Beyond The Flower Of Life

Author: Maureen J. St. Germain
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1591434068
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Format: PDF, ePub
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• Includes tools and techniques to permanently elevate and program your MerKaBa field, including how to create surrogate MerKaBas for specific purposes • Explains how to accurately connect with your Higher Self to live fearlessly and confidently and shares toning, chanting, and heart-opening practices to acquire unconditional love energy and heal emotional wounds • Looks at paranormal experiences resulting from an activated MerKaBa, the power of Mother Earth ley lines, and the Christ Consciousness Grid Through teaching MerKaBa and Advanced Flower of Life workshops to thousands of students around the world since 1995, Maureen J. St. Germain has developed and channeled specific methods to enhance your meditation practice. In this step-by-step guide, she shares tools, techniques, and knowledge to strengthen your heart connection, develop a relationship with your Higher Self, and elevate and program your MerKaBa field to manifest success, health, happiness, and higher consciousness. She begins by explaining what the MerKaBa is: a fifth-dimensional Light Body activated from the geometric energy field that exists around the body. She shows how activating it daily produces its permanent existence. Sharing toning, chanting, and heart-opening practices, Maureen explains a precise protocol for fully and reliably connecting with your Higher Self, which will allow you to go through life fearlessly and confidently. She explores how to write programs for your MerKaBa and how to create surrogate MerKaBas for specific purposes. She also looks at paranormal experiences resulting from an activated MerKaBa, the power of Earth ley lines, the Christ Consciousness Grid, and how to marry the ego to the Higher Self to create Heaven on Earth. An updated resource for meditation practitioners and anyone who wishes to improve their connection with their divinity, this new edition of Beyond the Flower of Life provides a path to open your heart, fearlessly embrace unconditional love, access the Higher Self, and activate a multi­dimensional understanding of reality.
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