Fragrant Orchid

ISBN: 9780824867843
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Fragrant Orchids

Author: Steven A. Frowine
Editor: Timber Press (OR)
ISBN: 0881927392
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With some 20,000 fragrant orchids available today, orchid lovers of all levels will delight in this unique approach to selecting new and exciting varieties of fragrant orchids. Profiles of more than 100 orchids and 355 varieties include cultivation information and detailed notes on each fragrance. This first-ever guide will help gardeners choose, grow, and showcase orchids with the right look and most enjoyable scents.

Orchids Of Britain And Ireland

Author: Anne Harrap
Editor: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408133237
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Orchids have long held a fascination, both for keen botanists and the general public. From the mania of Victorian collectors to the enthusiasm of modern photographers, this family of flowering plants has a strange and exotic appeal. Many orchids are beautiful, and some are rare. This well illustrated orchid guide covers the identification, biology and conservation of British and Irish orchids. Until recently, the whereabouts of the rarer species was shrouded in secrecy, making publication of any details ethically impossible. In the last few years, however, these veils have been lifted and it is now possible to publish locations for all but one or two species. For the first time, this book includes a detailed site guide, covering the best places to see orchids in Britain. "A model field guide: good, large photographs that are actually rather gorgeous; a clear text that tells you how to identify the plant using the English language rather than "botanicalese"; useful diagrams of those spectacular flower parts; and a really comprehensive section on geographical range and subspecies." The Daily Telegraph

Pocket Guide To The Orchids Of Britain And Ireland

Author: Simon Harrap
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472924878
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The orchid family is one of the largest plant families in the world, reaching its highest diversity in the tropics where their exotic and colourful flowers are often truly breathtaking. Britain and Ireland have just 52 species of wild orchid, some of which are rare or scarce, whilst others are surprisingly inconspicuous. Yet, whether large or small, all orchids share flamboyant flower structures and incredible beauty. This pocket guide allows the identification of all species of orchid in the British Isles. It has concise text highlighting ID criteria as well as notes on biology, habitat and conservation, along with stunning colour photographs and accurate range maps based on maps compiled by the Biological Record Centre. This book provides the perfect guide to these beautiful and evocative plants, and is a must for any field naturalist.

Orchid Summer

Author: Jon Dunn
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1408880903
Size: 14,38 MB
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A heady celebration of the beauty and history of the wild orchid species of the British Isles, embraced in one glorious and kaleidoscopic summer-long hunt by naturalist Jon Dunn From the chalk downs of the south coast of England to the heathery moorland of the Shetland Isles, and from the holy island of Lindisfarne in the east to the Atlantic frontier of western Ireland, Orchid Summer is a journey into Britain and Ireland's most beautiful corners. The flowers that are the focus of this treasure hunt are exquisite and diverse. Some resemble insects and develop scents that mimic the smell of a virgin female wasp in order to lure male wasps to sample their unsatisfying charms. Some tower above the surrounding vegetation; others are vanishingly small and discrete. Some are sweetly scented; others smell of ripe billy goats. Some can be readily found but some will prove more elusive – none more so than the last to flower, the rarest of them all, the ghost orchid... Capturing the intoxicating beauty of these rare and charismatic flowers, Orchid Summer is also an exploration of their history, their champions, their place in our landscape and the threats they face. Combining infectious enthusiasm and a painterly eye with a deep knowledge that comes from a lifetime's passionate devotion to their study, Dunn sweeps us up on his adventure, one from which it is impossible not to emerge enchanted and enriched.

Bash And His Interpreters

Author: Makoto Ueda
Editor: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804725262
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This book has a dual purpose. The first is to present in a new English translation 255 representative hokku (or haiku) poems of Matsuo Basho (1644-94), the Japanese poet who is generally considered the most influential figure in the history of the genre. The second is to make available in English a wide spectrum of Japanese critical commentary on the poems over the last three hundred years.

The Orchid Whisperer

Author: Bruce Rogers
Editor: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 145211370X
Size: 11,84 MB
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Orchids can bloom year after year. In this essential guide, Bruce Rogers, "The Orchid Whisperer", shares his expert tips from more than three decades of breeding and growing orchids. The book demystifies the growing process and features more than 100 lush color photographs of breathtaking plants. Best of all, it reveals professional secrets not found anywhere else for blooming, repotting, spotting hazards and pests, grooming, decorating, and much more. Perfect for beginners as well as orchid experts looking for new tricks, The Orchid Whisperer provides everything readers need to know to keep healthy orchids that will flower again and again!

Orchids Of The British Isles

Author: Crinan Alexander
Size: 17,87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Orchids of the British Isles, is the first comprehensive study of the wild orchids of Great Britain and Ireland for many years. Michael Foley's text gives full descriptions of every species, providing information on their original discovery, botanical history, habitats and biology. An additional 60 variants and hybrids are also discussed and illustrated, in a unique record of the variation and promiscuity of these fascinating plants. Sumptuous close-up photography by Sidney Clarke enables us to appreciate the wonder and beauty of the intricate flowers, revealing details invisible to the naked eye, while his magnificent plant portraits and habitat studies complete the picture of each species. For those wishing to emulate him Sid also reveals his secrets for success, in a chapter on plant photography. Preliminary chapters discuss the biology of orchids and their ecological requirements, setting the background for the detailed species accounts. The pressing issue of the conservation of British and Irish orchids receives full attention in a chapter by Ian Taylor of English Nature, while Barry Tattersall introduces techniques for encouraging them in gardens, now an important habitat.

The Gardener S Guide To Growing Orchids

Author: Charles Marden Fitch
Editor: Brooklyn Botanic Garden
ISBN: 9781889538617
Size: 16,23 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Cultivating a few plants on a windowsill or nurturing an ever-expanding collection in a greenhouse or under lights. Book jacket.