he could find himself confronting a new and terrifying mystery-how to stay alive on Fear Street.In Can You Keep a Secret? , Eddie and Emma are high school sweethearts looking for some luck. When they discover a bag of money in the woods and their friends get involved, there's only one way this disagreement can end-with death.R.L. Stine delivers two terrifying stories about greed, lust, mystery, and what can happen when teens get in way over their heads.

Sisters Schoolgirls And Sleuths

Author: Carolyn Carpan
Editor: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 0810863952
Size: 15,13 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 760

Girls series books have been popular since the early 1840s, when books about Cousin Lucy, a young girl who learns about the world around her, first appeared. Since then, scores of series books have followed, several of them highly successful, and featuring some of the most enduring characters in fiction, such as Nancy Drew. In recent decades, series books like The Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High have become staples for young readers everywhere. In Sisters, Schoolgirls, and Sleuths: Girls' Series Books in America, Carolyn Carpan provides a social history of girls' series fiction published in America from the mid-19th century through the early 21st century. Carpan examines popular series, subgenres, themes, and characters found in approximately 100 series, noting how teenage girls are portrayed in girls' series fiction and how girls' series reflect or subvert the culture of the era in which they are produced. Her study also focuses on the creation, writing, and production of such books. This is the first study of American girls' series books to examine the entire genre from its beginnings in the 1840s to the present day, revealing facts about a sub-genre of children's and young adult literature that has rarely been studied. Appendixes in this volume include a listing of the girls' series covered in the book as well as important books about girls' series fiction.

Anna Burgin Gripping British Mystery Thriller Series Books 1 3

Author: David Bradwell
Editor: Pure Fiction
Size: 16,96 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 653

This digital box set contains the first three books in the acclaimed Anna Burgin series of gripping, twist-filled British mystery thrillers with a dash of dark humour. Book 1: Cold Press - set in 1993. The hunters become the hunted in a deadly game of pursuit. Book 2: Out Of The Red - set in 1994. Can Danny and Anna dig up the truth before one shot becomes a fatal overexposure? Book 3: Fade To Silence - set in 1995. When being hunted by a Serbian hitman is the least of your worries. Between them, the books have been downloaded over a quarter of a million times, and have had hundreds of five star reviews. Here are a few excerpts: This book hooked me after the second or third page and couldn't put it down. I look forward to reading all of your work with enthusiasm. Brilliant and thank you. Without doubt the best book I have read for a long time. Over the past couple of years I have read around 80 novels, you could say I am an avid reader. This book is well written, well constructed, the characters stand out from the page, there is nothing more I can add. I look forward to reading the full series. To other devotees of thriller fiction, all I can say is READ THIS BOOK. The first novel I have read by David Bradwell and I am hooked. I loved the two leads and especially the witty and humorous edge to the character of Anna. I am sure she will carve her own niche in the tradition of famed amateur sleuths such as Miss Marple and will help to establish David as one of Britain's best loved authors. A super read. Could not put the story down. I read the story over two days while on holiday. The event s were so believable it was frightening to believe such things could happen. Well written, well done. One of the best I've read. Great story line, twisting plot, the end definitely a suprise (was not expecting that). Well worth the read you won't be disappointed. Can't wait to get the sequels Fast and furious with lots of twists and turns. Well written and extremely tense in more ways than one. Brilliant Loved the twists and turns in this story which kept me guessing all the time. Well written, fast paced and also quite funny, it was a great read that was hard to put down. I don't normally leave reviews, but felt this book deserved it. Twists, turns and an easy but hard to put down read. The next book is a must for me. ... and hundreds more!

American Murder Mystery Boxed Set 60 Thriller Novels Detective Stories

Author: Arthur B. Reeve
Editor: e-artnow
ISBN: 8026893573
Size: 13,18 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 390

This meticulously edited Mystery & Crime Collection is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents: The Craig Kennedy Series: The Dream Doctor The War Terror The Social Gangster The Ear in the Wall Gold of the Gods The Exploits of Elaine The Romance of Elaine The Soul Scar The Film Mystery The Silent Bullet The Scientific Cracksman The Bacteriological Detective The Deadly Tube The Seismograph Adventure The Diamond Maker The Azure Ring "Spontaneous Combustion" The Terror in the Air The Black Hand The Artificial Paradise The Steel Door The Poisoned Pen The Yeggman The Germ of Death The Firebug The Confidence King The Sand-Hog The White Slave The Forger The Unofficial Spy The Smuggler The Invisible Ray The Campaign Grafter The Treasure Train The Truth-detector The Soul-analysis The Mystic Poisoner The Phantom Destroyer The Beauty Mask The Love Meter The Vital Principle The Rubber Dagger The Submarine Mine The Gun-runner The Sunken Treasure Other Mysteries: Guy Garrick The Master Mystery Constance Dunlap The Forgers The Embezzlers The Gun Runners The Gamblers The Eavesdroppers The Clairvoyants The Plungers The Abductors The Shoplifters The Blackmailers The Dope Fiends The Fugitives The Conspirators

Children S Books In Print 1998

ISBN: 9780835239530
Size: 17,52 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 228

Popular Series Fiction For Middle School And Teen Readers

Author: Rebecca L. Thomas
Editor: Libraries Unltd Incorporated
Size: 17,76 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 461

Presents librarians and teachers with information on more than seven hundred fiction series for children in middle school and high school, providing annotations, a listing of titles, important characters, genre, author biography, and major themes.

Radiophobia A Post Apocalyptic Thriller

Author: Scott Nicholson
Editor: Haunted Computer Books
ISBN: 1626479445
Size: 12,57 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 695

“Always surprises and always entertains.” – Jonathan Maberry, Patient Zero "He has a fresh and true voice that will affect you, disturb you, enrage you, or make you laugh. He will not, however, leave you cold."--Kevin J. Anderson, co-author of Dune: House Atreides Next #3: Radiophobia When mutants develop technology that threatens the dwindling human race, the last survivors fight to regain control of their world. Rachel Wheeler and her friends are dropped into the enemy stronghold of Wilkesboro as part of a desperate military operation. Their mission is to disrupt a new energy source that will give the mutants unlimited power. Even as the remnants of the central government plan nuclear strikes on all major mutant colonies, a mysterious new fallout threatens them all. Will the nuclear holocaust deliver a final victory to the human race, or will the survivors face their own extinction in a world overrun with monsters and strange new races? Look for Next #4: Directive 17, as well as the AFTER and ZAPHEADS series. ------------------------------------------------------------------ “One of the most thrilling writers working today. Miss him at your peril.” – Blake Crouch, Wayward Pines keywords: post-apocalyptic survival horror, zombies, science fiction, mutants, technothiller, military action and adventure, futuristic dystopian suspense, doomsday fiction, Justin Cronin, Hugh Howey, Jeff Vandermeer, Scott Sigler, Rick Yancey, James Dashner, Susan Ee, Veronica Roth, William R. Forstchen

Books In Print

Author: R R Bowker Publishing
Editor: R. R. Bowker
ISBN: 9780835237895
Size: 17,38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 803

Something About The Author

Author: Diane Telgen
Editor: Gale / Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9780810322868
Size: 20,70 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 204

Provides biographical information on the men and women who write and illustrate children's books