Financial Intelligence Revised Edition

Author: Karen Berman
Editor: Harvard Business Press
ISBN: 1422144127
Size: 19,64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 753

The book Inc. magazine calls one of "the best, clearest guides to the numbers" on the market. Inc. magazine calls it one of "the best, clearest guides to the numbers" on the market. Readers agree, saying it's exactly "what I need to know" and calling it a "must-read" for decision makers without expertise in finance. Since its release in 2006, Financial Intelligence has become a favorite among managers who need a guided tour through the numbers--helping them to understand not only what the numbers really mean, but also why they matter. This new, completely updated edition brings the numbers up to date and continues to teach the basics of finance to managers who need to use financial data to drive their business. It also addresses issues that have become even more important in recent years--including questions around the financial crisis and those around broader financial and accounting literacy. Accessible, jargon-free, and filled with entertaining stories of real companies, Financial Intelligence gives nonfinancial managers the confidence to understand the nuance beyond the numbers--to help bring everyday work to a new level.

Financial Intelligence

Author: Karen Berman
Editor: Harvard Business Press
ISBN: 9781591397649
Size: 18,68 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 476

Companies expect managers to use financial data to allocate resources and run their departments. But many managers can't read a balance sheet, wouldn't recognize a liquidity ratio, and don't know how to calculate return on investment. Worse, they don't have any idea where the numbers come from or how reliable they really are. In Financial Intelligence, Karen Berman and Joe Knight teach the basics of finance - but with a twist. Financial reporting, they argue, is as much art as science. Because nobody can quantify everything, accountants always rely on estimates, assumptions, and judgment calls. Savvy managers need to know how those sources of possible bias can affect the financials and that sometimes the numbers can be challenged. While providing the foundation for a deep understanding of the financial side of business, the book also arms managers with practical strategies for improving their companies' performance - strategies, such as "managing the balance sheet," that are well understood by financial professionals but rarely shared with their nonfinancial colleagues. Accessible, jargon-free, and filled with entertaining stories of real companies, Financial Intelligence gives nonfinancial managers the financial knowledge and confidence for their everyday work. Karen Berman and Joe Knight are the owners of the Los Angeles-based Business Literacy Institute and have trained tens of thousands of managers at many leading organizations. Co-author John Case has written severalpopular books on management.

Harvard Business Review Leadership Strategy Boxed Set 5 Books

Author: Harvard Business Review
Editor: Harvard Business Review Press
ISBN: 1633692337
Size: 15,46 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 289

The key concepts every manager and aspiring leader must know—from strategy and disruptive innovation to financial intelligence and change management—from bestselling Harvard Business Review authors. Build your professional library, and advance your career with these five timeless, ground-breaking business classics. Includes Financial Intelligence, Revised Edition; The Innovator’s Dilemma; Leading Change; Playing to Win; and Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded Edition.

Real Financial Intelligence

Author: Jacob Gold
Editor: Sterling & Ross Publishers
ISBN: 0982758804
Size: 20,41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 904

Since the economic crisis of 2008, our perspective on money has changed and only through proper financial education can someone rebuild and move forward. We all are working toward a point in time where we have financial independence and security for the future. To arrive at this magical place we must get back to basics. We need to retrain our minds to understand the basic rules, strategies and theories of money management. This book’s objective is to educate the reader on the basic building blocks of money, investing, retirement planning and estate preservation, with an eye to the catastrophe that just happened to most Americans' life savings. With the proper financial education, people will naturally acquire courage and hope for the future through their newfound 'real financial intelligence.'

Strategy For Executives 2019 Edition

Author: Sun Wu
Editor: Strategy for Executives LLC
ISBN: 1733795812
Size: 10,15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 563

Strategy for Executives is the only business strategy book that you and your teams will ever need. This book presents a self-contained strategy framework that introduces the core concepts of business strategy and its associated tools from scratch so that you don’t need any previous knowledge or experience. It gradually takes you from the basics and fundamentals of strategy to a level of depth that even if you’re an experienced executive, you will still find relevant and useful. More specifically, Strategy for Executives will help you: - Learn the fundamental concepts of business strategy from scratch - Create a solid plan to protect your core business from erosion and commoditization - Maximize your organization’s valuation with our seven different paths to grow - Ensure the implementation of your strategy using our execution system - Understand capital allocation and how it can help you achieve your organization’s goals It also includes a complementary downloadable mindmap and other tools which you can access for free at This framework is based on extensive multi-year research led by Sun Wu, a seasoned Fortune 500 executive, where he and his team broke down the most popular strategy frameworks of the last 40 years, extracted their core ideas, and tied them all together into a single didactical and self-contained body of knowledge. The idea is to build your strategy knowledge from the ground up through a unified framework avoiding the confusion that comes from learning this complex but critical subject from different sources. It combines Sun Wu’s over 15 years of real-life experience, complemented by a thorough revision of more than 300 books and research papers, and over 500 hours of videos, interviews and formal training. The final result is a concise guide that will help you understand and build a winning strategy from the ground up, supported by numerous examples of modern organizations including General Electric, Amazon, Netflix, HBO, NextEra Energy, Kodak, Google, GoPro, McKinsey & Co., Rolls-Royce, Walmart, Uber, Align Technology, United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx, Sony, IBM, Dr Pepper Snapple, Square, and Procter & Gamble among others. Since every concept is explained from scratch, Strategy for Executives, currently in its 2019 edition, is the only strategy framework that you and your teams will ever need.

