Flower Reading Cards

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Voices Of Flowers

Author: Rhonda M. Pallasdowney
Editor: Weiser Books
ISBN: 9781578633654
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Flower essences, essentially homeopathic liquids, are widely available in all health food stores, many gift shops, some food chain stores, and chain pharmacies. They are increasingly popular with the millions of people who are turning to alternative healing solutions, especially those that offer a measure of individual control. Some of the essences are mass manufactured, while others are manufactured from Mom & Pop shops, such as the one Rhonda PallasDowney runs with her husband. PallasDowney, a traditionally trained homeopath and the author of The Complete Book of Flower Essences, has made it her life's work not only to treat people, but also to teach them to take charge of their own healing and wellness. Voices of Flowers teaches readers to: * Discern their own needs for healing, based on the chakra energy system * Immediately begin working with the flower cards to learn the characteristic essence of each of the 48 flowers to bring wellness into their lives * Continue learning through both theory and practice by reading the book and engaging in daily practices that reveal ever more about an essence and its curative powers "Voices of Flowers is a jewel and reflects Rhonda's deep passion and connection with the plant world." --from the foreword by Rosemary Gladstar Voices of Flowers helps readers listen to the flower --what does this color, this bloom, this essence speak to? Each flower offers a message to the reader. How is this connected to your life and what can you learn from it? Plus there are suggestions for contemplation and affirmations to further develop the true voice of the flowers that are calling you.

Teaching English As A Foreign Language 1912 1936 Lawrence Faucett

Author: Richard C. Smith
Editor: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415299688
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Following the Second World War, the British Council, along with British publishers and universities, began to take a serious interest in English as a foreign language teaching ('ELT') and the UK soon gained a dominant role in the development and export of teaching approaches and materials. This set includes the works of neglected theorists such as Horace Wyatt, who indicated that English can be taught through the mother tongue as well as 'directly', and Michael West, whose emphasis on the educational value of teaching reading 'in difficult circumstances' has often been ignored in favor of the more utilitarian, spoken-language approach to ELT.

Flower And Tree Magic

Author: Richard Webster
Editor: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 0738725153
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Did you know that flowers have a unique language of their own? Or that the way you draw a tree reflects your life outlook and personality? Flowers and trees have long been celebrated as sacred and powerful. By learning to read the special messages they hold, plants can help us navigate our life path and reconnect with nature. In this comprehensive guide, bestselling author Richard Webster uncovers the hidden properties of every major type of tree, herb, and flower that we encounter in our daily lives. From protection and healing to divination and worship, this book shows you how to apply ancient spiritual practices from many cultures to modern life—attract your ideal mate with valerian and sage, ward off psychic attacks with a sprinkling of rose oil, restore positive energy with nature meditations, and more. Nature lovers, myth historians, and trivia lovers alike will embrace this all-encompassing guide to the vast history and extensive magic of flowers and trees.

Dorothy Holder S Ultimate Guide To Reading Cards

Author: Dorothy Holder
Editor: Dorothy Holder
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The first and last book you will ever need for any deck of cards. Step by step guide to layouts and questions along with a comprehensive chapter on common symbols. The planetary influences and Zodiac symbols add to an information rich resource that will be invaluable to any reader, learner or advanced. This comprehensive guide encourages you to mix things up and try different uses for your cards that will inject that wonderful air of excitement when delving into the mystique of divination cards.With chapters covering spells/affirmations and the all important timing layouts you can work your way through this book and at the same time gain intimate knowledge of your own cards leading to exceptional reading skills but we don't stop there. Use your cards for chakra healing and development along with spiritual development exercises. Tree of Life Spread for ongoing personal development is complex and in depth, you would have to go far to find a more interesting layout that could easily take you a month to work through. Learn about Horary Rolling layouts and much more to encourage you to explore your cards fully and discover/develop a skill set that sets you apart from other readers.


Author: Pam Rhodes
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1444787446
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A busy doctors' surgery in a small West Country town witnesses many close relationships and rivalries, human problems and frailties - among the doctors as well as their patients. Doctor Simon Gatward is popular with staff and patients alike: sympathetic and compassionate, he always makes time to listen to personal problems as well as physical ones. But Simon himself has a tragedy in his past that casts a shadow over his life. And when he takes over responsibility for a new patient - a young man who has come home to die - it's a past that comes back to haunt him.

Adventures In Christian Living

Author: Minor Cline Miller
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Eye Of The Lotus

Author: Richard Jelusich
Editor: Lotus Press
ISBN: 0940985764
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A clear and comprehensive guide to the psychology of the chakras that is filled with practical techniques that anyone can apply in daily life.

Educational Method

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Love Song Of A Flower Child

Author: Mary Stewart Anthony
Editor: WestBow Press
ISBN: 144976522X
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This is a riveting story of redemption, and a journey to discover truth, love, and purpose. The author has graphically documented her need for healing from the effects of drugs, the occult, and New Age philosophy. She lived in Berkeley during the chaos of social rebellion and drug-induced insanity as a college dropout and former wife of a drug dealer. She also gives us a glimpse of life in the coastal community of Big Sur, where she was miraculously saved in 1972, and which she calls the land of her "second birth." "When I met Mary and John in 2004 on the mission field, I knew this story needed to be told. The union of a flower child and a warrior in marriage is sure to bring the most dramatic stories. But the beauty of this book comes from the heart of God who continued to prepare, refine, and work by revealing Himself throughout their story. You're going to love this one!" -Andy Braner, author, speaker, teen advocate, but most of all a curious observer, discovering God's Beautiful universe