Artificial Intelligence In Finance Investing

Author: Robert R. Trippi
Editor: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9781557388681
Size: 18,94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 648

In Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Investing, authors Robert Trippi and Jae Lee explain this fascinating new technology in terms that portfolio managers, institutional investors, investment analysis, and information systems professionals can understand. Using real-life examples and a practical approach, this rare and readable volume discusses the entire field of artificial intelligence of relevance to investing, so that readers can realize the benefits and evaluate the features of existing or proposed systems, and ultimately construct their own systems. Topics include using Expert Systems for Asset Allocation, Timing Decisions, Pattern Recognition, and Risk Assessment; overview of Popular Knowledge-Based Systems; construction of Synergistic Rule Bases for Securities Selection; incorporating the Markowitz Portfolio Optimization Model into Knowledge-Based Systems; Bayesian Theory and Fuzzy Logic System Components; Machine Learning in Portfolio Selection and Investment Timing, including Pattern-Based Learning and Fenetic Algorithms; and Neural Network-Based Systems. To illustrate the concepts presented in the book, the authors conclude with a valuable practice session and analysis of a typical knowledge-based system for investment management, K-FOLIO. For those who want to stay on the cutting edge of the "application" revolution, Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Investing offers a pragmatic introduction to the use of knowledge-based systems in securities selection and portfolio management.

Groundswell Expanded And Revised Edition

Author: Charlene Li
Editor: Harvard Business Press
ISBN: 1422143414
Size: 13,14 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 578

Corporate executives struggle to harness the power of social technologies. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube are where customers discuss products and companies, write their own news, and find their own deals but how do you integrate these activities into your broader marketing efforts? It's an unstoppable groundswell that affects every industry -- yet it's still utterly foreign to most companies running things now. When consumers you've never met are rating your company's products in public forums with which you have no experience or influence, your company is vulnerable. In Groundswell, Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li explain how to turn this threat into an opportunity. In this updated and expanded edition of Groundswell, featuring an all new introduction and chapters on Twitter and social media integration, you'll learn to: · Evaluate new social technologies as they emerge · Determine how different groups of consumers are participating in social technology arenas · Apply a four-step process for formulating your future strategy · Build social technologies into your business Groundswell is required reading for executives seeking to protect and strengthen their company's public image.

Offshore Finance

Author: Hilton McCann
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139460617
Size: 17,75 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 470

This book was first published in 2006. It is estimated that up to sixty percent of the world's money may be located offshore, where half of all financial transactions are said to take place; however, there is a perception that secrecy about offshore is encouraged to obfuscate tax evasion and money laundering. McCann provides a detailed analysis of the global offshore environment, outlining the extent of the information available and how that information might be used in assessing the quality of individual jurisdictions, as well as examining whether some of the perceptions about 'offshore' are valid. He analyses the ongoing work of the Financial Stability Forum, the Financial Action Task Force, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. The book also offers some suggestions as to what the future might hold for offshore finance.

Snakes In Suits Revised Edition

Author: Dr. Paul Babiak
Editor: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062699490
Size: 11,71 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 190

Revised and updated with the latest scientific research and updated case studies, the business classic that offers a revealing look at psychopaths in the workplace—how to spot their destructive behavior and stop them from creating chaos in the modern corporate organization. Over the past decade, Snakes in Suits has become the definitive book on how to discover and defend yourself against psychopaths in the office. Now, Dr. Paul Babiak and Dr. Robert D. Hare return with a revised and updated edition of their essential guide. All of us at some point have—or will—come into contact with psychopathic individuals. The danger they present may not be readily apparent because of their ability to charm, deceive, and manipulate. Although not necessarily criminal, their self-serving nature frequently is destructive to the organizations that employ them. So how can we protect ourselves and our organizations in a business climate that offers the perfect conditions for psychopaths to thrive? In Snakes in Suits, Hare, an expert on the scientific study of psychopathy, and Babiak, an industrial and organizational psychologist and a leading authority on the corporate psychopath, examine the role of psychopaths in modern corporations and provide the tools employers can use to avoid and deal with them. Together, they have developed the B-Scan 360, a research tool designed specifically for business professionals. Dr. Babiak and Dr. Hare reveal the secret lives of psychopaths, explain the ways in which they manipulate and deceive, and help you to see through their games. The rapid pace of today’s corporate environment provides the perfect breeding ground for these "snakes in suits" and this newly revised and updated classic gives you the insight, information, and power to protect yourself and your company before it’s too late.

Naked Investor Revised Edition

Author: John Lawrence Reynolds
Editor: Penguin Books Canada
ISBN: 9780143055433
Size: 17,29 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 834

Revised and Updated Over 6 million Canadians control more than $500 billion in RRSP and RRIF investments . . . or do they? Do RRSP owners support an industry that feeds on the fear and ignorance of Canadians ill-prepared to manage their retirement assets? While claiming professional status, financial advisors are salespeople often more closely aligned with mutual fund marketers and bond dealers than with their own clients. What's more, the industry insists on a policy of self-regulation, unhindered by direct government supervision. The Naked Investor sounds a wake-up call for Canadians. Through real-life stories, it exposes the dark side of the investment industry, revealing the tactics of greedy brokers and advisors, voracious banks and mutual fund operators, and outright embezzlers. Written with sly humour, The Naked Investor will disturb both an industry that appears more focused on building wealth for itself than for its clients and RRSP investors whose trust too often is misplaced--with devastating consequences.